[英 [steɪt] 美 [stet] ]


过去式:stated;   过去分词:stated;   现在分词:stating;   复数形式:states;

state 基本解释

名词国家; 州; 状况,情况; 资格

及物动词规定; 陈述,声明

形容词国家的; 国务的,公务的; 正式的


state 相关词组


1. in state : 正式地, 庄重地;

2. in a state of nature : 处于原始状态;

3. lie in state : 埋葬前任人吊唁;


state 相关例句



1. The witness stated that she had never seen Mr.Smith.



1. He was in quite a state about the matter.


2. The number of the House from each state is determined by the population of the state.


3. state什么意思

3. In China, the railways are owned by the state.


4. The vice president is in a state of poor health.


state 情景对话


A:Wow, this is the famous Empire State Building.


B:It’s huge.


A:Would you like to go to the top?


B:Yes, of course.


A:The view is breathtaking.


B:It makes me dizzy.



A:The next thing Id like to bring up for discussion is packing.

- 下面我想就包装问题讨论一下。

B:Please state your opinions about packing.



A:All right. We wish our opinions on packing will be passed on to your manufacturers.


Apply for a school-(申请学校)

A:I’m trying to decide what school to apply for.


B:Are you thinking about a public school or a private one?



A:I’m not sure. What’s the difference between them?


B:Public schools are usually state funded, whereas private schools usually get their funding elsewhere.


A:Which is better?



B:One isn’t necessarily better than the other. It depends a lot on the school administration and the teachers.


A:I hear you have to wear unifomp3s at private schools.


B:Yeah, sometimes.


state 网络解释

1. 省:然后,重头戏来了:先对大省(STATE)进行评估,影响因素有:1,生活条件;2,是否产硫磺,丝绸,还有所有能吃的东西;3,GOLD GOLD GOLD!贵金属对人群的吸引真是太高了!4,省份编号,算法不明. 5,远近距离,自然是近的好. 6,北美洲对LR们有很强的吸引力.

2. 州:以及邮政编码(zip code)邮编 城市(city) 州(state)英文名字分两部分,名(first name)和姓(last name),顺序和我们中国人的习惯相反,名在前,姓在后,如jim green,jim是名,green是姓男孩名字 (MALE) 女孩名字 (FEMALE)邮编 城市(city) 州(state)男孩名字 (MAL

3. state:s; 状态

state 双语例句

1. state的近义词

1. I totallyagree with the assertion that Government should preserve the wildernessareas in their natural state no matter how many people will accessthere(这个短语结构不明白什么意思呀~) because these areas deserve and have the necessity to beprotected and government is a powerful organization to gain this ends.


2. The public trustee in these state is bonded and handles all of the trust deeds recorded in the particular country.


3. But plant physiologist Wendy - Bowes and from North Carolina State University microbiologist Amy - Grant firmly believe that they can produce in such a harsh environment for plants to survive.



4. A solid-state area illumination lighting apparatus, including a plurality of light sources, each light source having, a substrate; an organic light emitting diode layer deposited upon the substrate, the organic light emitting diode layer including first and second electrodes for providing electrical power to the OLED layer; an encapsulating cover covering the OLED layer; and first and second conductors located on the substrate and electrically connected to the first and second electrodes, and extending beyond the encapsulating cover for making electrical contact to the first and second electrodes by an external power source; and a lighting fixture for removably receiving and holding the plurality of light sources and having a plurality of first electrical contacts for making electrical connection to the first and second conductors of the light sources, and second electrical contacts for making electrical connection to an external power source.


5. state是什么意思

5. In the current educational practice, as the final executer in the implementation of the new curriculum reform, teacher's vocation and life state don't cause people's attention.


6. The result showed that upon excitation compound C3 could form its intramolecular charge transfer state easily and furthermore transform to a twisted intramolecular charge transfer state accompanying with a very la.


7. The result showed that upon excitation compound C3 could form its intramolecular charge transfer state easily and furthermore transform to a twisted intramolecular charge transfer state accompanying with a very large change of dipole moment.


8. Zhang Ge, is determined by the state of the art of the project Fengning successors.



9. In chap.3, we will extend themodel of the large bipolaron introduced by Verbist et al to arbitrary Ndimensions, calculate the bipolaron characteristics such as the ground-state energy, effective mass, average number of virtual phonons, andradius, and plot the figure of the bipolaron stability region.


10. The association filed an application to the state General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine to mandate the regulation as a state norm.


11. Secondly, a kind of multi-agent based combat model is proposed. A kind of framework of the multi-agent based combat model is proposed, which is composed of the combat environment model, combat agent, and combat model parameters. A kind of the combat environment model is proposed, in which the combat space and the combat environment parameters are defined to describe the spacial traits of the combat units and combat environment, and the influence of those combat environment factors on the action of the combat units. A kind of combat agent model is proposed, which is composed of properties and behaviour model. The spacial properties, physical properties and quality properties are defined to describe the abilities and state of combat units. The behaviour models of reconnaissance, maneuverability, attack, communication and adaption are established to describe the interaction between combat units. And several meta rules of those action are given. A kind of knowledge representation based method is proposed to give a formalization description to the combat enity model, which makes it more convenient to translate the combat agent from the concept model to the simulation model. The modeling process of the multi-agent based combat model is discussed, and the main task of every step is ascertained. A kind of simulation strategy is proposed, which gives the combat agents a random sequence at every simulation step, to dispose those concurrent events with single processor and single thread.


