[英 [ˈwi:ltʃeə(r)] 美 [ˈwi:ltʃer] ]



wheelchair 基本解释


wheelchair 网络解释


1. 轮椅:这是一种不同于轮椅(wheelchair)的装置,它可以调整高低和体位,但不能移动. 如果需要移动,必须靠他人帮助将其架到人力的或电动的轮椅上,再推动或开动轮椅. 在住院期间,一些护理人员经常与他讨论一些生活中的问题并寻求他的忠告,

2. 轮椅,椅车:wheel barrow 手推车 | wheelchair 轮椅,椅车 | wheel-shape 轮形

3. 疗养车:wheelchair 轮椅 | wheelchair 疗养车 | wheelchamber 叶轮腔室

4. wheelchair

4. 車椅子:wheel-web-rolling mill ==> 轮辐轧机 | wheelchair ==> 車椅子 | wheeled cable drum car riage ==> 放线车

wheelchair 双语例句

1. I would not like to be in a wheelchair.


2. You're going to be the one in a wheelchair.


3. I thought I'd get you a wheelchair...



4. LOCKE: Because you're in the wheelchair and I'm not.


5. I'll call her Wheelchair Girl.


6. He had been confined to a wheelchair for some time.


7. Do you want to have a wheelchair?


8. wheelchair的近义词

8. She's in a wheelchair under a tree in the hospital courtyard.


9. Our products include carbon brushes for motor of automobile starter and Alternator, Wiper, Fan, Blower, Antenna, Power window, Fuel pump, Motor-cycle, Electric bicycle, Health equipment, Electric wheelchair, Osmosis drinking fountain, Vacuum cleaner, Sewing machine and speed controller, Electric power tools, Household appliances, DC Micro motor, and other motor, etc.


10. wheelchair什么意思

10. BEN: Because I'm in a wheelchair and you're not.


11. The disabilities in wheelchair were often difficulty to leave their home and go to some place with stairs, it will spend a lot of time and strenuosity.


12. Also of prime concern to Occupational Therapy are alterations to work, home and school environments for wheelchair access.


13. There is no wheelchair access into the restaurant.


14. Wheelchair access ramps are also crucial for those who need them.


15. I actually see educational access issues for these kids as something very similar to wheelchair access.


16. Very few schools in China have wheelchair and other special access for the physically impaired.


17. I am a disabled person, only leg in a wheelchair to each place.


18. We are still many areas of product development capabilities, including a wheelchair life-form and sport shoes, such as massage.


19. Pushing the wheelchair for the disabled) We`re ready to go, please get ready


20. At the click of a mouse one can find the latest news from Kenya, the state of the weather in Bolivia, the price of fish in Alaska or the results of the Beijing wheelchair basketball tournament.


wheelchair 词典解释

1. 轮椅

A wheelchair is a chair with wheels that you use in order to move about in if you cannot walk properly, for example because you are disabled or sick.

wheelchair 单语例句

1. When British physicist Stephen Hawking visited in 2002, he regretted not being able to tour the lake by himself on his wheelchair.

2. Former champion gymnast and disabled rights activist Sang Lan has criticized her local community members who block the wheelchair ramp with bicycles and motorcycles.

3. A car accident in 1994 claimed his father's life and left him in a wheelchair.

4. Gabor uses a wheelchair after being partially paralyzed in a 2002 car accident and suffering a stroke in 2005.

5. As the centenarian cannot go out without her wheelchair, her eldest son and Xiao will accompany her.

6. Xu received an electronic wheelchair as a gift from China Central Television's Channel 7 early this year.

7. Just inside the center's gates, handicapped children played checkers on boards perched on wheelchair armrests.

8. Despite his pain and difficulty in moving on legs crippled by polio, he maintained a cheery exterior and avoided being photographed in a wheelchair.

9. The whole performance hit the climax when 45 local wheelchair performers danced the " dream on the wheelchair ".

10. BEIJING - The constant smile on Xia Lin's face often leads people to forget that she has been confined to a wheelchair for 20 years.

wheelchair 英英释义


1. a movable chair mounted on large wheels

for invalids or those who cannot walk

frequently propelled by the occupant