[英 [wɪðˈdrɔ:] 美 [wɪðˈdrɔ, wɪθ-] ]


过去式:withdrew;   过去分词:withdrawn;   现在分词:withdrawing;

withdraw 基本解释

及物动词撤退; 撤走; 拿走; (从银行) 取 (钱)

不及物动词撤退; (从活动或组织中) 退出


withdraw 相关例句


1. The government withdraws worn out money from use.


2. He withdrew from the race.


3. The troops are being gradually withdrawn.



1. withdraw

1. After dinner the ladies withdrew.


2. He has decided to withdraw from the competition.


withdraw 情景对话



A:I’d like to withdraw some money from my account.


B:Can I see your passbook and the withdrawal slip, please?




B:Let me just make sure. You want to withdraw one thousand dollars?

让我确定一下。您要提1000 美元?

A:That’s right.


withdraw 网络解释

1. withdraw是什么意思

1. 收回:BGP路由的Flap的定义是:当一条路由在被收回(Withdraw)后,又被广播(Update)出来,视为一次Flap.由于任何一条路由的收回和更新都会导致一台路由器整个路由表重新计算,因此当Flap的情况比较多时,对路由器设备的负载将产生巨大的压力.

2. 提款:对于某些特定NPC,还会出现特别的指令菜单:如交易(trade),提款(withdraw),请教(learn)等等. 对于特定物品,如书,还会有研读(study)的指令出现. 说(say)只有在一个房间内的玩家可以看到. 私聊(tell)只有你和对方能够看到. 这不算公共频道.

3. withdraw的意思

3. 取款:银行场景考到的内容并不复杂,不会深入到具体银行的业务流程等内容,一般只是考到人们去银行办的一些基本业务,如开户(open a bank account)、存款(deposit)、取款(withdraw),这些内容里最容易出题也是最常考的就是开户了.

withdraw 双语例句

1. withdraw的解释

1. If be to make network promotion before you, rely on group of hair to rely on a station group will link, so ask you to look for a true SEO or oneself person learns to fall, do not regard the person that we get SEO as idiocy, if you received fund, SEO is not equal to group of hair, cannot give family place the thing of need again, still withdraw fund to the family, although likely now network company is very hard, it is not easy to make money, always than be being worn by person jab backbone is scolded be close friends


2. withdraw

2. I need to withdraw ¥5, 000.


3. In August 2004, a total of 5, 037, 412 kg of vegetables 22, 065 grant to conduct testing, in which 18, 222 qualified batches, the batches of 3843 failed, the passing rate of 82.6 percent, the detection of qualified operators to operate with testing certification listing Transactions, real-time detection of the failure to issue notice of test results, ordered to withdraw from the market, may not be sold, the change of use, not to eat at the same time, the first time will be up to standard products in the public bar to the public.


4. After consultation with my team and doctors, I decided to take the difficult decision to withdraw from both tournaments so that I can give my body a chance to rest, rehabilitate and fully recover from a physically challenging year.


5. To withdraw immediately from Japanese and Chinese waters German men o war and armed vessels of all kinds, and to disarm at once those which cannot be withdrawn.


6. withdraw的反义词

6. Thus the commercial bank market withdrawal is refers to the commercial bank according to certain procedure stop management, the cleaning up creditor's rights, the discharge of a debt, loses the civil right ability and civil capacity, loses the legal personality to withdraw from the market the process.


7. A gentle kiss, unknowingly give you my life has come to care, well-known fall into the love of your heart but hard to withdraw.


8. I'd like to withdraw $90 from my saving accout.


9. Counteroffers unentertainable as market swinge other seller report withdraw.


10. Unentertainable as market swinge other seller report withdraw.



11. In the course of their activities some bad elements may withdraw from the united front under the influence of the enemy.


12. When the Lease Contract is expired and Party A need to withdraw the House or dissolve the contract, Party B shall return the House and equipments to Party A; in case of reletting, Party B shall negotiate with Party A 3 months in advance (or more than 3 months) and a new contract is signed.


13. Please bring it back when you deposit or withdraw money any time you like.


14. But when economy begins to stabilize, the stimulus package should withdraw at a proper time, or a series of negative externalities such as heavy fiscal burden and financial deficit, potential inflation, crowding-our effect of fiscal policy, moral hazard and anti-marketization and so on may arise.


15. For your hotel does not affect the normal business, consider your hotel lobby scaffolding, protective measures, and so on, must withdraw overnight market, large hall chandelier each beacon to be 8 - 10 nights, and are operating at night stand high, the construction of assembly sessions, The removal of scaffolding rather difficult, personnel, equipment input costs will increase greatly.


16. Hello everyone, I was Edison Chen, the incident occurred unhappy, I apologize to the victims, I feel very ashamed, I decided to withdraw from the Hong Kong entertainment circle, I intend to Japan, from now on, will be in Japan AV raised a male superior star, it is my Edison Chen, despite the loss of a very outstanding artist, but AV sector in the world was born a male super-gifted, and I will for this dedication, after all I pay more attention to the AV area, I will certainly unparalleled performance to suction your eye shadow, thank you!

