[英 [ju:s] 美 [ju:s] ]


过去式:used;   过去分词:used;   现在分词:using;   复数形式:uses;

use 基本解释


名词使用; 使用权; 功能

动词使用; 运用; 消耗; 服用

use 相关词组

1. of use : 有用;

2. make use of : 使用, 利用;

3. have no use for : 不需要;

4. put to use : 使用, 利用;

5. out of use : 不被使用, 废弃;

6. come into use : 开始被使用;

7. use up : 用完, 耗尽;

8. of no use : 无用;

9. in use : 在使用着, 在应用;

use 相关例句


1. use的解释

1. He promised to use his influence.


2. They used him to shock the others.



1. use是什么意思

1. What's the use of worrying?


2. He makes good use of his time.


3. What use does this tool have?


use 情景对话


A:May I use your telephone?


B:Sugar, please.



A:Could I possibly use your bathroom?


B:Of course.



A:What’s the matter?


B:How do I use this (copy machine/ fax machine/ hole-puncher)?


use 网络解释

1. 应用:ITU的IDI Report是依资通讯的近用权(access)、应用(use)及技能(skills)三大指标,评估全球154个国家地区的资通讯竞争力状况. 日前ITU公布2007年的调查结果指出,台湾竞争力排名全球第25. 对此,我国传播通讯主管机关NCC指出,


2. use:utilized to erase; 滤去

3. use:ultra speed exposure; 超高速曝光

4. use什么意思

4. use:ubi soft entertainment; “无比”软件娱乐公司(美国,出品MMX软件包)

5. use:user software engineering; 用户软件工程

use 双语例句

1. use的解释

1. We shall drink water from tubewells. If it is not available, we shall boil water or use alum.


2. It is suitable to use in the fields where suffer great damage from the termites and require environment protection, and installation with pipe.


3. use的近义词

3. 2 The agitator use unique form, which separates the hydraulic motor and agitator bearing block, it will not influence fluid motor even though abrasion and slurry leak.


4. The new government built up close relations with the Soviet Union, which was especially keen to make use of the port of Berbera.



5. The first and most important indicator is the outrageous use of credit that has created a crisis in the United States.


6. Now the best way to deal with specific water valve, it can use to 5~8 years.


7. Now the best way to deal with special ball valve water, it can use to 5~8 years.


8. However, 电动蝶阀, this butterfly valve in the use of the process still exist the following questions


9. But for financial data of the listed companies, we should use the quantitative analysis method.


10. But here we use the call back function of second drive class with the first window, so we can't executer the message handler of first window.


11. FUJILuxelV series violet CTP since the introduction in the field of prepress seihan caused a radical change of mentality, and now we can use the integrated use of lower cost and higher productivity gain complete applies to commercial business card printing live parts of perfect output quality.



12. The paper takes the social economy change of the district village as a research subject, drawing lessons from and making use of sociological methods, historical methods, economical methods and various ways and means, also gives attention on both sides of scientific views of development and modernization theories. It makes an investigation on all the general situation, types, characteristics, reasons of the peasant household's sideline occupation economy of Longyan country in republic of China, probes into it's influence to the country's society and economy development at that time and the apocalypse to today's country's economy development in west of Fujian.


13. use的意思

13. Companies may use General Journals or special journals to record all transactions.


14. My company use the most advanced production equipment, using the highest quality chemical raw materials, specializing in the production of protective film, adhesive tape.


15. use什么意思

15. To deal with the use of both sides of the face, the left side are concave thumb position, the use of anti-network design, the right side to support the design and ring for intense and long-lasting comfort to provide the best games and the most control of.



16. At the end of this book, there is an easy to use reference listing all of the programs, libraries, and important files that have been installed.


17. Administered; yet, notwithstanding, by the right use of this ordinance, the g race


18. You can use the far aft stern bulkheads for the prop shaft bearing mount or use some ABS of PVC sheet to make the bearing mount as I did.


19. If you don't use your imagination your life will remain mundane and unfulfilling.


20. An under use of the Foreign Students Affair Office and School Health Center was also noted.


use 词典解释


1. 用;使用;应用;运用

If you use something, you do something with it in order to do a job or to achieve a particular result or effect.


e.g. Trim off the excess pastry using a sharp knife...


e.g. He had simply used a little imagination...


2. 耗尽;耗掉

If you use a supply of something, you finish it so that none of it is left.


e.g. You used all the ice cubes and didn't put the ice trays back...


e.g. They've never had anything spare — they've always used it all.


3. 服(药,尤指毒品)

If someone uses drugs, they take drugs regularly, especially illegal ones.

e.g. He denied he had used drugs...


e.g. You'll find that most people that don't use heroin don't like people that do.


4. 用(洗手间或卫生间)(礼貌说法)

You can say that someone uses the toilet or bathroom as a polite way of saying that they go to the toilet.

e.g. Wash your hands after using the toilet...


e.g. He asked whether he could use my bathroom.


5. 使用(单词或表达方式)

If you use a particular word or expression, you say or write it, because it has the meaning that you want to express.

e.g. The judge liked using the word 'wicked' of people he had sent to jail...


e.g. When Johnson talks about cuts, he uses words like 'target price' and 'efficiency payments'.


6. 用(名字);自称

If you use a particular name, you call yourself by that name, especially when it is not the name that you usually call yourself.


e.g. Now I use a false name if I'm meeting people for the first time...


e.g. I didn't want to use my married name because we've split.


7. (为自身利益)利用(别人)

If you say that someone uses people, you disapprove of them because they make others do things for them in order to benefit or gain some advantage from it, and not because they care about the other people.

e.g. Be careful she's not just using you...


e.g. Why do I have the feeling I'm being used again?


