[英 [ˈlɪmɪt] 美 [ˈlɪmɪt] ]


过去式:limited;   现在分词:limiting;   复数形式:limits;

limit 基本解释

名词限制; 界限; 限量,限度


limit 相关例句


1. We must limit ourselves to one cake each.


2. limit什么意思

2. My mother limits the amount of food that I eat.



1. That fence is the limit of the schoolyard.


2. limit的近义词

2. He knows his own limits.


3. There is a limit to the amount of money I can afford.


limit 情景对话


A:Is this the right counter to check in for this flight?


B:Yes,it is. Please put your luggage on the scale.


A:You luggage is overweight. The free allowance for luggage is 20 kilos.


B:Oh, can I keep this little suitcase as hand-luggage?


A:Ok, in this way it’s just below the limit. Here’s your ticket and your boarding card.


B:All right. I will begin boarding soon.


limit 网络解释

1. limit在线翻译

1. 极限:在代数方面,高斯进一步在逻辑上阐述了极限概念,极限(limit)描述当自变数x趋近某个数值时,函数的变化情形. 只有当无限小量的概念成了任何可能的数量之最低限时,才产生了变数. 变数的性态,正是基督教信仰的神圣世界之无限形象的显现.

2. 界限:(1)基地址(BASE)部分用来指定段的起始地址;(2)界限(LIMIT)部分存放着该段的段长度;(3)访问权(ACCESS RIGHTS)部分用来说明该段在系统中的功能,并给出访问该段的一些控制信息;外设中的每个寄存器都有一个端口(port)地址(端口号),

3. 限度:死,是这种极端(extremity)的境况,如同希腊词peras,意思是终结(end)或限度(limit),而不是目的(telos). 死,总是在打破存在论神学(onto-theo-logic)所预设的起源-目的-逻各斯(Arche-telos-logos),把我们带向一道深渊(Abgrund),

limit 双语例句

1. These include a foldback output current limit, over-temperature protection, and an inhibit on/off control.


2. This limit is more especially as the INTEL 975 is known for its excellent aptitude for overclocking.


3. limit在线翻译

3. If organisms purposely limit their life spans via ageing or semelparous behavior, the associated evolved mechanisms could be very complex just as mechanisms that provide for mentation, vision, digestion, or other biological function are typically very complex.


4. The framework of the Eurocode is based on the concept of limit state design; following the same concept, harmonization in the design of superstructure and foundation design becomes natural.


5. limit的近义词

5. At the same time, the newmodel is used to analyze the effect of ratio of prestressing to axial force on thelining structure. According to the probability-based limit state design method and the concept ofprestressing degree, the design method of prestressed lining has been discussed.


6. Is fitted to a car's ignition to stop a driver from starting it if he's over the drink-driving limit.


7. limit

7. Mechanical double-sheet controller and limit protection device for lifting table are equipped.


8. limit是什么意思

8. There is no general upper speed limit when driving on the autobahn in Germany.


9. But the one-child limit is no longer needed to reduce fertility (if itever was: other East Asian countries reduced the pressure on the population as much as China).


10. limit

10. At the start of the national dialogue, president Abbas set a time limit: 10 days.


11. Patrick Wolff, twice US chess champion, will again be in the mall playing blindfolded against all comers. He tells me that he has never tried to play more than four games simultaneously while handicapped this way but might try to bump that limit to five or six this year. If you're a chess fan, take Patrick on -- but be sure to check his blindfold before your first move.

Patrick Wolff-美国棋两度冠军,也会再度在会场蒙眼与所有挑战者对奕,他向我透露,他从来没有这样与四位以上的对手下棋,不过他今年会试着挑战同时对付五位甚至是六位对手,如果你也是个棋迷,记得到现场找 Patrick 挑战,但在下棋前记得要确定他的眼睛是否真的蒙住了。

12. Limit consumption of store-bought baked goods such as doughnuts, cookies, cakes and crackers.


13. limit的反义词

13. Anyone who violates these Procedures in the area of public welfare forest shaIl be ordered tO stop the illegal activities and restore in time by the competent forestry anthorities of the People`S Government above the county/banner level; if he/she failed to restore within the time limit, the competent forestry authorities of the People`S



14. These properties produce robust systems that limit the catastrophic consequences of transposon mobilization, which can result in the accumulation of deleterious mutations, changes in gene expression patterns, and conditions such as gonadal hypotrophy and sterility.


15. On 1, the electronic units in Hong broke the previous trend of consolidation, the share price from 3.3 yuan to start in the vicinity, then the transaction 4 Is a daily limit to a close this week, the increase range as high as 73.19 percent.

