[英 [ɪnˈkaʊntə(r)] 美 [ɛnˈkaʊntɚ] ]


过去式:encountered;   过去分词:encountered;   现在分词:encountering;   复数形式:encounters;

encounter 基本解释


及物动词遭遇; 不期而遇; 对抗

名词相遇,碰见; 遭遇战; 对决,冲突


encounter 相关例句


1. encounter的意思

1. The more dangers we encounter, the harder should we push forward.


2. I encountered great difficulties in learning English grammar.



1. encounter

1. A fortunate encounter brought us together.


encounter 双语例句

1. encounter的解释

1. The Storyteller describes the setting of each scene, roleplays the actions and speeches of the various people the players'characters encounter and generally guides the story's plot.


2. However, odds are with a cable run of 30 feet or less, you will never encounter this problem at all.



3. If such enterprise encounter temporary difficulty, then the Domestic Investing Unit may loan funds to assist the enterprise.


4. Tourism: a factor of growing social and economic solidarityand of encounter between people.


5. encounter的解释

5. Due to the complexity and delicacy of social security, the activities ensuring social security is sure to encounter many problems.


6. But perhaps even more significant, they will encounter a social stigma that many of the 83 million other disabled Chinese face.


7. encounter的翻译

7. Tourism: a factor of growing social and economic solidarityand of encounter between people ).


8. encounter在线翻译

8. You are so junny, girl, you are right, you need diligence to strive to get what you want, before i have encounter a korea gril that can speak very good english, so we can make conversation eachother, she want to learn chinese, so you can seach on internet maybe some foreigers want to lean chinese form you, so you also can practise you oral english or oralkorean, i had taught an american before, so i can speak english fluently.


9. encounter的解释

9. Other topics included the Concentrated Literacy Encounter program, computer literacy, dictionary projects, the best way to donate books, problems of adult illiteracy, working with immigrant groups, and more.


10. Perhaps, when you encounter when scavenging, you will ignore, because you can not judge the poor people scavenging it is the case.


11. Later on, I was very fortunate to encounter a Good


12. In a highly industrialized district, he might unexpectedly encounter a bit of rough heath country.


13. This can be daunting, but, also a new and challenging experience for Chinese Students and helps them to become familiar with the learning environment they will encounter when going Abroad.


14. encounter

14. Check through oneself, installed the person of QVOD, if encounter the horse in horse of this kind of net, lead 100%!


15. encounter的近义词

15. The birthday party of his mother:I exactly encounter with the party.


16. It is not an accidental encounter of history and individual.


17. My master glanced towards the passage, and signed me to fetch the men: he had no intention of hazarding a personal encounter.



18. In the SMT production process, we will encounter many problems, many of which are PCB design reasons.


19. Prey is located by following a fresh scent trail on the ground or in the air, or simply by a chance encounter.


20. Fortunately, we are in a fairly dark environment, encounter, or else I really do not know how to deal with his handsome face.


encounter 词典解释

1. 遇到,遭遇(问题、困难)

If you encounter problems or difficulties, you experience them.

e.g. Every day of our lives we encounter stresses of one kind or another...


e.g. Environmental problems they found in Poland were among the worst they encountered.


2. 偶遇;邂逅

If you encounter someone, you meet them, usually unexpectedly.

e.g. Did you encounter anyone in the building?...


e.g. Renata wrote him that she had encountered her long-estranged father.


3. 偶遇;邂逅;(重要的)相逢

An encounter with someone is a meeting with them, particularly one that is unexpected or significant.

e.g. The author tells of a remarkable encounter with a group of South Vietnamese soldiers.


4. 特殊经历;特殊体验

An encounter is a particular type of experience.


e.g. ...a sexual encounter.


e.g. ...his first serious encounter with alcohol.


encounter 单语例句

1. But an encounter with a naive young carpenter traveling with his life savings challenges their beliefs.

2. In China, it is possible to encounter hilarious Chinglish mistakes on public transportation and at other facilities.

3. A Chipmunk has a close encounter with an Ewok, people of a dwarfish tribe from the film Star Wars.

4. The most controversial song is Jay Chow's " Snail " whose lyrics encourage young people to pursue their own success regardless of the difficulties they may encounter.

5. The encounter dramatically capped three days of comments the pope has made expressing shame about the scandal that has rocked the US Church.

6. Employers can also dismiss their employees when they encounter serious economic problems or experience unforeseen circumstances that effectively invalidate the contracts they have with employees.

7. I've sampled pretty fair copies of this Persian classic in restaurants around the world, but Rumi's rendition is closest to my first romantic encounter in Esfahan.

8. The two had a close encounter at the San Marino GP, where the Colombian briefly was pushed off the track.

9. Zhong said the country will encounter bigger challenges due to uncertainties clouding the world economy, withering demand and harsher competition.

10. The first episode opened with a scene in which the two encounter each other in a coffee shop.

encounter 英英释义



1. a casual meeting with a person or thing

Synonym: coming upon

2. a minor short-term fight

Synonym: brushclashskirmish

3. a hostile disagreement face-to-face

Synonym: confrontationshowdownface-off

4. a casual or unexpected convergence

e.g. he still remembers their meeting in Paris

there was a brief encounter in the hallway

Synonym: meeting



1. contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle

e.g. Princeton plays Yale this weekend

Charlie likes to play Mary

Synonym: meetplaytake on

2. come together

e.g. I'll probably see you at the meeting

How nice to see you again!

Synonym: meetrun intorun acrosscome acrosssee

3. come upon, as if by accident

meet with

e.g. We find this idea in Plato

I happened upon the most wonderful bakery not very far from here

She chanced upon an interesting book in the bookstore the other day

Synonym: findhappenchancebump

4. be beset by

e.g. The project ran into numerous financial difficulties

Synonym: run into

5. experience as a reaction

e.g. My proposal met with much opposition

Synonym: meetreceive