[英 [ˌɪnstəˈbɪləti] 美 [ˌɪnstəˈbɪlɪti] ]



instability 基本解释

名词不稳定,不稳固; 不坚决,反复无常; 基础薄弱

instability 网络解释

1. 不稳定性:包括法术(spell)和魔法武器(magic weapon) 散兵 不稳定性(instability):所有恶魔单位的士气以稳定值取代,

2. instability什么意思

2. 失稳:承受外压载荷的壳体,当外压载荷增大到某一值时,壳体会突然失去原来的形状,被压扁或出现波纹,载荷卸去后,壳体不能恢复原状,这种现象称为外压壳体的屈曲(buckling)或失稳(instability).

instability 双语例句

1. Moreover, sacrectomy may cause pelvic instability that may necessitate additional surgery.


2. Moreoer, sacrectomy may cause pelic instability that may necessitate additional surgery.


3. instability

3. While shown to be curative, total sacrectomy can produce large osseous and soft tissue defects that lead to vertical and rotational instability, necessitating reconstructive surgery.


4. While shown to be curatie, total sacrectomy can produce large osseous and soft tissue defects that lead to ertical and rotational instability, necessitating reconstructie surgery.


5. China's economy suffered due to political instability and the conditions in Beijing's hutongs deteriorated.


6. In the past few months, instability has r oil ed Tibet and Tibetan-inhabited areas.


7. instability

7. Objective:To explore the clinical efficacy of single cage plus unilateral pedicle screw placement for the treatment of lumbar degenerative instability.


8. Methods:Twenty four pig's thoracolumber spine were taken to imitate most severe injury of anterior two column instability. Biomechanical testings of stability were performed in axial compression, laterial-bending and rotation by recording strain and displacement or angle on the loading side and axial extraction forces of each pedicle screw internal fixation systems:DICK, AF, RF, CYL.


9. Using the PSU/NCAR MM5, control and dry experiment for the explosive cyclone process of 19th to 21st December in 1981 over the Western Pacific are performed. The results show that the tropopause and isothermal surfaces were raised by latent heat release in the upper level, and the disturbance trough was formed at the upper level: due to the adiabetic cooling of the ascending flow. Its adaption process resulted in the inertial instability in the upper level.

利用PSU/NCAR MM5模式对1981年12月19日20时-21日20时一次太平洋西部气旋强烈爆发过程进行干过程和控制过程对比数值模拟试验,得出:潜热释放使对流层顶和等温面抬高,气流在高层上升冷却形成扰动槽,其适应过程使高层出现惯性不稳定。

10. It was confirmed that the critical velocity for the onset of shear instability of particle was consistent with that for particle deposition.


11. So when the work of the poor, which would create a unijunction transistor pulse frequency instability (signal is taken from the CFA BG2 electrode voltage), main circuit operating voltage is unstable and the motor speed.



12. Dealers cure fire opal by drying it before cutting to make sure that any instability can be eliminated.


13. For instance, we obtained the existence and uniqueness theorem and several judgement theorems on stability and instability for several types of nonlinear singular systems. Using Z-transformation, we estabilished the response formula of discrete singular systems with delay, and obtained the sufficient and necessary condition of rearchability.


14. instability

14. The association scheme of Fuzzy control and Classical PID and cross decouping control was proposed on the strong nonlinear and Gyro effective and instability of AMB-high speed and large inertial moment Flywheel rotor system of magnetically suspended control moment gyro for attitude control of spacecraft. At the same time, the problem caused by nonlinear in high speed and large inertial moment rotor system was studied.


15. instability

15. Three-dimensional parallel computation of laser ablative Rayleigh-Taylor instability.


16. instability的意思

16. The hunger, disease, and death resulting from poor food and nutrition create social and political instability.


17. Objective To investigate the mechanism of colles fracture in combination with carpal joint instability and its prevention and treatment.


18. Also, this paper suggests the curves of the real and imaginary parts of the first three order dimensionless complex frequencies varying with dimensionless flow speed in the case of different dimensionless delay time s and mass ratio and obtain the range of dimensionless speed of the occurrence of divergence instability and coupled-mode flutter of the cylinde.


19. One, the events of the first seven years of the 21st century foreshadow a long period of instability.


20. Of what has happened and have suffered considerably as a result of the instability of the financial markets.


instability 词典解释

1. 不稳定(性);不稳固(性)

Instability is the quality of being unstable.

e.g. ...unpopular policies, which resulted in social discontent and political instability.


e.g. ...Caligula's inherent mental instability...


instability 单语例句instability是什么意思

1. The possibility of social instability is becoming real as the housing and related land issues worsen by the day.

2. Their actions did not effectively promote development of the real economy and caused financial instability.

3. Nelson said greater candour by China about its defence plans could " prevent misunderstandings and instability in the region ".

4. Big imbalances now in global trade and capital flows might portend deeper instability.

5. Price instability could mean social unrest and this is what China and its central bankers will be fighting strongly against.

6. The criminal tried to make up for the family's loss with compensation, which could alleviate the social instability or conflict.

7. Italy has been in years of political instability due to its complex electoral system, with 61 governments in place since the end of World War II.

8. Wolfowitz drew parallels between Iraq and African countries like Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo where the bank has projects despite political instability.

9. Ecuador defeated Costa Rica and Poland to advance to the World Cup second round, sparking massive celebrations in a country deeply divided by political instability and poverty.

10. A complete ban on begging could lead to potential social instability and run counter to the principle of urban harmony and development.

instability在线翻译instability 英英释义



1. the quality or attribute of being unstable and irresolute

Synonym: unstableness

2. unreliability attributable to being unstable

3. an unstable order

4. a lack of balance or state of disequilibrium

e.g. a hormonal imbalance

Synonym: imbalanceunbalance