[英 [ˈɜ:dʒənt] 美 [ˈɜ:rdʒənt] ]


urgent 基本解释

形容词急迫的; 催促的; 强求的; 极力主张的

urgent 相关例句


1. urgent是什么意思

1. It's urgent; come quick!


2. She was urgent in her demands.


3. urgent的近义词

3. I must post this letter; it's urgent.



4. These people are in urgent need of relief.


5. She was speaking to him in an urgent voice.


urgent 情景对话


A:Adam, I’m sorry!


B:But where have you been, Alice? You’re over an hour late.



A:Yes, but I couldn’t help it. I was late getting off work for a start, and then I missed the bus. The bus I did catch got caught in a traffic jam. It was one thing after another.


B:But why were you getting off work so late? The office closes at six, doesn’t it?


A:Yes, but there’s a rush on at the moment, and my boss asked me to do some urgent letters.


B:But didn’t you tell him you had an appointment?



A:Well, no. I thought I’d finish in about five minutes and I didn’t want to be difficult about just a few minutes. If it hadn’t been for missing the bus and the traffic, I wouldn’t have been so late. I’m sorry.


B:Well, you’re here. And that’s the main thing.



A:Thank you. I’ll try not to be late again.


urgent 网络解释

1. urgent的反义词

1. 急件:大公国政府机构每天仅工作半天,加上大公国周末为星期五到星期六(周日照常上班),办理签证普通件虽需3个工作天、急件(urgent)需1个工作天,惟因中间变数太多,在办理签证时务必预留弹性时间.

urgent 双语例句

1. So, research on the Fusarium toxin is one of the most urgent tasks.


2. urgent在线翻译

2. If you are planning to go on a fishing expedition with family or friends, here is a list of urgent situations and what preparations you need to face each scenario.



3. Therefore, enhance developments of the campus culture, and is a very important but urgent mission.


4. Airport Road, Xiamen and Hong Kong films, the district, the Chinese, such as Area and the Old City district岭北demolition resettlement will release a large number of buyers demand; 300 major industrial projects in this year will be started, a large number of new executives will become the market demand One of the main targets; people to improve their living environment, improve living quality of the urgent demand will drive buyers demand continues to rise.

机场路,厦门和香港电影,区,中文,如区和旧城拆迁安置区岭北将释放大量的购买者的需求; 300个重大工业项目在今年将开始,大批新的管理人员将成为市场需求的主要目标之一;人民改善他们的生活环境,提高生活质量的迫切需求,将推动买家的需求持续上升。


5. With the constant development of optical communication technology, and the rapid growth of the proportion of data service in the bearer network, the issue of optical network-data network convergence seems more prominent and urgent.


6. He said there against what you body does not check, I said no, but also examined to what he says I have inflammation, inflammation cured first, he said that after eating drugs, he said that if a That is to say that he has the drugs, three or four hundred a day of flowers, may be the last so that we did not think that he said it was not only so small, he said you are not urgent, it is checked in, there is no problem I do not want the door just started looking at that, may I wish it did not matter how much money to spend, the most important to bear in the end, I insist on seeing it on the door, who can think, what a day of high consumption, could eventually I have not pregnant, and now there is no way I am the door, if the doctor does not say that I am able to eat that bad on the quasi-drugs, we do not get the drug of interest, in order to buy this kind of inter-provincial, I Internet search portal, we hope to see.


7. This development, which must make ACCESS to the bus, train, and subway easy and affordable, is urgent.



8. At present, the real estate industry, the urgent need for outside financing channels for banks to address the development and operation funding.


9. urgent

9. Yesterday our clients came to us with the request that 20 metric tons of mild steel flat bars be shipped during February and the remainder in March as they are in urgent need of them.


10. Acting on import and export business, processing, and the number of enterprises and companies of the commission: the monthly balance of the field to provide some instruments; mutual mutually beneficial to business operations of your company `fill the PAC, the PAC meet the urgent needs for the provision of Notes services are as follows:★ ordinary tax.


11. It's obviously not urgent or else they would have called us strainght away.


12. Therefore in order to meet the requirement of developing high technique of our country, it is an important and urgent task to study these machines both theoretically and experimentally and put them into application as early as possible.


13. Many requests for spare parts and other urgent messages from one garage to the other. In this


14. Other urgent messages from one garage to the other.


15. And other urgent message from one garage to the other.


16. This is a Urgent question for us to solve.


17. Has become the urgent need to solve the problem.



18. Therefore, there is an urgent need to guide the dividend income allocation of listed companies into rational state.



19. Therefore, it is necessary and urgent to carry out the electric power reliability research.


20. Sulphuric acid titration is smiple, fast, accurate and colour change of reaction endpoint is sharp, suitable for urgent test.


urgent 词典解释

1. 紧迫的;紧急的;紧要的

If something is urgent, it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.


e.g. There is an urgent need for food and water...


e.g. He had urgent business in New York.



The urgency of finding a cure attracted some of the best minds in medical science...


It is a matter of utmost urgency.


Red Cross officials said they urgently needed bread and water...


The money was most urgently required.


2. 急切的;极力主张的

If you speak in an urgent way, you show that you are anxious for people to notice something or to do something.

e.g. His voice was low and urgent...


e.g. His mother leaned forward and spoke to him in urgent undertones.



She was surprised at the urgency in his voice...


'Daniel,' Pat said, her voice harsh with urgency. 'Come out here immediately.'


They hastened to greet him and asked urgently, 'Did you find it?'

他们赶忙去迎他,急切地问,“找到了吗?”urgent 单语例句urgent在线翻译

1. The man told the escorts he had to leave immediately because he had some urgent business to attend to.

2. Developing countries have an urgent task to buttress their financial defense systems.

3. Experts are calling for urgent action and want owners and staff of these ships and boats to clean up their act or face punishment.

4. This is a test on our vision and ability, and it cries out for urgent action.

5. The UN AIDS agency says the number of infections could rise tenfold to 10 million by 2010 if urgent action is not taken.

6. Airlines must strengthen flying skills and aircraft maintenance to ensure safer flights, an urgent notice released by the CAAC said Monday.

7. They were identified in a report by " Station Champions " who had travelled the country to see where urgent action was needed.

8. Amid the pressure of deflation and insufficient domestic demand, it is urgent to activate the domestic consumption market to drive economic growth.

9. Gates also made an urgent call for NATO allies to live up to their promises to supply military and economic aid for Afghanistan.

10. The announcement came two days after the CISA called an urgent meeting to discuss a response to Vale's price hike.

urgent 英英释义


1. compelling immediate action

e.g. too pressing to permit of longer delay

the urgent words `Hurry! Hurry!'

bridges in urgent need of repair

Synonym: pressing