12. Application shall be filed with the competent civil aviation authority under the State Council by the manufacturer for export airworthiness certificate with respect to the export of civil aircraft and its engines, propellers and on-board equipment.


13. A corporation is a legal entity created in accordance with state law.


14. The commercial banks shall present to the State Administration of Foreign Exchange the application letter and the approval document of the People's Bank of China to apply for the quota of foreign exchange in gold import.


15. Where the quota of foreign exchange use specified in the Confirmation of Domestic-Funded or Foreign-Funded Projects Encouraged by the State for Development is in a currency different from that used in the actual import transaction


16. The two countries entered into a state of war.


17. The state of the left channel is felt on the left side of the body.


18. In June 2007, Wubu Rock City was listed in the six batch of key cultural relics under key national protection by the State Council.


19. A: State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan has just finished his visit to India, which was a great success.


20. I know that they will have extremely capable and committed Chinese counterparts in State Councilor Dai and Vice Premier Wang.


state 词典解释

1. (尤用于讨论政治事务时)国家

You can refer to countries as states, particularly when you are discussing politics.

e.g. Mexico is a secular state and does not have diplomatic relations with the Vatican...


e.g. Some weeks ago I recommended to EU member states that we should have discussions with the Americans.


2. (美国等大国的)州

Some large countries such as the USA are divided into smaller areas called states .


e.g. Leaders of the Southern states are meeting in Louisville.


3. 美国

The USA is sometimes referred to as the States .


4. 政府;国家

You can refer to the government of a country as the state .

e.g. The state does not collect enough revenue to cover its expenditure...


e.g. Eastern Europe shows that worker-owned factories can be as inefficient as state-owned ones.


5. 国有的;国家的

State industries or organizations are financed and organized by the government rather than private companies.

e.g. ...reform of the state social-security system.


6. 国事的;国事礼仪的

A state occasion is a formal one involving the head of a country.

e.g. ...the Queen's three-day state visit to France.

女王对法国为期 3 天的国事访问

7. 状况;状态;情况

When you talk about the state of someone or something, you are referring to the condition they are in or what they are like at a particular time.

e.g. For the first few months after Daniel died, I was in a state of clinical depression...


e.g. When we moved here the walls and ceiling were in an awful state...


8. (以口头或书面形式正式或明确地)声称,宣称,声明

If you state something, you say or write it in a formal or definite way.


e.g. Clearly state your address and telephone number...


e.g. The police report stated that he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife...


9. see also: head of state;nation state;police state;welfare state

10. (因精神或健康状态不佳而)不适宜(做某事)

If you say that someone is not in a fit state to do something, you mean that they are too upset or ill to do it.

e.g. When you left our place, you weren't in a fit state to drive.


11. 不快;紧张;焦虑;惊慌

If you are in a state or if you get into a state, you are very upset or nervous about something.

e.g. I was in a terrible state because nobody could understand why I had this illness...


e.g. People will work themselves up into a state about anything.


12. (重要人物的遗体)停放供瞻仰

If the dead body of an important person lies in state, it is publicly displayed for a few days before it is buried.

state 单语例句state是什么意思

1. MetLife is working with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on business registration and other requirements related to the new entity.

2. But it is not allowed to intervene directly in State firm's business operations.

3. It resumed the business in September, after getting a letter by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

4. State television said President Pervez Musharraf had ordered the provincial government in Karachi to take immediate steps to restore order and act against those responsible.

5. " The state organs are positioned to act against anybody who tries to disrupt the process, " President Thabo Mbeki said on Tuesday.

6. Such enterprises set in inland cities permitted open by the state can pay business income tax at a reduced rate of 24 percent.

7. The US State Department released a brief statement, indicating that the first day of discussions " have been serious and businesslike ".

8. Before Thursday night's exhibition game against Golden State in Honolulu, some members of the Lakers said they weren't aware of Buss'comments.

9. Fires also ignited in New Mexico and along the state's border with Colorado, where flames have forced a busy interstate highway to be closed.

10. The flyover came down after heavy rains in a busy area of Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pradesh state.

state 英英释义


1. the way something is with respect to its main attributes

e.g. the current state of knowledge

his state of health

in a weak financial state

2. a politically organized body of people under a single government

e.g. the state has elected a new president

African nations

students who had come to the nation's capitol

the country's largest manufacturer

an industrialized land

Synonym: nationcountrylandcommonwealthres publicabody politic

3. the group of people comprising the government of a sovereign state

e.g. the state has lowered its income tax

4. the territory occupied by a nation

e.g. he returned to the land of his birth

he visited several European countries

Synonym: countryland

5. the territory occupied by one of the constituent administrative districts of a nation

e.g. his state is in the deep south

Synonym: province

6. a state of depression or agitation

e.g. he was in such a state you just couldn't reason with him

7. (chemistry) the three traditional states of matter are solids (fixed shape and volume) and liquids (fixed volume and shaped by the container) and gases (filling the container)

e.g. the solid state of water is called ice

Synonym: state of matter


1. put before

e.g. I submit to you that the accused is guilty

Synonym: submitput forwardposit

2. express in words

e.g. He said that he wanted to marry her

tell me what is bothering you

state your opinion

state your name

Synonym: saytell

3. indicate through a symbol, formula, etc.

e.g. Can you express this distance in kilometers?

Synonym: express