[英 [ɪmˈbɑ:k] 美 [ɪmˈbɑ:rk] ]


过去式:embarked;   过去分词:embarked;   现在分词:embarking;

embark 基本解释

不及物动词上飞机,上船; 着手,从事

及物动词使…上船或飞机; 使从事,使着手; 投资于


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1. He embarked his fortune in trade.


2. We are already embarked on a new course.


3. The ship embarked passengers and cargo.



1. embark

1. We embarked on a cruiser.


2. embark的反义词

2. They embarked on a campaign to get people to vote.



3. We embarked at Liverpool for New York.


embark 网络解释


1. 乘船; 从事,著手:embargo 禁止入港,禁止,阻碍 | embark 乘船; 从事,著手 | embarrass 使困窘,使局促不安

2. embark

2. 上船:embark on 从事 | embark 上船 | embarkation 装载

3. 乘船:accuse 控告,责备 | embark 乘船 | retain 保留,保持

4. 开始、登上:original 最初的、原创的 | embark 开始、登上 | abroad 到国外

embark 双语例句

1. This tells us, Shi Aibing is not blind, but is should embark from student`s reality, achieves teaches students in accordance with their aptitude, because the human executes the love, only then can receive the proper effect.


2. To meet the challenge of feeding about 22% of the world`s population on 7% of the world`s land, China had only one avenue open to embark on a most ambitious program of chemical fertilizer production and use.


3. Main experienced cursive of the calligraphy achievement of WangDuo up, its running script word goes the size wrong fall, and connecting to embark on a journey, in bouncing rhythm, or so rise and fall, as if inebriate the fairy to practise fencing; Its cursive since to heart's content and calm and steady, accept to put from such as; Its formal script sees not much, but the formal script absorbed the other characters, melting the meeting its book to the character of the ego to make in, formation the appearance of the oneself.


4. At a time of civil-service cuts and state-firm closures, such people are unlikely to embark on a lavish spending-spree.


5. Embark on spectacular siege battles as huge armies and fearsome siege machines rumble into action.


6. To 32 proportions, the zinc base alloy +ABS engineering plastics material quality, the vehicle door may open, light and rear light when vehicle advance or backlash can shine, the ultra cruel wristwatch remote control, the unique multi-purpose automobile booth, brings the demonstration lamp, under the demonstration pattern, the booth can revolve, demonstrated the lantern festival illuminates on the booth the automobile body, just like the vehicle to unfold is same, under the charge pattern, in the booth 65th battery can set in 10 minutes the vehicle in the NI-MH battery to fill, after takes down the vehicle, uses the wristwatch remote control to be allowed to embark!



7. Southlake 1921 club in South lake creates a water shore wedding for you with meticulous care The willow of the beauty, build the saint palace of your wedding; Very green lawn, become your romantic nuptial chamber; Ladle up one water of the lake, dress up the beautiful bride; Embark that long boat, leave the most beautiful memory for the love.



8. But what new talent is going to want to embark on a sinking ship?


9. embark是什么意思

9. A memo published in Britain by the Times, if authentic, shows Iran in 2007 about to embark on a four-year set of experiments, picking up on related past work, to develop a neutron initiator, or bomb trigger, containing uranium deuteride, or UD3 (a compound used by Pakistan in its bombs).


10. A memo published in Britain by theTimes, if authentic, shows Iran in 2007 about to embark on a four-year set of experiments, picking up on related past work, to develop a neutron initiator, or bomb trigger, containing uranium deuteride, or UD3 (a compound used by Pakistan in its bombs).


11. And he told me with that wonderful smile that lights up his face, and we were thinking about the significance of what we were to embark on for the last two days.


12. I can't wait to embark on my own career, she said.


13. embark什么意思

13. In Lent we embark on a journey of dying and rising with our Lord Jesus Christ.


14. embark的近义词

14. The paper forms the development from the settlement the region natural history cultural context to embark, analyzed the dike sub- settlement to form the development with emphasis the process and the type, studied constituted the dike sub- settlement space shape the settlement overall layout, the dike sub- shape, the streets and alleys space, the building shape as well as with the settlement tradition life between relations, and the union dike sub- settlement present situation characteristic and the existence question, the discussion settlement style protection and the renewal measure and the method, were for the purpose of promoting traditional settlement characteristic continuing.


15. Companies rely on strong global Chinese community network operators, and thoughtful customer service capacity and improve technical support and support for capacity, rain-long science and technology will in the future of globalization and embark on a road of their own.


16. embark的翻译

16. However, setting up an ostrich farm isn`t something to embark on lightly.


17. In the press conference, the spokesman said China had decided to embark on a batch of key programs for modernization.


18. Our country`s auto selling service enterprise must embark from this enterprise`s actual situation, studies the market thoroughly the new characteristic, and choose the best way to develop the marketing stratedy.


19. embark的近义词

19. The article reorganizes, the vertical volume filing-up, the file from the school register file's collection to pass on and to use the question which emphatically four aspects manage exist to embark certainly, and put forward the consummation school register records management work proposal.


20. Based on this judge, Ji Xianlin detailed analysis of Western culture is to embark on the causes of an impasse in its analysis of the academic framework and principles of its relief For the poor, while others inevitably have to seek the East that China's comprehensive methods and principles.


embark 词典解释

1. 着手;开始做

If you embark on something new, difficult, or exciting, you start doing it.


e.g. He's embarking on a new career as a writer...


e.g. The government embarked on a programme of radical economic reform.


2. 登(船);上(船)

When someone embarks on a ship, they go on board before the start of a journey.

e.g. They travelled to Portsmouth, where they embarked on the battle cruiser HMS Renown...


e.g. Bob ordered brigade HQ to embark.



Embarkation was scheduled for just after 4 pm.

计划下午4点一过即登船。embark 单语例句

1. High investment returns from purchasing stakes in commercial banks has prompted energy companies to embark on a buying spree.

2. A piano formally owned by John Lennon is set to embark on a peace tour organised by singer George Michael.

3. During its stay, 13 team members will embark for China by plane.

4. You've been seeking a possible career change and daydreaming of taking decisive action, but today won't be the best day to embark down that path.

5. That's why I decided to embark on a cigar crash course, learning what makes Cubans some of the finest cigars in the world.

6. Creating the legal environment for putting the strategic deposits into economic circulation will embark a great development era in our country.

7. Zhou said Hunan will embark on a campaign to clean up pollution in the Xiangjiang River and Dongting Lake regions.

8. This institution is a solid platform for USP to begin cooperation with Chinese universities, as tertiary institutions embark on cooperating with their overseas counterparts.

9. Zinedine Zidane said he was coping well with life outside soccer and had no immediate plans to embark on a coaching career.

10. It also is a requisite if China is to stop copying and embark more fully on innovative projects and businesses.

embark的解释embark 英英释义


1. set out on (an enterprise or subject of study)

e.g. she embarked upon a new career

Synonym: enter

2. go on board

Synonym: ship

3. proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers

e.g. We ventured into the world of high-tech and bought a supercomputer

Synonym: venture