[英 [tekst] 美 [tɛkst] ]


过去式:texted;   现在分词:texting;   复数形式:texts;

text 基本解释

名词文本,原文; 课文,教科书; 主题; 版本



text 相关词组

1. stick to ones text : (谈话时)不离正题;

text 相关例句


1. text的解释

1. Housing improvement was the speaker's text.


2. The full text of the communique reads as follows.



3. He is reading a text on Chinese philosophy.


4. text

4. The text of every chapter is followed by questions.


5. A text is often changed here and there when it is copied.


text 情景对话


A:What’s your phone number?



B:Do you mean my office number or my cell phone number?


A:Your cell phone number.


B:It’s 13722852784.


A:Do I need to dial a 0 if I’m in a different city?

如果我在不同的城市,我需要加拨0 吗?


B:I don’t think so.


A:Ok, so I’ll just call you later and then we’ll make plans for dinner.


B:Maybe I should get your number, too. My phone is almost out of batteries. I might have to call you from a public phone.


A:Good thinking. My number is 13922847328.


B:You might want to send me a text first. If my battery is low, text messages are better.


A:Ok, either I’ll call you or you call me around 5 pm.

好,要么我打给你要么大约在下午5 点左右你打给我。

B:Talk to you then!




text 网络解释


1. 课文:[课文的定义]课文(text)英语的定义是:the wording or words of something written or printed.汉语的定义是:教科书的正文(区别于注释和习题等). 英语的课文包含有语音、词汇和语法等语言知识,既可以用作专门进行阅读训练的材料.

2. text:to examine the; 检查

text 双语例句

1. All procedures in this regard are covered and the text is accompanied by extensive artwork and photographs.


2. Text=Sargeras gathered his vast Burning Legion and made his way towards the unsuspecting world of Azeroth.



3. At first This paper formulates the necessity for depurating network information content, and introduces the history of information security and study point in information security. Also this paper analyses in detail the key technology of content filtering such as data frame capture, bridge, network protocol analysis and content analysis. And then this paper comes up with the solution for content filtering facing application layer which is based on the technology of protocol analysis and format conversion in combination with text filtering techonology of Multiple Patterns Matching..Also this paper amplifies on the design and the implement method of each module. Finally this paper introduces how the client of content filtering system manages the keywords and log and makes suggestion for the improvement of the system.


4. No one bother, I only own soul in the night air where folding turn, formed the most authentic text.


5. Is it just flavor text, like, or is it some sort of new parameter like?


6. Gently shake youth Campanula ring, a pleasant voice on the heart attack, looked up rays in the halo of colorful dreams, a few heart will indulge in the glory of touching: the stream of history, the splendid ancient Chinese poem so elegant that the idea of flying the look, clean up one's soul and beautify their own temperament; breathing poetry of the text in the mellow air, let poets of sentiment or feeling melancholy; then Qingli poetic, sincere love, dream The gorgeous cast of human soul, the soul of the strokes used to write their own lines, to the life of paper left on a clean page.


7. text的翻译

7. Enter a new desired password in the now empty Value text box, ie NEW PASSWORD in the illustration.



8. My solution: no way, the content of the dissolution of glmsgroup, one by selecting the text block, a South-to a slowly!


9. text的反义词

9. Is the text in all fields specified in the correct screen font?


10. This is the second edition of a text devoted to the development of the visual system.


11. text是什么意思

11. There is as yet no really critical edition of the text, in which all manuscripts and versions are made use of.


12. After one year the revised and improved second edition text is now complete with genuine Thai massage information.


13. This text refers to the Hardcover edition.


14. text

14. Groups information relating to one edition of a text.


15. Of or relating to a variorum edition or text.


16. The text in Chinese of blank space (full-width than the average space twice), the output will report an error with the en space you need to replace it.



17. An inverted file is a word-oriented mechanism for indexing a text collection in order to speed up the searching task. The inverted file structure is composed of two elements: the vocabulary and the occurrences.


