[英 [draɪv] 美 [draɪv] ]


过去式:drove;   过去分词:driven;   现在分词:driving;

drive 基本解释


动词驱动; 开车; 驾驶; 迫使

名词驱动器; 驱车旅行; 驱动力; 车道

drive 相关例句



1. He'll drive us to the airport.


2. The machine is driven by electricity.


3. Grief drove her insane.



1. We went for a drive in the afternoon.


2. We saw a red car parked on his drive.


drive 情景对话



A:Tiananmen Square, please.


B:All right, sir.


A:Please drive slowly. I’d like to go around the city, if you don’t mind.


B:I see.


Private Cars-(私人汽车)

B:Hey, John. Nice car.


A:Thanks. I finally got rid of that old Nissan that got me through college.


B:What is this, the new Ford?


A:No, it’s last year’s model.


B:True. How much did you pay?



A:$14,500. It only has 10,000 miles on it, so it’s like a new car.


B:Does that mean you’re not going to take the train to work anymore?


A:Well, sometimes, I think it’ll be nice to drive to work instead. We’ll see. Want to go for a ride?


B:Yeah, sure.


A:Come on.


Shopping Hours-(营业时间)

B:On, darn. The grocery store is closed.


A:Yeah, this one closes at ten. We could drive to the 24-hour store on sixth.



B:Alright. We are out of everything.



A:I wish the store close to us was open 24-hous a day.



B:I know, our schedules are so weird. Sometimes, the little corner store is the only thing within walking distance that’s open when we get home.


A:Yeah, and the prices there are very high.


B:I know. Three dollars for milk.


drive 网络解释

1. 抽球:不过Cab30MS出色的控球能力弥补了这个缺点. 并且我觉得只要多用点手腕的力量,我可以用Cab30MS杀球的威力可以比原来用Ti10时多一倍. 拍评:抽球(drive)的表现不是很稳定,击球后有时候球会下网,有时候会出底线.

2. drive:dedicated road infrastructure for vehicle safety in europe; 欧洲车辆安全专用道路(信息技术)基础设施

drive 双语例句

1. drive的反义词

1. The reciprocating movement of the pistons is converted to rotary motion by a swash plate drive.


2. Or drive plate, the new driver boards need to deal with what I do not know that the maintenance personnel to deal with Haier it?


3. Finally, the design is completed, the analysis of force and the bending torque, axis of the drum check, on the chain drive chain plate ansys conducted by the finite element analysis.


4. According to the NHTSA`s Web site, the recall is due to a faulty drive shaft cover plate that could lead to a detached drive shaft.


5. The paper provides a method for rotor on-line dynamic balancing by using piezoelectricity effect principle to drive the balancing plate.


6. When the hard disk hardware failure, we will all these happen, such problems in the hard disk in the CMOS to recognize the hard drive, very smooth plate recognition, but they could not enter the system, partition and format can not be normal.


7. drive的近义词

7. Drive circuit with over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, long life design and high reliability.


8. drive

8. But here we use the call back function of second drive class with the first window, so we can't executer the message handler of first window.


9. This can also be used to change the drive letter assigned to a removable storage device.


10. The abundance requirement for lacunaris plastic makes it is a consequent for the plastic producing with automation and high productivity. Therefore, it is very necessary to design a manipulator that can automatically fulfill the plastic holding. With the analysis of the problems in the design of the plastic holding manipulator and synthesizing the robot research and development condition in recent years, a economic scheme is concluded on the basis of the analysis of mechanical configuration, transform system, drive device and control system and guided by the idea of the characteristic and complex of mechanical configuration, electronic, software and hardware.


11. drive是什么意思

11. NTOURS GLOBAL】is a on line platform which offer fly drive tours and travel information for members of DCN CLUB.

驾游天下-NTOURS GLOBAL】专门为DCN CLUB 会员提供驾车和自由旅行的旅游资讯在线服务平台。

12. After breakfast, drive to Masai Mara via the Great Rift Valley to arrive at Maasai Mara in time for evening game drive.


13. NTOURS GLOBAL】can offer a mass of information of drive tour and travels, according to the real information from the scenic spots, we collect the drive routes, open time and tickets price of national parks, introduction of city scenic spots, Address and price of good restaurants, shopping malls and coupons, traffic rules of different states etc which could offer to our members.

