[英 [ˈkʌrəntli] 美 [ˈkɜ:rəntli] ]


currently 基本解释

副词当前,目前; 通常,一般,现在; 容易,流畅; 普遍地

currently 情景对话


A:So, what’s your educational background?


B:I graduate from high school with a 4.0, graduated from university with a degree in English, and am currently in the middle of obtaining a master’s degree in Linguistics.

我以4.0 的成绩从高中毕业, 大学获得了英语学士学位,近来正在读语言学硕士学位。

A:What university did you go to ?


B:I went to UCB, the university of California, Berkeley.


A:Are you from California originally?


B:No, I’m from Colorado. I received a full scholarship to UCB, so I went.

不,我来自科罗拉州,我活得了UCB 全额奖学金,所以我去那里了。

A:That’s great. How did you like your classes there?


B:I like my professors a lot. They seemed to have a lot of passion for teaching. They weren’t the stuffy professors that I thought they’d be.。

我很喜欢我的教授。 他们似乎有很多教学热情。他们不是我想象的那种乏味的教授

A:How about the other students? Did you get along well with them?


B:The students were from all over the country. I found that most of my friends were people who were from the mid-west?


A:That’s interesting. Why do you think that is?


B:I’m not sure. I lived in Iowa during middle school, so I guess we had that in common. Mid-westerners and people from the west coast have a different view of the world.



A:What do you mean?


B:It’s hard to explain. I guess people from the west coast come off as a bit snobby sometimes, especially if you aren’t come from the west coast。


A:I see. Well, thanks for coming in for the interview. My secretary will get back to you within a week.


currently 网络解释

1. 目前,眼前地:current 现在,目下的,水流,气流,趋势 | currently 目前,眼前地 | cursory 匆促,草率的

2. 普遍地:currentless 无电流的 | currently 普遍地 | curriculum vitae 履历表

3. 现在;最近:atpresent现在;当今 | currently现在;最近 | first首先;第一

4. 目前:9. vacation:假期 | 10.currently:目前 | 11.specialisation:专长

currently 双语例句

1. She studied Communications at the University of Tulsa and is currently working on her MA in Communication Design.


2. The main floor is currently under construction. This hole is where the steel pillars will stand. To make an extra story for the dorms, the completion date has been postponed by one more month. However, quality always comes first.


3. It is currently removable as I m unsure, at this point, if access below will be needed.


4. Fengning is currently one of the sources of the large dust storms, which often affect Beijing.



5. He subsequently joined Toro Rosso partway through last year and is currently competing in his first full F1 season.


6. currently

6. Jeremie: The teams are still part of the ranking since the organization still has points and the brand still exists, even they are currently known as NY-3D.


7. currently的翻译

7. About 700 people are currently in jail pending prosecution on terrorism-related charges.


8. currently

8. Has there ever been or is there currently pending any prosecution of the Company, any subsidiary, director, officer, company secretary or employee of the Company or any subsidiary, under the Corporations Law or any other statute


9. Currently, he is working in the Department of Fish and Game, Office of Spill Prevention and Response, Scientific Branch.


10. currently是什么意思

10. Our staff members are currently involved in campaigns to improve the education system for Ethnic Minority children.


11. The PDO team has been based in Shanghai for over two years and currently employs 20 staff.


12. The United States currently has more than 300 REIT shares in the Stock Exchange listing.


13. Currently purchase second-hand housing commission in 1%~3% ratio between 2.5% most of the intermediaries used, such as China and Japan earlier Shun Chi, I love my home for 2%, 3% and chain home and in various secret that for withheld, In fact, each of the four charges were ultimately quite broad.


14. Kent Caldwell`s work has primarily been in the animal sciences. He is currently an ectotherm keeper.

Kent Caldwell 主要从事动物科学领域的工作,目前是一名变温动物管理员。

15. There are four medications currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treatment of active hepatitis B infection.


16. The company's total investment in four million yuan, covers an area of 13, 000 square meters, including construction area of 8000 square meters, 4, 1200 tons storage capacity, 2300 square meters underground repository, storage capacity of 600 tons, 2300 square meters of processing workshop with advanced processing equipment and rich processing experience and currently employs 100 people, the annual processing capacity of 20, 000 tons, processing of the main products have fresh ginger, Wind Dried Ginger, garlic, carrots, onion, potatoes, sweet potatoes and so on.


17. My company is currently focused on the interactive whiteboard in research, design and production.


18. Furthermore, information technology and internet accelerate business administration field steps into a new era. Traditionally, measuring corporation value as fiscal and tangible asset been antiquated, the intangible assets such as core-competence, innovation take place. Therefore, scholars propose a new measure methodology—intellectual capital which can explain why the corporation market value surpass book value. This measure methodology will assist high-level managers to identify what is the important asset when corporation faces the competition across internal and external environment systematically. It has become a significant index to evaluate corporation value currently.


19. currently的翻译

19. The blue ones on theleft are currently active.


20. currently什么意思

20. He is currently living off a pension of$100 a week.


currently 单语例句

1. Sri Lanka is currently under the spotlight over the UN Secretary General's special panel report which called for a war crimes investigation into Sri Lanka.

2. The government currently levies 11 varieties of taxes, including a business tax and an enterprise income tax on these ventures.

3. Tata Group started the transnational business in 1971 and is currently the largest software exporter in Asia.

4. Statistics reveal there are currently 94 million rural people working or doing business in cities, of whom 6 million arrived this year.

5. Welcome to the world of Jeanie Buss and her memoir Laker Girl, which is currently in bookstores.

6. Some producers currently use cocoa butter substitute processed with edible lipids instead of cocoa butter made from cacao.

7. Robots currently being used in households are reliant on button pushing, but Schulz feels this must be carried further so communication becomes more natural.

8. Pandora is currently lobbying lawmakers in US Congress to pass the " Internet Radio Fairness Act ", which would change regulation of how royalties are paid to artists.

9. Wolpe said the trust currently had no money to buy it and won't participate in the auction on Thursday.

10. Among buyers who are not currently buying in Hong Kong, 65 percent are keen to do so in the near future.

currently的近义词currently 英英释义


1. at this time or period


e.g. he is presently our ambassador to the United Nations

currently they live in Connecticut

Synonym: presently