[英 [ˈgræfɪk] 美 [ˈɡræfɪk] ]



graphic 基本解释

形容词图解的,用图表示的; 用文字表示的; 形象的,生动的

graphic 网络解释

1. graphic的近义词

1. 图形:媒体(medium)在计算机领域有图形 图形(Graphic)一般指用计算机绘图像 图像(Image)是指由输入设备捕捉的音频 数字音频(Audio)可分为波形声音方面. 采样频率(sampling rate)是将模拟例如,数字激光唱盘(CD-DA)的标的速率(fps)连续地投射在屏幕上,

2. 图:表7 绘图(graphic)科目的绘图题(vignettes)时间限制图3 基地计划 (Site Planning)科目考试流程图4 建筑计划(Building Planning)科目考试流程图5 建筑技术(Building Technology)科目考试流程为因应NCARB所属会员及加拿大省公会等大范围之考试,

3. 平面设计:我们致力于在品牌形象(Brand Visual Identity)、广告策划(Advertising)、平面设计(graphic)、市场促销(promotion)及产品设计(Products design)等方面紧密配合,用丰富的创意语言为企业品牌形象进行卓有成效的全方位塑造与提升.

4. graphic:graphic character; 图形字符

graphic 双语例句

1. The following are the main works of this thesis: For a machine, the degree of complexity of its running condition directly corresponds to its dynamic behaviour. To evaluate the degree of complexity of running condition, Chapter 2 proposes two methods: qualitative graphic method --recurrence plot and quantitative estimation criterion.


2. Best Calc highlightsLarge display with lots of graphic indicatorsPrecedence mode - to reduce entering parenthesis (e. g. 2+2-2=6)Operations and conversions can be performed in binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal formCalculate basic arithmetic functionsCalculate the root, square root or cube root of a numberRaise to power functionsLogarithmic and exponent functionsCalculate sine, cosine, tangent, arc sine, arc cosine or arc tangentCalculate in degrees, radians or grads, mil, revDisplays results in normal, scientific, or fix modeMemory operations Call last result functionOperations with big and small numbers are supported (up to ten in 308th power or ten in minus 308th power)and much more to explore!

最佳钙highlightsLarge模式显示indicatorsPrecedence与大量的图形-减少输入括号(如2 +2-2 = 6)业务和十进制的转换,可进行二进制,八进制,和十六进制formCalculate基本算术functionsCalculate根,平方根或多维数据集的numberRaise根电源functionsLogarithmic和指数functionsCalculate正弦,余弦,正切,圆弧正弦,余弦弧或弧tangentCalculate度数,弧度或梯度,密尔,revDisplays结果正常,科学化,或修复modeMemory行动电话与大,小号码的最后结果functionOperations支持(最多10个在零下308电源或功率10 308)以及更多探索!

3. Over and over again Sister White gave graphic descriptions of the incredible falling away after the crunch of persecution develops.



4. This year he has duelled pianos with Herbie Hancock at the Grammys, and has worked with Adidas to make a training shoe that has his name in Chinese written on the side, and a piano pedal graphic on the insole.

今年,他在格莱美上与Herbie Hancock表演了双人钢琴,还与Adidas合作推出了一款运动鞋,在鞋子上有他的中文签名,在鞋垫上有钢琴踏板的图样。

5. It preserves files into the popular graphic format, and the recorded trailercan be read by practically any videoplayer.


6. The so-called glass edge side-to-edge of the screen printing is the business card printing and membership card production network version of the graphic than glass contour around even larger, Business card printing and membership card making squeege the glass business card printing and membership card making, ink plate ink absorption of monlchamus before the use of computers will stencil than glass around major envirogluvtm suck, in order to impress a piece of glass does not monochamus in the glass around product, thereby realizing the glass edge-to-edge business card printing and membership card.


7. Blade is the first transition of a comic/graphic novel into an action based series.


8. At first, templet file of TIFF grayscale image was made with general graphic software, then, templet file was copied and modified, grayscale scenographs was obtained.


