[英 [ˈmɪəli] 美 [ˈmɪrli] ]


merely 基本解释

副词只是; 仅仅,只不过; 纯粹; 全然

merely 相关例句


1. I merely looked at the chocolate; I did not eat it.



2. I merely asked his name.


3. This is merely the beginning.


4. That was merely a guess of mine.


5. She is merely a child.


merely 网络解释

1. 仅仅,只不过:mere 仅仅的;纯粹的 | merely 仅仅,只不过 | merge (使)合并

2. 只:menace 威胁 | merely 只 | merge 合并

3. 只是:fumbled 漏接 | merely 只是 | tapped 挖掘

merely 双语例句

1. merely在线翻译

1. Economists cannot predict with any great degree of accurancy just when an upturn or a downturn will occur, but a study of such cycles does show that business activity tends to follow some kind of wavelike pattern and is not merely an assortment of random moves.


2. merely

2. Do you believe that life on earth is merely preparation for life after death?


3. Many commentators complain that China`s capital-spending spree last year has merely exacerbated its industrial overcapacity.


4. I didn`t mean to answer back, I merely meant to say that you had been misinformed.


5. I did not mean to answer you back. I merely meant to say that you had been misinformed.


6. merely的解释

6. I didn't mean to answer you back, I merely meant to say that you had been misinformed.


7. 2Any business combination in which two or more separate enterprises are brought together into a reporting entity merely by contract other than ownership shares.


8. The third solution is for the acquirer to go ahead with the acquisition, but then subsequently repurchase a quantity of shares equal to the number issued in the merger. In this manner, what originally was a stock-for-stock merger can be converted, effectively, into a cash-for-stock acquisition. Repurchases of this kind are damage-repair moves. Regular readers will correctly guess that we much prefer repurchases that directly enhance the wealth of owners instead of repurchases that merely repair previous damage. Scoring touchdowns is more exhilarating than recovering one`s fumbles. But, when a fumble has occurred, recovery is important and we heartily recommend damage-repair repurchases that turn a bad stock deal into a fair cash deal.


9. merely什么意思

9. Want the website that knows a lot of stationmaster were done one year, looked numerous optimized article and experience, maintain update the plane with rich and colorful everyday, comprehensive function, the discharge of 10 thousand IP or Yao cannot reach one sky, dan Qiushi is amounted to depend on a page merely can base oneself upon and Baidu transcend the rank with discharge very good keyword, it may be said is to have very strong technical with sound SEO technology.


10. Coriolanus has virtues of course - he is extremely brave - but he is mulishly inflexible and his disdain of the common people, merely because they are the common people and not, like him, noble, is not very appealing, or even very intelligent.



11. What they are seeking to correct are not merely the deficiencies of society, but of the cosmos.


12. The concept of a noumenon is thus a merely limiting concept, the function of which is to curb the pretensions of sensibility; and it is therefore only of negative employment.



13. We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of good people.



14. However, in the areas lack of electric energy, it is impossible for transmission network to form a relatively strong netty structure at present stage, merely to form a catenulate structure, consequently, the transmission capability of long distance power line that mainly lies on the lines stability limit is an issue in the development of transmission network.


15. It's merely a question of time before the business collapses.


16. However, the cameos are not merely designed for you to remember the great composers, but to hang up clothes.


17. Honey, a persecution complex is merely the flip side of egotism.


18. Threat (2005 December 27) Honey, a persecution complex is merely the flip side of egotism.


19. merely

19. Believe it or not, merely smelling something pleasant makes you measurably calmer and kinder....


20. To say he is iii is stretching the truth-- he was merely drunk.


merely 词典解释

1. 只不过;仅仅

You use merely to emphasize that something is only what you say and not better, more important, or more exciting.

e.g. Michael is now merely a good friend...


e.g. Francis Watson was far from being merely a furniture expert...


2. 只不过,仅仅(用于强调数量之小)

You use merely to emphasize that a particular amount or quantity is very small.

e.g. The brain accounts for merely three per cent of body weight.


3. 不仅仅

You use not merely before the less important of two contrasting statements, as a way of emphasizing the more important statement.

e.g. The team needs players who want to play cricket for England, not merely any country that will have them...


e.g. His were not merely crimes of theft but of violence against elderly people.


merely 单语例句merely的解释

1. He said it is merely a despicable act for the island to criticise the motherland in such a poor excuse.

2. As Chinese companies expand globally, they are not merely buying up raw materials and tapping new markets.

3. But analysts said the measures were merely palliative, buying time for Europe to come up with more concrete measures to quell the crisis.

4. They seem mild by comparison because most merely seek a ransom, and the victim survives.

5. Many Japanese husbands call their wives " you " rather than addressing them by name, or in some cases merely grunt.

6. It is likely to argue that no explicit order was ever issued, with Massa merely being told that Alonso was quicker and then acting on that information.

7. Ki contended that he was caught up in the crowd's cacophony and was merely joining the spirit of the moment.

8. He also said he merely wanted to call it a day and spend more time with his family.

9. This roll call of icons is merely the surface expression of a more fundamental shift in China's cultural paradigm.

10. We cannot but suspect that they intentionally took advantage of the charity party to get free publicity by merely paying lip service.

merely 英英释义



1. and nothing more

e.g. I was merely asking

it is simply a matter of time

just a scratch

he was only a child

hopes that last but a moment

Synonym: simplyjustonlybut