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[英 [straɪv] 美 [straɪv] ]


过去式:strove; strived;   过去分词:striven; strived;   现在分词:striving;

strive 基本解释

不及物动词努力奋斗,力求; 斗争,力争

strive 相关例句


1. This is the goal we are striving toward.


2. Today women are striving to occupy positions previously closed to them.


3. The swimmer strove against the tide.


strive 网络解释

1. strive什么意思

1. 努力:让我暂停一下,以悼念美国最伟大的英雄,马丁.路德.金博士逝世30周年.他的梦想,深深地植根于美国梦想之中,是全体美国人共同的梦想.让我们的美国人民永远铭记金博士的话,努力(strive)实现他的遗志(legacy).今天,

2. 奋斗:奋斗(strive)纯银戒指关于奋斗(strive)纯银戒指属性信息仅供参考,详细情况请向卖家咨询![宝贝名称]: 奋斗(strive)纯银戒指★925纯银饰品


3. 奋斗;抗争:thrive 繁荣;旺盛;兴旺 | strive 奋斗;抗争 | trivial 琐细的;无足轻重的;价值不大的

4. 奋:striped 有条纹的 | strive 奋□ | stroke 打击;中风

strive 双语例句

1. The public do not hesitate to give feedback while journalists continue to strive to do better and remain open to criticisms.


2. Company's products not only for the city of business services, and also sold to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong and other provinces and cities, welcomed by the majority of users, units for the purpose of customer satisfaction, quality of the first goal, and strive to provide quality products, Welcomed the large businessman calls, 来人cooperation.


3. strive的翻译

3. You are so junny, girl, you are right, you need diligence to strive to get what you want, before i have encounter a korea gril that can speak very good english, so we can make conversation eachother, she want to learn chinese, so you can seach on internet maybe some foreigers want to lean chinese form you, so you also can practise you oral english or oralkorean, i had taught an american before, so i can speak english fluently.


4. Therefore, we strive and develop day by day, and now we are the leading fastener company among industry.


5. This is something to strive for.


6. strive

6. In our team, our vision is to strive for quality.


7. strive是什么意思

7. I would like to continue to work hard and strive for better!


8. strive的反义词

8. I have a strong need to strive for excellence.



9. As long as you think, we will strive to do for you.


10. To do my very best is not all, taking good care of my family and strive together in life long learning.


11. In consideration of status of the traditional fishing rights in the exclusive economic zone system, when delimitates the maritime boundaries with relevant states in east China sea and yellow sea, China should stress the following main factors in order to strive for gains as much as possible, such as geology, geography, length of coastal line, reasonable reservation of fishery resources, equal exploitation to fishery resources, especially stress economic impacts on China.


12. Wuhan to Ankang Railway Project, and strive to open by the end of August this year.



13. To strive to be ahead of others and to be afraid to lag behind.


14. We strive to evaluate all aspects of World of Warcraft evenly interms of class dynamics.



15. At present, China`s real estate industry on this one financial, there are two major problems, one is single channel, mainly by asking the banks; the second is liability structure is irrational, short-term liabilities was mainly dominated, the whole company is unsafe Therefore, we strive to do this two ways.



16. There are four characters that can be found in this process. Firstly, it is a struggle within the political system. In other words, tenants admit the hierarchical rights of ruling class, but reject excess exploit. Secondly, the resistance has various ways, and law is a frequent resort too. Thirdly, collective resistance comes to be the most common form, wealthy peasants always act as organizers and leaders. Fourthly, tenants` resistance processes exhibits obvious different theme of demands in all phrases. Before mid and latter of 14 century, most requirements aim to reject duty beyond custom; while after, mainly to strive for cutting down the rents and tallage.


17. strive什么意思

17. EDIs and Southern China are to improve China's level of manufacturing control and strive for goals and a number of doctoral students for the technical backbone, developed a set of measurement industries in the advanced level of precision measurement software-EDIS Precision Measurement and Control System.


18. EDIs and Southern China are to improve China's level ofmanufacturing control and strive for goals and a number of doctoral students for the technical backbone, developed a set of measurement industries in the advanced level of precision measurement software-EDIS Precision Measurement and Control System.


19. strive

19. People strive to have pleasant smelling homes and offices, and industry, for many years, has supplied various kinds of air freshening products to oblige them.


20. strive

20. As new members is not easy, but I will use my self-confidence to strive for the best performance.


strive 词典解释The past tense is either strove or strived, and the past participle is either striven or strived. 过去式为 strove 或 strived,过去分词为 striven 或 strived

1. 努力;奋斗;力争;力求

If you strive to do something or strive for something, you make a great effort to do it or get it.

e.g. He strives hard to keep himself very fit...


e.g. She strove to read the name on the stone pillar...



...a politician consumed by his own passionate striving for leadership.

一心为当权而拼命往上爬的政客strive 单语例句strive的反义词

1. The best way to win respect is to constantly strive to improve oneself, not by raising oneself up by belittling others.

2. He thanked China for its special contribution to Cambodia's national reconciliation and economic development, and pledged to strive for good relations between the two countries and parties.

3. Leaders of China's Catholic church agreed at the meeting that the church would strive to select and ordain bishops at these diocese without delay.

4. Leung said Hong Kong will strive to keep the competitive edge and develop into a more comprehensive fund and asset management center.

5. Companies constantly strive to reduce the size of transistors and other parts on a chip in order to make them speedier and operate more efficiently.

6. They expect that CIRC should strive over time to eliminate all barriers to expansion by foreign life insurance companies.

7. This circumstance actually brings out the best in them in order to strive doubly harder because they know that their future is at stake.

8. Both sides should have a deeper understanding of each other's needs and strive to promote common development based on mutual benefit.

9. University presidents should be allowed and encouraged to strive for this goal rather than get involved in the administrative ladder.

10. This means he would strive to construct a compassionate republic where every one enjoys the same rights regardless of their social and economic statuses.

strive 英英释义


1. to exert much effort or energy

e.g. straining our ears to hear

Synonym: reachstrain

2. attempt by employing effort

e.g. we endeavor to make our customers happy

Synonym: endeavorendeavour