1 12,在香港的电子单元,打破了以往整合的趋势,从三点三元股价开始在附近,那么交易4是一个涨停结束这个星期,增长幅度高达百分之73.19。

16. And we'll limit the amount your insurance company can force you to pay out of your own pocket.


17. Note There is an imposed 2, 000 character length limit on parameter values passed in from Microsoft CRM.

笔 记有一个强加的2,000 个字符长宽极限在参数值通过从微软CRM 。

18. The limit oxygen concentration and the limit gas velocity are critical index to evaluate the flammability of materials.


19. Moreover it delimitates correlative concept such as upper limit and lower limit of virtual operating, low - level and high - level of virtual operating, virtual operating and virtual operating ecosystem, quasi - virtual operating and standard virtual operating, virtual cooperation, physical operating, the strategy of virtual operating and so on


20. In the dividing device, two groups of inclined pin limiting mechanism drive and limit the rotating of work piece when a dial rotates and reset.


limit 词典解释

1. 极限

A limit is the greatest amount, extent, or degree of something that is possible.

e.g. Her love for him was being tested to its limits...


e.g. There is no limit to how much fresh fruit you can eat in a day...


2. (特定的)限期,限额,限度

A limit of a particular kind is the largest or smallest amount of something such as time or money that is allowed because of a rule, law, or decision.

e.g. The three month time limit will be up in mid-June...


e.g. The economic affairs minister announced limits on petrol sales.


3. (区域的)界限

The limit of an area is its boundary or edge.

e.g. ...the city limits of Baghdad.


4. (可能行动或结果的)范围

The limits of a situation are the facts involved in it which make only some actions or results possible.

e.g. She has to work within the limits of a fairly tight budget...


e.g. He outlined the limits of British power.


5. 限制;限定

If you limit something, you prevent it from becoming greater than a particular amount or degree.

e.g. He limited payments on the country's foreign debt...


e.g. The view was that the economy would grow by 2.25 per cent. This would limit unemployment to around 2.5 million.


6. 使(某人)受限

If you limit yourself to something, or if someone or something limits you, the number of things that you have or do is reduced.

e.g. It is now accepted that men should limit themselves to 20 units of alcohol a week...


e.g. Voters cut councillors' pay and limited them to one staff member each.



The conditions laid down to me were not too limiting.


7. (使)限于(某一地方或群体)

If something is limited to a particular place or group of people, it exists only in that place, or is had or done only by that group.

e.g. The protests were not limited to New York...


e.g. Entry to this prize draw is limited to UK residents.


8. see also: age limit;limited

9. 禁止进入

If an area or a place is off limits, you are not allowed to go there.


e.g. A one-mile area around the wreck is still off limits...


e.g. These establishments are off limits to ordinary citizens.


10. 被禁止

If you say that something is off limits, you mean that you are not allowed to do it.

e.g. Smoking was off limits everywhere.


11. (驾驶时)血液中酒精浓度超标的

If someone is over the limit, they have drunk more alcohol than they are legally allowed to when driving a vehicle.

e.g. If police breathalyse me and find I am over the limit I face a long ban...


e.g. He was found to be three times over the limit.


12. 没有任何限制;一切都是可能的(或能达到的)

If you say the sky is the limit, you mean that there is nothing to prevent someone or something from being very successful.

e.g. They have found that, in terms of both salary and career success, the sky is the limit.


13. 在一定范围内;有限度地

If you add within limits to a statement, you mean that it is true or applies only when talking about reasonable or normal situations.

e.g. In the circumstances we'll tell you what we can, within limits, of course, and in confidence.


limit 单语例句

1. The existing limit on the amount of salary domestic firms can deduct as business expenses will no longer apply.

2. " There are various regulations which limit the game business there, " a Sony spokeswoman told China Daily.

3. Buyers don't have to bring their ID cards as there is no limit as how many can one person buy at one time.

4. The buying of US dollars is triggered automatically when the exchange rate hits the upper limit of the trading band under the Currency Board Mechanism.

5. Unreasonably low salaries seriously limit the buying power of the grassroots population, make jobs unattractive to the younger generation and lead to higher unemployment among youth.

6. By contrast, the sky seems to be the limit for Chinese buyers.

7. By contrast, to limit government cars may not be that easy.

8. In 1929 the first Child Marriage Restraint Act was enacted, taking the lower age limit up to 12.

9. The level of lead detected was far below the set limit of 40 ppm by the mainland standard and 20 ppm by the Taiwan standard.

10. Hu was later confirmed by the police as traveling between 84 and 101 km per hour on the street where the legal limit was 50.