[英 [əˈlaʊd] 美 [əˈlaʊd] ]


aloud 基本解释

副词大声; 高声


aloud 同义词



aloud 反义词


aloud 相关例句


1. We read books aloud a lot in our family.


2. She read the story aloud to the children.


3. aloud是什么意思

3. He read the poem aloud.



4. The hungry baby cried aloud.


aloud 网络解释

1. aloud

1. 大声:您在练习的时候,要尽可能清晰(CLEAR)、尽可能快(FAST),大声(ALOUD)地跟读. 开始,可以跟着英文文字做,随着您水平的提高,可以跟着声音来读. 等您的水平达到了接近母语的水平就可以直接跟着BBC,CNN,ABC的新闻学习了,完全不需要看文字了.


2. 大声地:lorum 轴节间片 | aloud 大声地 | spatial resolution 空间分辨率

3. aloud的解释

3. 大声地 爱闹的爱闹的人大声地说话:lamb-羊羔,小羊,羔羊羊羔嫩吗 | aloud-大声地 爱闹的人大声地说话 | income-收入收入进了银行卡么

4. 高声地:abloom 開花 | aloud 高聲地 | aright 正確地

aloud 双语例句

1. They were spoken by Hamlet when he was thinking aloud, and they are the most famous words in Shakespeare because Hamlet was speaking not only for himself but also for every thinking man and woman.


2. aloud

2. But I can not sing aloud


3. Please speak aloud, I cannot hear what you said.



4. Yeah, speak out aloud, it's really important.


5. At that time, I dared not speak English aloud in public, for I was shy and my pr



6. Mother doesn't allow him to speak aloud in the room.


7. The best way to speak good English is speak aloud again and again.


8. Please speak aloud, so the students in the classroom can hear what you say


9. He was in the habit of thinking aloud.


10. aloud在线翻译

10. Software Description: About BookBuddi, RealVoice Talking PictureBook eBook or Photo Album and study aid, where each chapter has its own picture, read aloud by the Microsoft text to speech agent character or MP3 audio.

BookBuddi RealVoice 通过 Microsoft 文本到语音代理或者 MP3 音频丰富了每个章节都带有其自身图片和朗读的图画书,电子书籍或者相簿以及学习辅助材料。

11. aloud在线翻译

11. In the schools of ancient GREece and Rome, testing usually consisted of saying poetry aloud or giving speeches.


12. And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till


13. After this they took his right hand, laid it on something, while they bade him with the left hold a compass to his left breast, while they made him repeat after some one who read the words aloud, the oath of fidelity to the laws of the order.


14. He demanded aloud. This is no place for me.


15. Here I would like to say aloud: You are wrong!


16. Came at that time a boy, the girl says to the boy, eldest brother, help, the mustache of my wool and uncle is stuck ice, it is OK that the boy says, nevertheless you must let me work first, the girl also is not considered on so much, say you work, at that time the old man cries suddenly aloud to the boy, boy you can see well first, horizontal is mouth vertical stroke is B!!!!


17. Methods Results of repetition and reading aloud in 13 patients with conduction aphasia were analyzed.


18. Objective To investigate the characteristics of repetition and reading aloud disturbances of the patients with conduction aphasia.

目的 探讨传导性失语患者复述和朗读障碍特点。

19. The speech sounds of repetition and reading aloud of the patients with conduction aphasia were activated by two different routes and different mechanisms.


20. I read several chapters aloud and nothing happened. Then they appeared, out of nowhere.


aloud 词典解释

1. 出声地

When you say something, read, or laugh aloud, you speak or laugh so that other people can hear you.

e.g. When we were children, our father read aloud to us...


e.g. 'You fool,' he said aloud.


2. 说话不加思索;说话不经大脑

If you think aloud, you express your thoughts as they occur to you, rather than thinking first and then speaking.

e.g. He really must be careful about thinking aloud. Who knew what he might say?


aloud 单语例句

1. She started to cry out aloud and she wouldn't say anything.

2. Cheryl Cole will recover from her US'X Factor'heartbreak by reuniting with Girls Aloud.

3. I was doing Girls Aloud and I was very happy with that.

4. Sheehan and the defendants ignored police orders to leave and were reading the petition aloud on the sidewalk when police moved in.

5. His songs are widely circulated and are chanted by everyone from rock fanatics to those who simply want to sing their dreams aloud.

6. When they had to leave the scene the otherwise tough men walked away crying aloud in unbearable sadness and with a deep sense of guilt.

7. The Girls Aloud singer always has a stash of kelp tablets at home to take before meals because they help you digest delicious foods.

8. The Girls Aloud singer accepts she is now a role model to thousands of women, but it is something she is comfortable with and proud of.

9. Fans and some close friends of the late author took turns reading his most famous novel aloud at Naropa University in Boulder on Saturday.

10. But he was soon at a loss in English class at college when he could not understand sentences read aloud in a listening test.

aloud 英英释义


1. using the voice

not silently

e.g. please read the passage aloud

he laughed out loud

Synonym: out loud

2. with relatively high volume

e.g. the band played loudly

she spoke loudly and angrily

he spoke loud enough for those at the back of the room to hear him

cried aloud for help

Synonym: loudlyloud