驾游天下-NTOURS GLOBAL】提供丰富的驾车和自由旅行旅游资讯,以实地资讯为依据,对所搜集的详实信息进行重组、整合处理。内容涵盖自驾线路参考;国家公园开放时间和门票价格;城市景区的热点介绍;四色美食的餐厅地址和价格;购物天堂的各类特色商店;直销名店的地址和折扣优惠券;驾游目的国的交通规则和风土人情等各种驾游资讯的综合在线平台。

14. Other site issues to correct included a front porch with the same subbase problem as the drive resulting in cracking of the concrete.


15. You will lead research and development projects, drive entire product areas and develop far-ranging technical and business expertise.


16. The function of the power mechanism is to conert heat energy into mechanical energy used to drive the vehicles.


17. She is the only one who can drive.



18. She is the only one who can drive the car.


19. She is the only one who can drive at here.


20. She is only one who can drive here.


drive 词典解释

1. 驾驶;开车

When you drive somewhere, you operate a car or other vehicle and control its movement and direction.

e.g. I drove into town and went to a restaurant for dinner...


e.g. He put the bags in the car and drove off...



...a qualified driving instructor...


It was an outrageous piece of dangerous driving.


2. 驾车送(人)

If you drive someone somewhere, you take them there in a car or other vehicle.

e.g. His daughter Carly drove him to the train station.


3. 驱车旅行;驾车路程

A drive is a journey in a car or other vehicle.

e.g. I thought we might go for a drive on Sunday.


4. (从马路通往住宅的宽阔)车道

A drive is a wide piece of hard ground, or sometimes a private road, that leads from the road to a person's house.


5. 驱动;推动

If something drives a machine, it supplies the power that makes it work.

e.g. The current flows into electric motors that drive the wheels.


6. 传动力;驱动力

Drive is the power supplied by the engine to particular wheels in a car or other vehicle to make the vehicle move.

e.g. He put the jeep in four-wheel drive and splashed up the slope.


7. (计算机的)驱动器

You use drive to refer to the mechanical part of a computer which reads the data on disks and tapes, or writes data onto them.

e.g. ...equipment such as terminals, tape drives or printers.


8. 击;打;敲;推

If you drive something such as a nail into something else, you push it in or hammer it in using a lot of effort.

e.g. I used a sledgehammer to drive the pegs into the ground...


e.g. I held it still and drove in a nail.


9. 用力击(球);用力踢(球)

In games such as cricket, golf, or football, if a player drives a ball somewhere, they kick or hit it there with a lot of force.

e.g. Armstrong drove the ball into the roof of the net.


10. (高尔夫球的)开球

In golf, a drive is the first stroke a player makes from the tee.

e.g. Woosnam sliced his drive into the bushes.


11. (风、雨或雪朝某个方向)吹,卷,刮,冲

If the wind, rain, or snow drives in a particular direction, it moves with great force in that direction.

e.g. Rain drove against the window.



He crashed into a tree in driving rain.


...rescuers battling through driving snow.


12. 驱赶;驱逐;赶走

If you drive people or animals somewhere, you make them go to or from that place.


e.g. The last offensive drove thousands of people into Thailand...


e.g. Every summer the shepherds drive the sheep up to pasture...


13. 迫使;逼迫

To drive someone into a particular state or situation means to force them into that state or situation.

e.g. The recession and hospital bills drove them into bankruptcy...


e.g. He nearly drove Elsie mad with his fussing.


14. 驱使,迫使(某人做出极端的事情)

The desire or feeling that drives a person to do something, especially something extreme, is the desire or feeling that causes them to do it.


e.g. More than once, depression drove him to attempt suicide...


e.g. Jealousy drives people to murder...


15. 精力;干劲;冲劲;决心

If you say that someone has drive, you mean they have energy and determination.

e.g. John will be best remembered for his drive and enthusiasm.


16. 强烈欲望;强烈需求;本能需求

A drive is a very strong need or desire in human beings that makes them act in particular ways.

e.g. ...compelling, dynamic sex drives.


17. (为达到某目的而进行的)努力,运动

A drive is a special effort made by a group of people for a particular purpose.

e.g. The ANC is about to launch a nationwide recruitment drive...


e.g. The Church in Haiti has played an important role in the drive towards democracy.


18. (用于路名)路,大道

Drive is used in the names of some streets.


e.g. ...23 Queen's Drive, Malvern, Worcestershire.