18. It's very hard to write this news text, because no words can express the joy.


19. So, this text regards Essay, this periodical, as the breakthrough point, attempt through understanding its deep layer, integrated survey one periodical how under editor, joint efforts of author since the new period, break out and adhere to the self- style all the time from China's numerous periodicals; And it, as one of the important positions of the domestic prose periodical, how to promote the development of prose, this recreation and sports, it is his abundant and prosperity contribution one's own enthusiasm and strength, thus left a thick and heavy in colours one in the field of contemporary prose; In addition it contemporary writer show self- platform, in order to concentrate on works to issue serious meaning for own duty and famous for ideological content it, so has reflected the Chinese writer's thought current situation and mental outlook in one period effectively, how much mind experience are the ones that refracted the Chinese intellectual out.


20. The first chapter of the text is a basic section, which mainly discusses the definition and the extension of the time adverb.


text 词典解释

1. (书籍的)正文,文字部分

The text of a book is the main part of it, rather than the introduction, pictures, or notes.


e.g. The text is precise and informative.


2. 书面材料;文字材料

Text is any written material.

e.g. The machine can recognise handwritten characters and turn them into printed text...


e.g. A CD-ROM can store more than 250,000 pages of typed text.


3. (讲演、广播、录音的)文字稿,原稿

The text of a speech, broadcast, or recording is the written version of it.


e.g. A spokesman said a text of Dr Runcie's speech had been circulated to all of the bishops.


4. (尤指科学或学术方面的)文献,文本

A text is a book or other piece of writing, especially one connected with science or learning.

e.g. Her text is believed to be the oldest surviving manuscript by a female physician.


5. (尤指学校课堂使用的)课文,课文录音;(考卷上的)选文,录音材料

A text is a written or spoken passage, especially one that is used in a school or university for discussion or in an examination.

e.g. I'll read the text aloud first...


e.g. His early plays are set texts in universities.


6. 同 text message

A text is the same as a text message .

e.g. I borrowed my wife's mobile phone last week and a text arrived from another man.


7. 给…发送(手机)短信

If you text someone, you send them a text message on a mobile phone.

e.g. Mary texted me when she got home.


text 单语例句

1. Business reporter Liu Qian says she often gets text messages asking her to buy or sell a particular stock at a designated time.

2. It was introduced as an electromagnetic telegraph that could transmit encoded text messages over wire by applying the principle of electromagnetism.

3. You can instantly call up streams of photos while you are chatting by using text with others.

4. The matter was not whether the values the text carries were out of date, but whether children who read without understanding can grow into active and capable citizens.

5. One activist said he received text messages saying security forces had killed one student and surrounded the campus.

6. As more and more people prefer enjoying pictures to reading text material, caricature has become an important part of the mainstream of the world culture.

7. For a mobile carrier or its regulator to ban certain rights of speech, shouldn't they at least first specify what is forbidden to text?

8. Authorities in the two regions said that the text messaging function on cell phones would be immediately suspended if they were caught transmitting porn messages.

9. What customers actually do is input the information and location of their firms, and then choose from finished advertising templates to adapt the company logo and commercial text.

10. The Danish text rejected the principles of the Kyoto Protocol and handed effective control of climate change finance to the World Bank.

text的近义词text 英英释义


1. the words of something written

e.g. there were more than a thousand words of text

they handed out the printed text of the mayor's speech

he wants to reconstruct the original text

Synonym: textual matter

2. the main body of a written work (as distinct from illustrations or footnotes etc.)

e.g. pictures made the text easier to understand

3. a book prepared for use in schools or colleges

e.g. his economics textbook is in its tenth edition

the professor wrote the text that he assigned students to buy

Synonym: textbooktext editionschoolbookschool text

4. a passage from the Bible that is used as the subject of a sermon

e.g. the preacher chose a text from Psalms to introduce his sermon