[英 [rɪ'kaʊnt] 美 [rɪˈkaʊnt] ]


过去式:recounted;   过去分词:recounted;   现在分词:recounting;   复数形式:recounts;

recount 基本解释


及物动词重新计算; 详细叙述


recount 相关例句


1. recount

1. The cashier recounted the money made that day.


2. She recounted her sins.



1. The defeated candidate demanded a recount of the votes.


recount 网络解释

1. 伤害统计:2.仇恨统计:改用仇恨统计(KTM)的Illidanel修改版,该版本修正了绝大部分KTM统计错误的地方. 感谢Illidanel为之付出的辛勤劳动!4.伤害统计:伤害统计(Recount)升级至版本71617. 5.仇恨统计:升级仇恨统计(KTM)至版本21.14.

2. 统计插件:10,以前2.3版本的某些统计插件(RECOUNT)会出现把宠物认作坦克然后宠物dps统计乱掉的问题,也许已经修正了?--这个问题据8116推销员的说法,是已经修正了.

3. 选票风波:HBO电影频道投拍新片>(Recount),回顾了2000年美国总统大选阶段闹得天翻地覆的佛州计票风波. 影片剧本由曾出演和的演员丹尼斯特朗创作,故事从选举日当天发生的事说起,讲到五周后佛罗里达州最高法院做出裁决,

4. recount

4. 重新计票:迷你剧单元照例是HBO电视台年度盘点,今年是大选年,所以演绎政治风波的(Recount)有加分,(_you3 jia1 fen1 _)凯文 斯帕西这种级别的电影演员屈尊小屏幕,还有加分.

recount 双语例句

1. The article writes freely at will, full of vigor, recount the dint to avoid even spread to keep the xu, communicate officially to jump up to tremble to move much, the details is breathtaking and suspicious but again not disobey the reason, open up the jing to build the idea, beg intentionally lately.



2. After more violent protests in Moldova, the government began a recount of the disputed parliamentary election, won by the ruling Communists.


3. With them that soul will freely converse, and will recount unto them that which it hath been made to endure in the path of God, the Lord of all worlds.


4. Having an addon to keep track of your DPS can be handy, with Recount and Skada being the standard DPS display addons these days.


5. recount的意思

5. And while spending their time in luxury and pleasure, they sent out in their stead ignorant men, who could only recount marvelous tales, legends, and jests to amuse the people and make them still more completely the dupes of the monks.


6. What's more important is that there were two Chen Shans in Southern Song Dynasty. Thus when we recount Chen Shan, the author of MenShi XinHua, we often mix him with another Chen Shan, the author of XuePeng Yehua, thereby causing many inconvenience and regrets to the readers.


7. recount的解释

7. After listening to Lhotse recount the failed uprising, Mr. Thondup responded with a proposition.


8. I will recount to thee all my years in the bitterness of my soul.


9. The electoral commission has rightly rejected calls for a total recount but should allow limited ones in particular localities if there is plain evidence of wrongdoing.


10. The word of sweet meaning of that tender feelings is to be in recount: A beauty at flower delicate and charming, light mist is confused free, the good evening of moonlight gland Long, go trysting beau.



11. Should I wish to declare or tell them, too many are they to recount.


12. recount什么意思

12. Yes, my tongue shall recount your justice day by day. For those who sought my ruin will have been shamed and disgraced.


13. The creation of life was a recount of the nonphysical forces ensouling humans incubated in spacecraft laboratories and then placed upon Earth to see if they would survive.


14. Also, we believe that we will respect the results of the recount.


15. And I think we are entitled to a speedy and fair recount.


16. There is a better reason to expect a recount.



17. Make sure a fitting description directions, select by examinations a satisfied description person to carry on a story to relate with a best description angle of view, is 《our humble soul》 recount last important strategy originally in the text.


18. I will tell you; hear me; And what I have seen, that will I recount

15:17 我指示你,你要听我;我所看见的,我要述说

19. The words, i can hardly remember and won`t try to recount, but his face..


20. recount的解释

20. No need to recount your life history.


recount 词典解释The verb is pronounced /rɪ'kaʊnt/. The noun is pronounced /'riːkaʊnt/. 动词读作/rɪ'kaʊnt/。名词读作/'riːkaʊnt/。

1. 讲述;描述;描绘

If you recount a story or event, you tell or describe it to people.

e.g. He then recounted the story of the interview for his first job...


e.g. He recounted how heavily armed soldiers forced him from the presidential palace.


2. (选举中的)重新计票,重新点票

A recount is a second count of votes in an election when the result is very close.

e.g. She wanted a recount. She couldn't believe that I had got more votes than her.


recount 单语例句

1. Polls show that while slightly more than half the country thinks Calderon won cleanly, more than a third believe there was fraud and half want a recount.

2. Gore won the popular vote in 2000 but lost the White House when the Supreme Court halted a recount of the Florida vote.

3. So far, judges and court officials haven't said which party is winning the recount.

4. The adviser said that Allen was disinclined to request a recount if the final vote spread was similar to that of election night.

5. The electoral court has until August 31 to decide on the recount, meaning the deadlock could drag on for at least another month.

6. " It has been clarified there was no discrepancy in the election results, " the council said after the recount.

7. Bush, who captured Florida and its electoral votes after a divided Supreme Court ended the recount.

8. Taiwan's opposition planned to file a petition Monday asking courts for an immediate recount of the " president election " votes.

9. He said he was willing to see a recount and expected a clear result from the shooting probe.

10. There are so many fascinating tales to recount from the book that it's best for the reader to learn more by reading the novel.

recount的翻译recount 英英释义



1. an additional (usually a second) count

especially of the votes in a close election


1. count again

e.g. We had to recount all the votes after an accusation of fraud was made

2. narrate or give a detailed account of

e.g. Tell what happened

The father told a story to his child

Synonym: tellnarraterecite