[英 [ˈɑ:gju:] 美 [ˈɑ:rgju:] ]


过去式:argued;   过去分词:argued;   现在分词:arguing;

argue 基本解释


及物动词坚决主张; 提出理由证明; 说服,劝告; 表明,证明

不及物动词争论,辩论; 提出理由

argue 相关例句


1. They tried to argue him into joining them.


2. argue

2. We argued her out of going on such a dangerous journey.


3. Columbus argued that the world was round.


4. We argued the matter over for hours.



1. I'm not going to argue with you tonight.


argue 情景对话

American English Rhythm-(美国英语的节拍)

A:Hello, Harry. Where are you off to?


B:Im going home to study my English lesson.


A:English lesson?



B:Yes. Im trying to learn a little more.I dont always understand what people say, and they dont always understand me.



A:Whatre you learning about?


B:Well. For instance, some words in a sentence are stressed.The time between two of these stressed words is always about the same. No matter how many words there are.This is what makes English sound jerky. First you go very fast, and then perhaps you slow up.


A:Hmmmm. I never noticed that. Give me an example.



B:Sure, Heres a sentence we memorized for class. You told me last night not to let you argue me out of getting you up on time.It takes just as long to saynot to let you argue me out of getting you up on timeas it does to sayyou told me last night

可以。这儿有一句我们在上课时应记住的话:You told me last night not to let you argue me out of getting you up on time。在说not to let you argue me out of getting you up on time这段话的时间就和说you told me last night这句话一样长。

argue 网络解释

1. 争论:有人争论(argue)到,收音机也有这样的功能,但是电视展现给人的是更生动和逼真的画面. 但是它也有弊端. 电视屏幕对人的身体没有好处. 我们如此习惯的看屏幕上的一举一动,如此依赖于(dependent on)看它展现给我们的画面,

2. 争辩:常用的提问句型有:但是,我们可以把常见的类型归纳分类,作者的目的大体上可以分为以下几种:解释(explain)、介绍(inform or introduce)、描写(describe)、批评(criticize)、劝说(persuade)或说服(convince)、讨论(discuss)、争辩(argue)和分析(analy

3. 911查询·英语单词大全

3. 辩论:没有人会否认,商议(deliberate)和辩论(argue)能力是理智群体的一个显著标志. 尽管如此,对用来说服他人接受某一论证的方法的探讨,却被逻辑学家和研究知识的理论家们忽视了三个世纪. 这种情况源于支持某个命题的那些论证的非强制性特征.

4. argue什么意思

4. 吵架:问题补充:他由于粗心驾驶而被捕(arrest) 他们总是为钱吵架(argue) 这项新科技已被应用到农业(apply) 他知道真象后感到很惊讶(astonish) 你为什么不征求...

argue 双语例句


1. First, we expand the adverse selection model of new regulatory economics and apply it to argue the design of incentive compatible mechanism of equity issue.


2. I don't want to argue with you.


3. I don`t want to argue with you.


4. You want me to argue...


5. I am not going to argue with you.


6. I am not willing to argue with you.


7. I imagine Mertha might argue that the farmers in Dongyang failed not because of the issue but due to their radical tactics.


8. Many, I know, would argue that these things seem like no big deal.


9. Even if they do not agree with you, and you will not argue, because they know that the world should have a variety of views, only funny.


10. Others, including Georg Feuerstein, argue that Wilber's Neo-perennial Philosophy is a confusion between concepts of differentiated nondualist doctrines (such as Plotinus's Neo-Platonism and Ramanuja's Vishishtadvaita Vedanta) and truly unitary monism of Zen and Advaita Vedanta: the former philosophies distinguish between emanated or manifest reality and the unchangeable source, while for Zen or Advaita the Source and reality are essentially one and the same.

还有,包括Georg Feuerstein也认为Wilber的新常青理论是不二论者(如普罗提诺的新柏拉图哲学和Ramanuja的Vishishtadvaita吠檀多)和单一论的禅和不二吠檀多的结合:早先的哲学区分了发散显现真实和不变的源头,而禅和不二论认为真相和本质是一致的。

11. They would argue that traveliing means a considerable amount of money and energy.


12. They would argue that travelling means a considerable amount of money and energy.


13. argue

13. Who would want to remonstrate and argue with them?


14. I argue that it is complacence.


15. For a start, he is right to argue against making a fetish of invention.


16. I am opinionated; and I am able to argue my opinions well


17. argue的近义词

17. I have stated that it is fruitless to argue what James may accomplish in the future because we live in the present.


18. For one, some argue that other students will lie in an interview to gain an advantage.


19. argue

19. She did not argue with the person in detals of when and where and what she really did that night.

She just simply said 这则报导完全不是事实,对她的名誉已经造成很大伤害,她要保留法律追诉权。

20. argue的意思

20. Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.


argue 词典解释

1. 争吵;争执

If one person argues with another, they speak angrily to each other about something that they disagree about. You can also say that two people argue .


e.g. The committee is concerned about players' behaviour, especially arguing with referees...


e.g. They were still arguing; I could hear them down the road.


2. 争论;争辩

If you tell someone not to argue with you, you want them to do or believe what you say without protest or disagreement.

e.g. Don't argue with me...


e.g. The children go to bed at 10.30. No one dares argue.


3. 辩论;讨论

If you argue with someone about something, you discuss it with them, with each of you giving your different opinions.

e.g. He was arguing with the King about the need to maintain the cavalry at full strength...


e.g. They are arguing over foreign policy...


4. 主张;认为

If you argue that something is true, you state it and give the reasons why you think it is true.


e.g. His lawyers are arguing that he is unfit to stand trial...


e.g. It could be argued that the British are not aggressive enough.


5. 支持/反对

If you argue for something, you say why you agree with it, in order to persuade people that it is right. If you argue against something, you say why you disagree with it, in order to persuade people that it is wrong.


e.g. The report argues against tax increases...


e.g. I argued the case for an independent central bank.


6. 论证;说理;争辩

If you argue, you support your opinions with evidence in an ordered or logical way.

e.g. I've argued deductively from the text...


e.g. He argued persuasively, and was full of confidence.


7. 不承认;对…有争议

If you say that no-one can argue with a particular fact or opinion, you are emphasizing that it is obviously true and so everyone must accept it.

e.g. We produced the best soccer of the tournament. Nobody would argue with that.


8. to argue the toss -> see toss

相关词组:argue out

argue 单语例句

1. Others argue that the driver might not have intentionally killed the child and committed the act out of panic and inexperience.

2. It is likely to argue that no explicit order was ever issued, with Massa merely being told that Alonso was quicker and then acting on that information.

3. Some analysts argue that a single downgrade by Standard & Poor's ratings agency can be safely ignored.

4. Do not argue with me about how to calculate the amount of waste and pollution, and how to project their growth in a given period.

5. Some residents argue Canton has a long history and is the only name by which many foreigners know the city.

6. One could argue that China may be hurt by the capital flight accompanying their departure.

7. Other analysts argue a fully convertible yuan will hurt China as it would allow massive capital outflow during a financial crisis.

8. Activists argue that because Dow Chemical took over Union Carbide, it should also assume responsibility for additional damages.

9. Now some argue that the US government could carry on by going into a " technical " default.

10. But they did argue that it belongs in the same major evolutionary grouping, and that it showed what an actual ancestor of that era might have looked like.

argue的解释argue 英英释义


1. present reasons and arguments

Synonym: reason

2. give evidence of

e.g. The evidence argues for your claim

The results indicate the need for more work

Synonym: indicate

3. have an argument about something

Synonym: contenddebatefence