伍斯特郡,莫尔文市,女王大道 23 号

19. see also: driving

20. 意欲所指;暗示

If you ask someone what they are driving at, you are asking what they are trying to say or what they are saying indirectly.

e.g. It was clear Cohen didn't understand what Millard was driving at.


21. to drive a hard bargain -> see bargain

相关词组:drive awaydrive offdrive out

drive 单语例句

1. Hunchun is about eight hours drive from her hometown and is famous for border business.

2. But for now, the NASA scientists are happy with the test drive.

3. It said the stake buy was an " important and solid step forward " in its internalization drive.

4. Authorities have been trying to cool China's property market by discouraging investment buying that has helped drive prices out of reach for many city dwellers.

5. Xing said people are buying up stocks so they can drive up the price.

6. A CD drive isn't essential by any means, but it is intermittently useful.

7. It takes about nine hours by car to drive to Tengchong from Kunming.

8. A transfer of power by name only will further deepen Iraqis'mistrust and drive many of them into armed resistance.

9. By emphasizing measures to balance supply and demand in the property market, the central government is trying to drive home the necessity to fully implement them.

10. After a drive to her hometown in Hebei province, she wished she had traveled by plane.

drivedrive 英英释义



1. the act of applying force to propel something

e.g. after reaching the desired velocity the drive is cut off

Synonym: thrustdriving force

2. a journey in a vehicle (usually an automobile)

e.g. he took the family for a drive in his new car

Synonym: ride

3. the act of driving a herd of animals overland

4. (sports) a hard straight return (as in tennis or squash)

5. hitting a golf ball off of a tee with a driver

e.g. he sliced his drive out of bounds

Synonym: driving

6. a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end

e.g. he supported populist campaigns

they worked in the cause of world peace

the team was ready for a drive toward the pennant

the movement to end slavery

contributed to the war effort

Synonym: campaigncausecrusademovementeffort

7. a wide scenic road planted with trees

e.g. the riverside drive offers many exciting scenic views

Synonym: parkway

8. a mechanism by which force or power is transmitted in a machine

e.g. a variable speed drive permitted operation through a range of speeds

9. (computer science) a device that writes data onto or reads data from a storage medium

10. a road leading up to a private house

e.g. they parked in the driveway

Synonym: drivewayprivate road

11. the trait of being highly motivated

e.g. his drive and energy exhausted his co-workers

12. a physiological state corresponding to a strong need or desire



1. move into a desired direction of discourse

e.g. What are you driving at?

Synonym: getaim

2. hunting: chase from cover into more open ground

e.g. drive the game

3. hunting: search for game

e.g. drive the forest

4. cause to function by supplying the force or power for or by controlling

e.g. The amplifier drives the tube

steam drives the engines

this device drives the disks for the computer

5. excavate horizontally

e.g. drive a tunnel

6. hit very hard, as by swinging a bat horizontally

e.g. drive a ball

7. strike with a driver, as in teeing off

e.g. drive a golf ball

8. cause to move back by force or influence

e.g. repel the enemy

push back the urge to smoke

beat back the invaders

Synonym: repelrepulseforce backpush backbeat back

9. cause to move rapidly by striking or throwing with force

e.g. drive the ball far out into the field

10. push, propel, or press with force

e.g. Drive a nail into the wall

11. force into or from an action or state, either physically or metaphorically

e.g. She rammed her mind into focus

He drives me mad

Synonym: forceram

12. compel somebody to do something, often against his own will or judgment

e.g. She finally drove him to change jobs

13. travel or be transported in a vehicle

e.g. We drove to the university every morning

They motored to London for the theater

Synonym: motor

14. proceed along in a vehicle

e.g. We drive the turnpike to work

Synonym: take

15. operate or control a vehicle

e.g. drive a car or bus

Can you drive this four-wheel truck?

16. urge forward

e.g. drive the cows into the barn

17. cause someone or something to move by driving

e.g. She drove me to school every day

We drove the car to the garage

18. move by being propelled by a force

e.g. The car drove around the corner

19. strive and make an effort to reach a goal

e.g. She tugged for years to make a decent living

We have to push a little to make the deadline!

She is driving away at her doctoral thesis

Synonym: tuglaborlabourpush

20. work as a driver

e.g. He drives a bread truck

She drives for the taxi company in Newark

21. to compel or force or urge relentlessly or exert coercive pressure on, or motivate strongly

e.g. She is driven by her passion

22. have certain properties when driven

e.g. This car rides smoothly

My new truck drives well

Synonym: ride