8. see also: used


1. 用;使用;应用;运用

Your use of something is the action or fact of your using it.


e.g. The treatment does not involve the use of any artificial drugs.


e.g. ...research related to microcomputers and their use in classrooms...


2. 需要;功能;使用价值

If you have a use for something, you need it or can find something to do with it.


e.g. You will no longer have a use for the magazines...


e.g. They both loved the fabric, but couldn't find a use for it.


3. 用途;用处

If something has a particular use, it is intended for a particular purpose.

e.g. Infrared detectors have many uses...


e.g. It's an interesting scientific phenomenon, but of no practical use whatever...


4. 使用权;运用能力

If you have the use of something, you have the permission or ability to use it.

e.g. She will have the use of the car one night a week.


e.g. ...young people who at some point in the past have lost the use of their limbs...


5. (单词的)意义,用法

A use of a word is a particular meaning that it has or a particular way in which it can be used.

e.g. There are new uses of words coming in and old uses dying out.


6. (名字的)使用

Your use of a particular name is the fact of your calling yourself by it.

e.g. Police have been hampered by Mr Urquhart's use of bogus names.


7. 供…使用

If something is for the use of a particular person or group of people, it is for that person or group to use.

e.g. The leisure facilities are there for the use of guests...


e.g. He raises crops mainly for the use of his family.


8. 有好处

If you say that being something or knowing someone has its uses, you mean that it makes it possible for you to do what you otherwise would not be able to do.


e.g. Being a hospital Sister had its uses.


9. 在使用/不再使用

If something such as a technique, building, or machine is in use, it is used regularly by people. If it has gone out of use, it is no longer used regularly by people.

e.g. ...the methods of making Champagne which are still in use today...


e.g. The site has been out of use for many years.


10. 使用;利用

If you make use of something, you do something with it in order to do a job or achieve a particular result or effect.

e.g. Not all nursery schools make use of the opportunities open to them.


e.g. ...making use of the same bottle time after time.


11. 没有用处;无益

You use expressions such as it's no use ,there's no use, and what's the use to indicate that a particular action will not achieve anything.

e.g. It's no use arguing with a drunk...


e.g. There's no use you asking me any more questions...


12. 没用;行不通

If you say it's no use, you mean that you have failed to do something and realize that it is useless to continue trying because it is impossible.

e.g. It's no use. Let's hang up and try for a better line.


13. 有用/没用

If something or someone is of use, they are useful. If they are no use, they are not at all useful.

e.g. The contents of this booklet should be of use to all students...


e.g. I'm sorry, I've been no use to you.


use 单语例句

1. Aside from the skills and experience factors, another issue is the use of standard business practices and ethics.

2. The liberal use of business expenses for personal enjoyment is also corrupt, while being good for the Macao gaming industry.

3. The credit cards are for public service employees to use for their expenses, including business travels and conferences.

4. The general manager said the company planned to use Shenzhen as its headquarters and expand its business to other cities and regions in China.

5. Ding said those media should make good use of existing resources and advanced management methods for the new business.

6. The organizing committee announced early this month that no organization could use the logo for business purposes without the committee's permission.

7. The centre of the professors'daily work has shifted from teaching to research, publishing papers and even making use of their academic advantages to do business.

8. The statement and the remarks are warning to certain countries not to use ASEAN to act against China.

9. Williams said that 80 percent of Indian banks run their business on Oracle software and 90 percent of Indian telecommunications companies use Oracle software.

10. Enterprises opening profitable medical service entities will be exempt from business tax, real estate tax and land use tax for three years.

use 英英释义


1. exerting shrewd or devious influence especially for one's own advantage

e.g. his manipulation of his friends was scandalous

Synonym: manipulation

2. (psychology) an automatic pattern of behavior in reaction to a specific situation

may be inherited or acquired through frequent repetition

e.g. owls have nocturnal habits

she had a habit twirling the ends of her hair

long use had hardened him to it

Synonym: habit

3. the act of using

e.g. he warned against the use of narcotic drugs

skilled in the utilization of computers

Synonym: usageutilizationutilisationemploymentexercise

4. what something is used for

e.g. the function of an auger is to bore holes

ballet is beautiful but what use is it?

Synonym: functionpurposerole

5. a particular service

e.g. he put his knowledge to good use

patrons have their uses

6. (law) the exercise of the legal right to enjoy the benefits of owning property

e.g. we were given the use of his boat

Synonym: enjoyment

7. (economics) the utilization of economic goods to satisfy needs or in manufacturing

e.g. the consumption of energy has increased steadily

Synonym: consumptioneconomic consumptionusanceuse of goods and services


1. use up, consume fully

e.g. The legislature expended its time on school questions

Synonym: expend

2. put into service

make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose

e.g. use your head!

we only use Spanish at home

I can't use this tool

Apply a magnetic field here

This thinking was applied to many projects

How do you utilize this tool?

I apply this rule to get good results

use the plastic bags to store the food

He doesn't know how to use a computer

Synonym: utilizeutiliseapplyemploy

3. take or consume (regularly or habitually)

e.g. She uses drugs rarely

Synonym: habituate

4. habitually do something (use only in the past tense)

e.g. She used to call her mother every week but now she calls only occasionally

I used to get sick when I ate in that dining hall

They used to vacation in the Bahamas

5. avail oneself to

e.g. apply a principle

practice a religion

use care when going down the stairs

use your common sense

practice non-violent resistance

Synonym: practiceapply

6. seek or achieve an end by using to one's advantage

e.g. She uses her influential friends to get jobs

The president's wife used her good connections