[英 [ˌri:ˌju:nɪfɪ'keɪʃn] 美 [ˌrijunəfəˈkeʃən] ]


reunification 基本解释

名词重新统一; 重新团结

reunification 网络解释

1. 统一:包括著名漫画家亚当斯(Scott Adams)的几个有名的漫画角色的Dilbert Google Doodle日,波普艺术(即大众艺术)大师安迪.沃霍尔(Andy Warhol)诞辰74周年日,德国统一(Reunification)纪念日日,毕加索(Pablo Picasso)诞辰121周年日,

2. 再统一:reune 重新聚会 | reunification 再统一 | reunify 重新统一


3. 重新统一; 重新团结 (名):retype 重打字 (动) | reunification 重新统一; 重新团结 (名) | reunify 使重新统一, 再联合, 再统一 (动)

reunification 双语例句

1. However, if a grave turn of events occurs leading to the separation of Taiwan from China in any name, or if Taiwan is invaded and occupied by foreign countries, or if the Taiwan authorities refuse, sine die, the peaceful settlement of cross-Straits reunification through negotiations, then the Chinese government will only be forced to adopt all drastic measures possible, including the use of force, to safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and fulfill the great cause of reunification.


2. At the same time for the development of votes 1: VAT invoices and customs payments of 2: invoices for the transport (road, river transport of goods for reunification of the invoice) 3: general (of goods, commercial, industrial, enterprise) for sales invoices 4:5 invoices for the advertising industry: other services for invoice 6: construction and installation special invoices 7: Motor vehicle sales, and other special invoices. Shun Chu: Regards!

同时优惠代开发票 1:增值税专用发票及海关缴款书 2:运输业专用发票(公路、内河统一货物运输专用发票) 3:普通(商品、商业、工业、企业)销售专用发票 4:广告业专用发票 5:其它服务业专用发票 6:建筑安装专用发票 7:机动车销售等专用发票。


3. A peaceful reunification requires cross-Straits consultations and negotiations and a broader room be given to them.



4. The one China principle is the basis and premise for developing cross-straits relations and promoting peaceful reunification of the motherland.


5. Following this, production companies to adhere to the principle of military products, Deutsche Bank is determined to build on the German reunification of the automobile industry Concerns.


6. The probability that China will involve in the local war in the foreseeable future should not be underestimated because of its great reunification undertaking unfinished and the anfractuosity of its political and military circumstance.


7. reunification

7. Gu of this conclusion, the reunification of the Chinese history on the origin of tea on a variety of things that are now accepted by the vast majority of scholars.


8. Han Yu has been Zhu Xi in the denial of reunification on the basis of ideological re-established pedigree of Confucian orthodoxy, his own Neo-Confucian orthodoxy placed in position.



9. Films, slides, sound recording, and other promotional efforts by the reunification of the tasks were in charge of audio-visual education tasks.



10. Up and down five thousand years of Chinese long history and an epoch-making from the Pangu, the Hsia, Shang and Zhou of slavery, from the Warring States to Qin Qi-Xiong Fengyun unified hegemony the world, hung from the door of the Palace Dinner straight desolate empire to fight the Huns, from the Three Kingdoms, Jin Dynasty, Genghis Khan riding the Southern and Northern Dynasties to the reunification of the vast desert territory, from the Ming and Qing's lonely proudly to the rise of the Chinese nation.


11. reunification的近义词

11. It's the time for reunification of China.


12. reunification的反义词

12. That is, we always follow the principle of peaceful reunification and one country, two systems.


13. Finally, i wish that we will see a peaceful reunification of all of China.


14. Do you think the reunification of Germany was a good thing?


15. He given to me a source of inspiration with the experience of the process of reunification.


16. To the Kangxi Emperor Chikamasa, make every effort in his determination to recover Taiwan, is his boldness and courage to complete the great cause of reunification.



17. Trial to:…… but by the opening of the relations between people on both sides of the first 26 out of a section 5 of the condition, the Liming Ding of pensions, in the reunification of the country not being dealt with before, the appellant is that pensions are already soldiers that sum of money Family of private property…….


18. Agitating to work a 35-hour week. Then the reunification of West and Easta drag on general economic activity.


19. In fact, one Fanhua insurance is not the start the final customer service, but serve the agents and brokers and other intermediaries of insurance practitioners, entrepreneurial team in the Fanhua insurance building on the platform of ready access to products, training, IT, financial, etc. Support Fanhua with the signing of the insurance company headquarters reunification of insurance products and can guarantee a high percentage of commission.


20. Stick to the pricinple of one China is the foundment and precondition of achieving peaceful reunification.


reunification 词典解释

1. 重新统一

The reunification of a country or city that has been divided into two or more parts for some time is the joining of it together again.

e.g. ...the reunification of East and West Beirut in 1991.


reunification 单语例句

1. But the family bonds represented by " blood " may not be enough by itself to achieve the reunification.

2. Premier Wen Jiabao yesterday called for the continued fight against " Taiwan independence " and efforts to advance the peaceful national reunification process.

3. Another non sequitur to the reunification issue is the carping of the disparity of wealth distribution in China.

4. Their entry symbolized a further " reunification of our European family ", said an enthusiastic European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

5. To realize and maintain national reunification is the common aspiration of all sons and daughters of the Chinese nation.

6. Peaceful reunification is the common will of the people across the Straits as well as all the Chinese people throughout the world.

7. The complete reunification of China represents the aspirations of the people and is a historical trend that no one and no force could stop.

8. It clearly defines that the realization of the national reunification by peaceful means best comply with the fundamental interests of compatriots across the Taiwan Straits.

9. It also decreases the cost and price of national reunification to the minimum level of nearly zero.

10. He was referring to Taiwan authorities'acquiring advanced weapons and potential armed resistance to peaceful reunification.

reunification 英英释义


1. the act of coming together again

e.g. monetary unification precipitated the reunification of the German state in October 1990

Synonym: reunion