[英 ['lu:kju:breɪt] 美 [ˈlukjʊˌbret] ]


过去式:lucubrated;   过去分词:lucubrated;   现在分词:lucubrating;

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不及物动词(尤指挑灯)攻读[写作]; 把心得书写成文


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1. This article curt research on all one's life and stories of the 29 successful candidates of the Hui of the State and County that is under the jurisdiction of Shuntian and Zhili in the period of Ming and Qing, and emphases provides basis that they are the Hui and clue that farther lucubrate.

本文简略考证了明清时期顺天府、直隶所属州县 29位回族进士的生平、事迹,重点提供了他们为回族的根据,以为进一步深入研究的线索。

2. So it is of great importance to lucubrate information algorithm.


3. With the fast development of embedded system, it becomes an important question for us to lucubrate on embedded operating system.


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4. Based on this subject, this paper lucubrate the UWB pulse characteristics.


5. With the development of national economy and the increasing of national power, many advanced science experimentation had been done more and more lucubrate.


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6. To summarize all the research content mentioned above and indicate the problems to be solved further with lucubrate direction.


7. In order to assist stock investors to make reasonable decision, it's required to lucubrate on association rules analysis.


8. Ami at them, lucubrate Student education and management of the.


9. lucubrate

9. The study of Chinese directors in Shanghai foreign enterprises provides us the particular angle to lucubrate the process and character of Shanghai modernization.


10. According to above theory, I survey the present domestic viscose short filament industry, lucubrate some aspects of the Aoyang technology Ltd., which is developing course, professional status, the opportunity and threat of the competitive environment. Ultimately I have formed the exterior matrix and internal matrix accurately.


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11. Water conveyance capacity of water transfer project from Yellow River to Tinjin need to lucubrate, because it come down to setting down water transfer scheme in reason.


12. Complex cross-feed and parallel-feed multi-evaporation systems for conventional design was first established to lucubrate on disciplinarian and influential factors of multi-evaporation. In this model, the energy-saving measures, such as extra steam being led off to preheat material liquid, the condensation water flash and solution flash, were adopted. The solid separation was also considered in the process of evaporation and solution flash.


13. The text aims at the deoxygenize tache of the boiler, in understanding foundation of provide the hot steam boiler craft process, lucubrate the mechanism of the PID control project, put forward a control project for three deoxygenize implement net to circulate, and carry on the engineering design, include the meter`s type choose, install a request, the circuit design, the hardware design and the software design.


14. Starting with the change of accepters` aesthetic characteristics, I lucubrate the essential result of media culture and enter into the arising mechanism on the medium how to influent literature.


15. Therefore, the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure is impending. The basis for the adjustment and optimization is the systemic analysis and evaluation of the industrial structure and its development. The above is the background of this paper. According to the theory of industrial structure, I lucubrate the industrial structure of Hulunbeir. I make both theoretical discussion and empirical analysis, including qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. I expound the evolution regularity and characteristics and anatomy the current status of the industrial structure. We apply the SSM model to each industrial branches and obtain an assessment about their benefits and competency among the same industrial branch of the Inter Mongolian Autonomous Region. Especially I focus on the secondary industrial structure, make systemic analysis of the second industry, and synthetically review of the developmental status of supporting secondary industry. I apply the DEA model to the supporting secondary industry and obtain its relative efficiency. Thus I find some problems, which need to be adjusted. Based on the clear acquirement of the industrial structure, I put forward some suggestions about the direction and strategy of Hulunbeir`s industrial structure adjustment. Also my paper can be used as the fundament for further research on the adjustment and optimization of Hulunbeir`s industrial structure.


16. At the same time, we make lucubrate for this model, for example cuting sections and inquiring different stratums, so as to realize the visualization of the deeper geology which can reflact the depth of the coal、distributing of the stratum and so on. At last, through our works upwords, it proves that the concluded method and actualize course for 3D Geosciences modelling of the su***ce coal mines is feasible. And the 3D Geosciences modelling for the southern part of HuoLinhe su***ce coal mine which is built in the guidance of these ideology is useful and practical. and further study can be made based on this model, also it is usefull for the production and design for the southern part of HuoLinhe su***ce coal mine.


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17. In the study of frequency modulation ranging radar, we lucubrate the way of range acquisition by changing modulate cycle and design the practical circuit.


18. On the basis of analyzing roundly the actual status and development trend of wastewater minimization we lucubrate the process integration techniques of wastewater minimization in detail to direct the water saving and pollution reducing of process industries in theory.


19. In this paper, we summarize the development on GIS Network Analysis, synthesize the Yangtze DSS project and lucubrate the simulation of drainage basin with GIS Network Analysis;


20. Then the thesis lucubrate the arithmetic of boiler drum water level and steam pressure.


lucubrate 英英释义


1. add details, as to an account or idea

clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing

e.g. She elaborated on the main ideas in her dissertation

Synonym: elaborateexpatiateexpositenlargeflesh outexpandexpounddilate