[英 [ˈpɜ:pəs] 美 [ˈpɜ:rpəs] ]


过去式:purposed;   过去分词:purposed;   现在分词:purposing;   复数形式:purposes;

purpose 基本解释


名词目的; 意志; 作用; (进行中的)行动

及物动词有意; 打算; 企图(做); 决意(做)

purpose 相关词组

1. on purpose : 故意;

2. with the purpose of : 为了...;

3. in purpose : 故意地;

4. to the purpose : 与本题有关地, 得要领地, 合适地;

purpose 相关例句


1. He purposes to visit Taipei.



2. I purpose coming next week.



1. What is the purpose of his visit?


2. The purpose of a trap is to catch and hold animals.


3. purpose是什么意思

3. What is your purpose in doing that?


purpose 情景对话


A:Would you mind telling me the purpose of your visit to the U.K.?


B:I am here to study at a university.


A:May I see your passport?


B:Of course, here you are.



A:Would you please open the suitcase? What are these?


B:They are Chinese medicine. Some pills only.



A:Are they gifts for friends?



B:Oh, no. They are for my own use.


A:Could you tell me the ingredients?


B:They are made of herbs.



A:Youve traveled abroad a lot, Jim, so would you like to tell me something about clearing customs.


B:When you arrive in a country, you clear customs. A lot of countries have two channels: the green channel and the red channel. Some countries, like India, have three channels: the white channel, the green channel and the red channel.


A:Then what are the differences between the green channel and red channel?


B:If you have more than the duty-free allowances or prohibited goods, you go through the red channel and declare them to a customs officer. If you otherwise have nothing to declare, you go straight through the green channel unless you are asked to stop by an officer. 如果你携带的东西超出免税的范围或属于禁带物品,你


A:I see.Im told that well have to state the purpose of going to a certain country, is it true?


B:Thats right. People go aboard for different purposes: some for pleasure, some on vacation, some on business, and some for other purposes.


A:Im going to New Zealand for sightseeing. What should I say if they ask about my purpose?


B:Just saying sightseeing is OK.


purpose 双语例句

1. purpose的反义词

1. The panel of judges poured over a random assortment of drooling, grunting canines with a much different purpose than their Westminster Kennel Club counterparts.


2. Purpose: To study and improve the clinical diagnosis and treatment level of aldosteronoma.


3. purpose是什么意思

3. Champa Dorje boarded the shuttle and said to them, Usually, when we`re out and about they don`t dare present a plea. They don`t know which lama can help them with their problems. At the same time, we don`t like to show ourselves on purpose.


4. To provide timely, quality products, continuous research and development of new products, good after-sales service, in close cooperation with the users of products to solve the relevant technical problems, so that new products Refractories bring economic benefits to users, the enterprise has always been the operating principle of, Is also the purpose of business.


5. And the purpose about all of this is to show a historical background for the study.


6. The purpose of this article is to tell the students how to develop good study habits.


7. purpose的翻译

7. Purpose of this article is to tell the students how to develop good study habits.


8. Although the tradition is multilayerly, the basic one is to dig its sediment, guide the direction and enforce it to dash against the great tide of the world along its own purpose------but not melt itself in the tide.



9. For verification purpose, we construct a linear edge perfect dislocation with Burgers vector b=[110]/2 and a partial dislocation ring with b= [112]/6 in FCC copper.


10. purpose

10. For the purpose of environment protection and stable development of agricultural production, multi goal management model was put forword.


11. The Company to the quality of survival, reputation and development to serve the purpose.


12. purpose

12. The company to quality survival, for the purpose of customer satisfaction.


13. The company has first-class management system and marketing network, the company adhere to the purpose of customer service.


14. We adhere to the purpose of customers first, quality first and quality services to meet customers needs.



15. Don't you know that you were each made for a special purpose, unique and different Join hands with one another and come to me.


16. Ritualized - A behavior that once served its own purpose but has come to act as a signal about that purpose is said to have become ritualized.

仪式 -一种行为,一旦自己的目的服务,但到了作为一个信号,目的是说,这已成为仪式。

17. The function of military aircraft export trade is gradually changed from servicing the national political purpose to servicing the national economical construction.


18. The purpose of this optimization model is to improve the cost of one-dimensional cutting-stock problem.


19. purpose的意思

19. How to extend such an environment to general purpose is a main topic of this thesis.


20. Q7A states in Section 8.4 that out-of-spec batches should not be blended with other batches for the purpose of meeting specifications.

答:Q7A 指南在第8.4 部分说,超标批次不能和其他批次混粉来达到符合规格标准的目的。

purpose 词典解释

1. 意义;用途

The purpose of something is the reason for which it is made or done.


e.g. The purpose of the occasion was to raise money for medical supplies...


e.g. Various insurance schemes already exist for this purpose.


2. 目标;目的

Your purpose is the thing that you want to achieve.

e.g. They might well be prepared to do you harm in order to achieve their purpose...


e.g. His purpose was to make a profit by improving the company's performance.


3. 意志;毅力;决心

Purpose is the feeling of having a definite aim and of being determined to achieve it.

e.g. The teachers are enthusiastic and have a sense of purpose.


4. see also: cross-purposes

5. 实际上

You use for all practical purposes or to all intents and purposes to suggest that a situation is not exactly as you describe it, but the effect is the same as if it were.


e.g. For all practical purposes the treaty has already ceased to exist...


e.g. To all intents and purposes the case was closed.


6. 特意地;故意地;有意地

If you do something on purpose, you do it intentionally.

e.g. Was it an accident or did David do it on purpose?


purpose 单语例句

1. The purpose of this form of business is to encourage investors to invest without risking more than the capital they have contributed.

2. The regulations define that any act of using the IPRs for commercial purpose without authorization constitutes wrongdoing.

3. By whatever means, their sole purpose is to cover the truth and eliminate any potentially unfavourable reporting.

4. CAAC attributed the incident largely to some pilots of CEA's Yunnan branch, saying they had ignored the passengers'interests and disrupted the flights on purpose.

5. The main purpose of the initial image was to calibrate the camera.

6. The purpose of the firing was to calibrate the CIWS radar tracking system to ensure accuracy.

7. It was later revealed that she had not raised anywhere close to this amount at a party she held in Cannes for the purpose.

8. Other products that can be used for the same purpose carry a price of about 300 yuan on the open market.

9. Some critics say such expensive training is actually aimed at cashing in on women's wealth and vanity and serves no real purpose.

10. The purpose of the mobile hospital is to support destroyed medical facilities in times of catastrophe such as the Sichuan quake.

purpose是什么意思purpose 英英释义


1. the quality of being determined to do or achieve something

firmness of purpose

e.g. his determination showed in his every movement

he is a man of purpose

Synonym: determination

2. what something is used for

e.g. the function of an auger is to bore holes

ballet is beautiful but what use is it?

Synonym: functionroleuse

3. an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions

e.g. his intent was to provide a new translation

good intentions are not enough

it was created with the conscious aim of answering immediate needs

he made no secret of his designs

Synonym: intentintentionaimdesign


1. reach a decision

e.g. he resolved never to drink again

Synonym: resolve

2. propose or intend

e.g. I aim to arrive at noon

Synonym: aimpurportpropose