[英 [ˈwi:lbærəʊ] 美 [ˈwi:lbæroʊ] ]



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wheelbarrow 网络解释

1. 小车,独轮车:dibble 掘穴机 | wheelbarrow 小车,独轮车 | watering can 喷壶

2. wheelbarrow

2. 手推车;用手推车运:wheel-mounted extinguisher 轮式灭火机 | wheelbarrow 手推车;用手推车运 | wheeled rod guide coupling 带轮的抽油杆接箍

wheelbarrow 双语例句

1. I never went out a fishing or shooting; a book, indeed, sometimes debauched me from my work, but that was seldom, was private, and gave no scandal; and, to show that I was not above my business, I sometimes brought home the paper I purchased at the stores through the streets on a wheelbarrow.


2. With circulation comes the standards and dimensions as to how and where things will move and work; a primary front walk should be five feet; side yard walks should be at least as wide as a wheel barrow and the gate, wider than knuckles pushing a wheelbarrow..


3. wheelbarrow是什么意思

3. You are going to need a real wheelbarrow.


4. wheelbarrow在线翻译

4. Currently in the world have more than 220 countries and regions to join the International Federation of wheelbarrow.


5. We can bring my wheelbarrow for your teeth!


6. wheelbarrow的近义词

6. From that savings, I made wheelbarrows that I would hire to wheelbarrow pushers, she says.


7. wheelbarrow

7. I found a wheelbarrow to be a convenient place to mix my concrete, but any sufficiently large container will do.



8. Is that wheelbarrow going to tump over?


9. You know I am going to give you my wheelbarrow, and you must do something for me in return.


10. wheelbarrow

10. The children had loaded on too much sand; the wheelbarrow was brimming over.


11. The children had loaded on too much sand; the wheelbarrow was brim ming over.


12. Yes, you may set your mind at ease, I will give you my wheelbarrow.



13. And now as I have given you my wheelbarrow, I am sure you will give me some flowers in return.


14. And now, as I have given you my wheelbarrow, I am sure you would like to give me some flowers in return.



15. He hadn't anything to leave but a wheelbarrow, and he left that to me.


16. You know I am going to give you my wheelbarrow, and so, it is only fair that you should do something for me in return.


17. Good-bye, 'said little Hans, and he began to dig away quite merrily, he was so pleased about the wheelbarrow.


18. wheelbarrow

18. Has as if heard before the millennium here peddler's yo-heave-ho, saw the wheelbarrow carries the rice to pass through from the side.


19. Most of us follow our conscience as we follow a wheelbarrow; we push it is front of us in the direction we want to go.


20. I am going to bring them into the market and sell them to the Burgomaster's daughter, and buy back my wheelbarrow with the money.


wheelbarrow 词典解释

1. (园艺等用的) 手推车,独轮推车

A wheelbarrow is a small open cart with one wheel and handles that is used for carrying things, for example in the garden.

wheelbarrow 单语例句wheelbarrow的翻译

1. A chef holds a gob of dough overhead and chops noodles from it while riding a wheelbarrow.

2. The efficiency of the wheelbarrow industry stands out against the backdrop of Liberia's chaos.

3. But the wheelbarrow pushers muscled on and the government recognized their union in 1997, the year Taylor became president.

4. This beachside convenience caught my attention in the summer of 2007, shortly after I arrived in the land responsible for the wheelbarrow and paper.

5. A migrant construction worker pushes a wheelbarrow on a building site in central Beijing.

6. Survivors rushed out bleeding victims, some missing limbs - using a wheelbarrow and bloodstained shirts as stretchers.

wheelbarrow 英英释义


1. a cart for carrying small loads

has handles and one or more wheels

Synonym: barrowgarden cartlawn cart


1. transport in a wheelbarrow