9. It isconsisted of four parts: programmable input channel, host microcomputer, hi-gh resolution graphic display CRT terminal and hard copy peripherals (lineprinter and X-Y plotter).


10. The main cause of the internal market on the one hand is on the flexographic business card printing and membership card acceptance made should be strengthened; on the other hand, has always been foreign to the packaging design is simple, to enhance the Visual impact of the line, but in Taiwan, large packages with spot color and graphic design view.


11. Graphic arts is an essential part of visual communication.


12. For this reason, and also due to the low number of graphic processors HD 2900 XT the life cycle of this card will be limited to one block.


13. I'm Alvaro Guzman from Bolivia, Web developer and Graphic designer.

我叫Alvaro Guzman,从事网站开发和图形设计的工作。

14. List of services: Game Art Design: characters, scenes, publicity illustrations Traditional Art and Design: web, software interface, UI icons, graphic design, LOGO, mascot designs and so on.


15. Blockbanners, graphic ads, slide-in ads and even Sponsored Search Listings that appear mixed in with Websearches on all of the most popular search engines.

可以拦截标识,图形广告,内部滚动广告,甚至混合出现在大多数流行的搜索引擎的网络搜索的 Sponsored Search Listing 当中的广告。

16. It with other graphic arts performance means both similarities, it also has its own laws of art.


17. The cherry blossom is famous in Japanese poetry, in prose, and in most of the graphic arts.


18. China's traditional graphic arts and has a long history, the development of which has over thousands of years of history.


19. graphic的近义词

19. Create the image for your font - open your graphic's software (ie Fireworks, Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro).

创建字体图像——打开图片制作软件(比如:Fireworks、Photoshop或者 Paint Shop Pro)。

20. graphic是什么意思

20. Lost'premiered in 2004 with a two-part pilot episode that featured the graphic wreckage of Oceanic flight 815 after it crashed en route from Sydney to Los Angeles.


graphic 词典解释

1. (对令人不快之事的描述)形象的,具体的,活灵活现的

If you say that a description or account of something unpleasant is graphic, you are emphasizing that it is clear and detailed.

e.g. The descriptions of sexual abuse are graphic.


e.g. ...graphic scenes of drug taking.



Here, graphically displayed, was confirmation of the entire story.


2. 绘画的;绘图的;图像的

Graphic means concerned with drawing or pictures, especially in publishing, industry, or computing.


e.g. ...fine and graphic arts.


3. 绘画;(尤指出版、工业或计算机领域的)制图,图形设计

Graphics is the activity of drawing or making pictures, especially in publishing, industry, or computing.

e.g. ...a computer manufacturer which specialises in graphics.


4. 绘画作品;图表;图样

Graphics are drawings and pictures that are composed using simple lines and sometimes strong colours.

e.g. The articles are noticeably shorter with strong headlines and graphics...


e.g. The Agriculture Department today released a new graphic to replace the old symbol.


graphic 单语例句

1. The graphic book by the Japanese illustrator offers warm and fuzzy stories of living alone in a city.

2. In contrast, cigarette packs in Canada bear graphic pictures of cancerous tumours and diseased gums.

3. Prints and graphic motifs popped up all over, with cheery floral patterns the most ubiquitous.

4. Freelance graphic designer Michelle Leong bought her first cheongsam when she was 23.

5. But the company took a hit after its questionable acquisition of graphic chip maker ATI in 2006 and a major product gaffe.

6. The company has frequently caused anger by graphic sexual displays in its advertising, including showing Father Christmas in sadomasochistic poses with his elves.

7. Open title next week, she'll be wearing tennis dresses decorated with graphic interpretations of the cityscape on the chest.

8. The only way to get the key is to solve a Captcha, a graphic with a combination of numbers embedded in it.

9. The audience can explore the designers'individual concepts concerning environmental protection, and witness the best and emerging creations of Japanese graphic design and illustration.

10. SAN FRANCISCO - Disturbing graphic contents like pornographic pictures and mutilates animal images are spreading across Facebook on Tuesday in a likely widespread spam attack.