[英 [ˈæləkeɪt] 美 [ˈæləˌket] ]


过去式:allocated;   过去分词:allocated;   现在分词:allocating;

allocate 基本解释

及物动词分配,分派; 把…拨给


allocate 相关例句



1. That space has been allocated for a new hospital.



2. We must allocate the money.


allocate 网络解释

1. 分派:Hock Kin 曾是新加坡某区域投资银行盘房的交易手,主管曾分派(Allocate)「十球」美元给他作环球宏观(Global Macro)的买卖策略,他主力做北美股票,现已被「炒鱿」多年.

2. 配置:在 FCGI_Accept() 循环中配置 (allocate) 的内存别忘了释放 (free).在一般的 CGI 程序中, Memory Leak 不算是太大的问题,因为每处理完一次联机请求,所有用到的内存随着 CGI 程序的结束也被释放.但是 FastCGI 程序会一直常驻在内存中,

3. 划拨:人民法院向银行、信用合作社和其他[划拨] (Allocate) 执行措施之一. 金融机构用转账的方法,将被申请[查封] (Compulsory Sealing) 执行措施之一. 执行程序开始后,为了[扣押] (Attachment) 执行措施之一.

allocate 双语例句


1. If you fail to allocate enough space per SKU, it could mean a lot of replenishment activity or frequent stock outs, continues Giangrande.


2. Article 37 The joint venture company shall allocate reserve funds, expansion funds and bonuses welfare funds for staff and workers after payment of taxes.


3. Night, I opened the window-xuan, Ren ray face the wind and the wind blowing, dancing if the plume of Ni tours, so that water was sprinkled on the moonlight, look switchgrass touched the issue of the happy, listening to allocate thin section of bamboo tenacious of life, upon me in the wind, with a pot of warm memory of moonlight, quietly enjoy a person will miss glass filled, will be touched with alcohol into the intestines, however, I have not been drunk a toast has been unable to find the former the direction of line......


4. And adopt Analytical Hierarchy Process method to allocate the weights to very factor and very assessment people.


5. It is not only the market takes place of the plan to allocate resource but also pushes a new basic constitution which stands for the standard of productive to be formed and to disentangle completely people's idea. The security market in China experienced a developed course through which the security market become more and more large and perfect, now it is growing rapidly.

证 券市场发展的背后,不单单是市场取代了计划的资源配置方式,更重要的是它推动着一个代表生产力发展水平的新的基础性制度安排的形成以及人们思想观念的彻底解放。

6. Under production and processing processes and technical requirements for determining the eligibility conditions, and steps to allocate tasks


7. China news agency, Beijing, November 16 - Beijing how to allocate for expanding domestic demand and promote economic development 120000000000-150000000000 yuan government investment?


8. How to allocate rationally tolerance of parts and control stack tolerance is a key factor to gain a good cost-performance ratio and win market competition.



9. Function 5802H: Get Upper Memory Link This operation indicates whether a program can allocate memory from the upper memory area (above 640K).

功能5802h :取得上的记忆联系这次行动说明了是否程序可分配内存从上游记忆体区(以上640k )。

10. allocate的近义词

10. The fact have been proved that we must solve these problems, allocate land reasonable and make intensive utilization of land resource in order to quicken up the citify process and improve the life quality of people. The process of urbanization should be the process of intensified utilization of lands. The phenomenons of extensive exploitation of land, irregular market and the lack of management have already obstructed the reusable source of land and the fast development of the citys economy. Therefore, it has become the urgent affairs to build up the indicator system of measuring the intensive use of urban land and look for a way to carry out.


11. While to develop and allocate capital resources, the key to improve the effect of allocation of the entire securities market is the continuous system innovation.


12. allocate什么意思

12. The nucleolus solution in cooperative game theory was employed to pre-allocate the fixed cost to each load pool transaction that included the equivalent ones.


13. The application will call this new function to allocate and receive one of our MyRealICollection objects.



14. It is safe to block, allocate memory, initiate requests or anything else you can do within the kernel.


15. allocate

15. Tariffs is a second best way to allocate resources or endowment.


16. Land for construction purposes, in particular, allocate the amount of land will increase significantly.


17. allocate

17. Channel resource Scheduler in wireless network is used to queue various kinds of data packets, allocate wireless resource, e. g. channel codes, time slots and frequency, and improve the utilization efficiency of wireless resource so as to satisfy kinds of user`s service demand.


18. For example, if you allocate 10, 000 bytes in your.

如果你分配了10,000 个字节给你的。

19. According to the characteristics of real-time tasks mentioned above, first an efficient and practical heuristic algorithm for static task allocation in homogeneous distributed processor systems is proposed. It can be used to allocate real-time precedence tasks with data communication between tasks and constraints of I/O communication tasks, the correspond analysis model and simulation model of this algorithm are also proposed.


20. Recruiter Jennifer Colosi says there seems to be no relation between size of company and audit staff. This is because companies are still trying to figure out how to allocate resources.

招聘人员 Jennifer Colosi说,公司大小看上去和审计职员没有联系,这是因为公司仍然在设法解决怎样分配资源。

allocate 词典解释

1. 分配;分派;划拨

If one item or share of something is allocated to a particular person or for a particular purpose, it is given to that person or used for that purpose.

e.g. Tickets are limited and will be allocated to those who apply first...


e.g. The 1985 federal budget allocated $7.3 billion for development programmes...


allocate 单语例句

1. China raised the wholesale price of natural gas by around 25 percent earlier this month to better allocate resources.

2. Pang Xuezhi said the meals are too cheap to make any profit, because they need to allocate a lot of money into food safety in the canteen.

3. We have been hearing complaints about the central finance's failure to allocate enough for local development initiatives such as poverty relief.

4. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said on Monday that the Commission would allocate an extra 110 million euros towards this and allied Chernobyl projects.

5. Only last year did the Ministry of Civil Affairs allocate responsibility to the civil affairs departments to take care of these children.

6. Industrial analysts said it is a clear signal that the provincial government will allocate more resources to realize strong growth of the industry.

7. Wen asked the local government to allocate public spending for the construction of public housing and transportation.

8. The CAAC will allocate special funds to develop civil aviation safety and reward people who contribute to this field.

9. At the same time, the decision was made to allocate 1 million RMB per year for the narcotic problem.

10. At the same time, the central government will allocate a certain amount of money to assist the demonstration program.

allocate 英英释义


1. distribute according to a plan or set apart for a special purpose

e.g. I am allocating a loaf of bread to everyone on a daily basis

I'm allocating the rations for the camping trip

Synonym: apportion