[英 [ɪˈfɪʃnsi] 美 [ɪˈfɪʃənsi] ]



efficiency 基本解释

名词功效; 效率,效能; 实力,能力; [物]性能


efficiency 相关例句


1. efficiency的意思

1. Friction lowers the efficiency of a machine.


2. efficiency

2. These machines have increased our work efficiency many times.


efficiency 网络解释

1. 有效性:不强制使用l 功能性(functionality)l 可靠性(reliability)l 可用性(usability)l 有效性(efficiency)l 可维护性(maintainability)l 轻便性(portability)黑盒测试主要是根据程序的有关功能规格说明和覆盖准则来设计测试用例,

2. 效能:Cerosys 的运行模式 零缺陷运行系统的过程模式 Cerosys 是文化-效能-关系的运行系统的缩写,简称为零缺陷运行系统.其中,CER 分 别是指文化(Culture) ,效能(Efficiency)和关系(Relation) .文化包括企业战略目标 和文化的范围;

efficiency 双语例句

1. Experimental results have proved that the complete technology of CWS combustion can reach a sound calcining efficiency and energy saving effect. Especially, they can solve the air pollution of the ceramic roller kiln successfully.


2. However, the efficiency of nitrogen decreased with the increase of nitrogen (from middle N level to high N level).


3. The installation can improve device operation efficiency, clear power energy, protect machines and decrease faults and costs.


4. New craft liquor is popular among consumers because it has the advantages such as low production cost, high labor efficiency, high liquor yield and sanitary conditions.


5. May use the packing strap with 6-15mm width, ensure the adhesive efficiency consistently


6. Electromagnetism coupling, fast and stable, axis transmitting, high rate, less noise and abrasion, low failure rate; 6、new type circuit design, using inserting style integrated circuit board to control the whole packing operation and iron head temperature, separating the circuit part, and the maintenance of circuit board is conveniently; 7、new type electric-heat steel slice design, long life, fast heat fading, avoid the fault of shapeless and short circuit which general iron head usually caused; 8、may use the packing strap with 6-15mm width, ensure the adhesive efficiency consistently; 9、setting swift adjusting knob, can freely adjust the bundling power conveniently.


7. efficiency的解释

7. Not in the high-temperature (42 degrees above) or fume quantity, moist places such as the use of direct switch on the machine, so as not to affect the efficiency and export of ozone aircraft machine life.


8. These two flowsheets can give not only high leaching efficiency of zinc and manganese (both more than 99%), but also on enrichment of elemental sulphur in leach residue.


9. The elemental sulphur in leach residue was obtained by a 〓S solution leaching-thermal decomposition process. It is not only simple and easy to reclaim the leach agent, but also high in the recovery of elemental sulphur. Under the test conditions used, more than 99% of leaching efficiency and more than 93% of thermal decomposition recovery of sulphur were obtained.


10. It is found that not all climatic models are suitable for grid computing: fine-grain models on a wide area network are not workable, but the efficiency of coarse-grain models is acceptable.


11. Research Areas Include, but are not exclusive to: resource quality, quantity and sustainability; economics of environmental management; transport and fate of pollutants in the environment; spill prevention and management; remediation of contaminated sites; process modification for pollution prevention; improved energy efficiency and waste treatment and disposal etc.


12. By using NBS labeling method, we acquired high radiolabeling efficiency at 90% or more, as well as high specific activity beyond 10 Ci/mmol with ~(131)I-GEBP11 being fine stability either.

NBS法将~(131)I标记于GEBP11,纸层析法测定其标记率达90%,比活度大于10Ci /mmol,具有良好的稳定性。

13. Experimental results indicate that BORAL detects boundary points effectively and has higher efficiency.


14. In the aspect of equipment, the company will use advanced materials, processing, welding, painting, lifting, transportation and other equipment in the domestic to increase production efficiency and to ensure products` qualities.


15. For instance. Perhaps it is because of the reason the light is dim, or the unique efficiency relaxed and releived of the happy joss stick produced in Xizang drifting of Tibet twittering, stay in room soon, people can feel tired out to stand up, sleep soundly and alleviate the pressure completely while being easy very.


16. According to the variation of the luminescence efficiency, the intramolecular energy transfer and relaxation processes of the complexes were studied.


17. After years of operating, we have gained rich experience in bulk cargo transportation and chartering as well the trust of the shipping companies and factories. In the mean time we calculate a high qualify working team with high efficiency, good at managing and operating, and responsible.


18. The real time identification of coal`s ultimate analysis is very important to power boiler`s safety and efficiency.


19. efficiency的翻译

19. With consideration of power consumption of the auxiliary equipment, the concept of net boiler efficiency is proposed.


20. The pressure of the ammonia tail gas is utilized to refrigerate through expansion, the low-pressure, low-temperature gas after expansion is returned to the high-efficiency heat exchanger, the cooled ammonia tail gas flows forward into the system, and with the decrease in the tail gas temperature, the ammonia contained changes to liquid and is separated from other constituents.


efficiency 词典解释

1. 效率;效能;功效

Efficiency is the quality of being able to do a task successfully, without wasting time or energy.


e.g. There are many ways to increase agricultural efficiency in the poorer areas of the world.


e.g. ...energy efficiency.


2. (物理学、工程学中的)效率,功率

In physics and engineering, efficiency is the ratio between the amount of energy a machine needs to make it work, and the amount it produces.

efficiency 单语例句efficiency

1. It now has a single operating system that has increased business efficiency by 30 percent, the result said.

2. It will manufacture products for the company's globally recognized KTM brand, enabling customers around the world to improve business efficiency and minimize risk.

3. The yearbook evaluated 58 key countries on economic and corruption indicators, government and business efficiency along with infrastructure and exports.

4. An increasing number of Chinese companies have been aware of the value of enterprise data warehouses that can greatly improve their business efficiency.

5. Lenovo is trying to turn around its overseas business by improving efficiency and cutting costs by laying off some workers.

6. The plan also provides business opportunities for energy efficiency solution providers, including Air Products.

7. The official said the launch of margin trading and short selling business will help boost the efficiency of the capital markets.

8. We are in the business of growing the pie through efficiency improvement and that is what economic growth is all about.

9. Many young entrepreneurs said online business helps lower costs and increase efficiency, and also offers opportunities to make friends and find fun.

10. Our CSR implementation promotes our business development and helps us increase efficiency and enhance stakeholders'trust in us.

efficiency是什么意思efficiency 英英释义



1. skillfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort

e.g. she did the work with great efficiency

2. the ratio of the output to the input of any system