大家好,我是Edison Chen ,对于这次事件发生的不愉快我向受害人表示歉意,我也觉得很惭愧,所以我决定退出香港娱乐圈,我打算到日本去发展,从今以后,即将在日本升起一颗AV男优的新星,那就是我Edison Chen ,香港虽然损失了一位无比优秀的艺人,但在世界AV界诞生了一位超级的男优,我将为此奉献,请大家以后多关注我的AV大片,我一定会以无与伦比的表现来吸影你们的眼球,谢谢!

17. withdraw

17. Withdraw 100% in lump-sum at one-go, this original method of payment is still in use

100 %提款一次过提款,最初的付款方式是仍然在使用

18. Consistent with the United Nations Security Council Resolution of december 21, 1971, the United States favors the continuation of the ceasefire between India and Pakistan and the withdraw- al of all military forces to within their own territo- ries and to their own sides of the ceasefire line in Jammu and Kashmir; the United States supports the right of the peoples of South Asia to shape their own future in peace, free of military threat, and without having the area become the subject of great power rivalry.


19. It is kept in the bank's vault until depositors withdraw the funds.


20. And trickle bed reactor and rectifying-rector process were compared, and novel interval withdraw technology was explored in this article.


withdraw 词典解释

1. 撤走;拿走

If you withdraw something from a place, you remove it or take it away.

e.g. He reached into his pocket and withdrew a sheet of notepaper...


e.g. Cassandra withdrew her hand from Roger's.


2. (使)撤退;(使)撤回;(使)撤离

When groups of people such as troops withdraw or when someone withdraws them, they leave the place where they are fighting or where they are based and return nearer home.

e.g. He stated that all foreign forces would withdraw as soon as the crisis ended...


e.g. Unless Hitler withdrew his troops from Poland by 11 o'clock that morning, a state of war would exist between Great Britain and Germany...


3. 提,取(款)

If you withdraw money from a bank account, you take it out of that account.


e.g. Open a savings account that does not charge ridiculous fees to withdraw money...


e.g. They withdrew 100 dollars from a bank account after checking out of their hotel.


4. 退出,返回(至另一个房间)

If you withdraw to another room, you go there.

e.g. He and the others withdrew to their rented rooms...


e.g. He poured the wine and then withdrew again...


5. 退出(活动或组织)

If you withdraw from an activity or organization, you stop taking part in it.

e.g. The African National Congress threatened to withdraw from the talks.


6. 收回,撤回(所说的话或声明)

If you withdraw a remark or statement that you have made, you say that you want people to ignore it.


e.g. He withdrew his remarks and explained what he had meant to say.


withdraw 单语例句

1. The credit cards were used to apply for loans, withdraw cash or buy Macao casino chips that can be cashed.

2. The Chinese cabinet issued a document last month urging all government officials who invest in coal mines to withdraw their money before today.

3. " I call on the Arab League to withdraw their initiative, " he added.

4. In order to withdraw capital as soon as possible, many property developers offered discounts on new projects.

5. The victim didn't realize his money was gone until he asked another friend to withdraw cash for him.

6. The county set up micro payment outlets with a cash dispenser in 89 villages to facilitate villagers to withdraw cash.

7. Iraq's foreign minister said insurgents are attempting to sow as much chaos as possible, as lawmakers struggle to form a new government and Americans withdraw troops.

8. She could have overtaken Davenport with a victory at the JPMorgan Chase Open, but had to withdraw before the quarterfinals because of a strained chest muscle.

9. Sharapova received treatment on her injured right chest muscle Friday morning, but was in too much pain to practice and decided to withdraw.

10. Bush and the Arizona senator have chided Obama for proposing to withdraw US forces within 16 months of taking office.

withdraw 英英释义


1. remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract

e.g. remove a threat

remove a wrapper

Remove the dirty dishes from the table

take the gun from your pocket

This machine withdraws heat from the environment

Synonym: removetaketake away

2. keep away from others

e.g. He sequestered himself in his study to write a book

Synonym: secludesequestersequestrate

3. take back what one has said

e.g. He swallowed his words

Synonym: swallowtake backunsay

4. make a retreat from an earlier commitment or activity

e.g. We'll have to crawfish out from meeting with him

He backed out of his earlier promise

The aggressive investment company pulled in its horns

Synonym: retreatpull backback outback awaycrawfishcrawfish outpull in one's horns

5. release from something that holds fast, connects, or entangles

e.g. I want to disengage myself from his influence

disengage the gears

Synonym: disengage

6. lose interest

e.g. he retired from life when his wife died

Synonym: retire

7. pull back or move away or backward

e.g. The enemy withdrew

The limo pulled away from the curb

Synonym: retreatpull awaydraw backrecedepull backretiremove back

8. remove (a commodity) from (a supply source)

e.g. She drew $2,000 from the account

The doctors drew medical supplies from the hospital's emergency bank

Synonym: drawtake outdraw off

9. cause to be returned

e.g. recall the defective auto tires

The manufacturer tried to call back the spoilt yoghurt

Synonym: recallcall incall back

10. withdraw from active participation

e.g. He retired from chess

Synonym: retire

11. retire gracefully

e.g. He bowed out when he realized he could no longer handle the demands of the chairmanship

Synonym: bow out

12. break from a meeting or gathering

e.g. We adjourned for lunch

The men retired to the library

Synonym: adjournretire