[英 [ʌpˈset] 美 [ʌpˈsɛt] ]



upset 基本解释

不及物动词打翻,弄翻; 打乱,打搅

及物动词打乱,搅乱; 推翻,弄翻; 使心烦意乱; 使翻倒

名词心烦意乱; 翻倒,颠覆; 混乱

形容词沮丧的; 难过的; 失望的; (肠胃)不舒服的

upset 相关例句


1. The generals plotted to upset the government.


2. Losing the necklace borrowed from her friend upset her completely.


3. James was upset because he had lost his ticket.



1. I had a stomach upset last night.


2. Our team suffered an upset.


upset 情景对话


A:Good afternoon. Whats the trouble?


B:Ive had a pretty high fever since yesterday morning.


A:Anything else?


B:Yes. I have an upset stomach.


A:I see. Well take a good look at you.Do you have any other symptoms? Any more than those youve described?


B:No. Thats about all.



A:Well, I dont think its anything serious.



B:Im relieved to hear that.


upset 网络解释

1. 扰乱:移动驾驶舱内的控制装置就会把需要的控制角信号发出去,动力单元会决定控制面的实际位置. 在动力单元完全失效时,控制面的运动可以通过手工的调节控制片而起作用. 移动控制片来扰乱(upset)导致控制面运动的气动平衡.

2. 生气:他对这个非常敏感,一点口头上的批评就会让他很生气(upset). h: 作业(homework)也是负效用,不喜欢做作业. 与驯兽师不同,我的出发点是为了让他健康成长,而不是要他表演节目为我赚钱. 基于这一点,模型中的有些因素(variables)没有被我用来控制他的行为.

3. 烦乱:以多维角度,校园对危机(Campuscrisis)的定义更为丰富:是校园内成员无法克服障碍时,导致成员个人的解组(disorganization)或烦乱(upset是学校成员或行政体系遭受挫折产生的解组或运动失灵;凡是发生在校园内或与校园有关,

4. 不安:据心理学表明,一般人在某种非自定义场合所表现出的焦躁不安(upset)等反应称之为紧张(nervous).这种心理障碍通过个人机能反应使脑神经末梢传感兴奋受阻而情感紊乱,无法正常思维.这种情况下,考试期间,睡觉1小时28分你将完全放松,

upset 双语例句

1. Once I was so upset that I almost flooded the conversation with my complaints after she logged on.


2. People who think they know everything upset those of us who do.


3. They're not quite Sonus Faber, but I can't believe anyone would be upset at any aspect of the quality and finish for their 900 clams.

虽然他们不属于Sonus Faber牌音箱,但是我坚信不会有任何人会为了付900美元而获得如此好质量和外观的音箱而感到不悦的。


4. It's amazing how upset women can get over the marital status of strangers.


5. upset在线翻译

5. The water supporting a ship can also upset it.


6. If I was a sportswriter, if I was a fan, I would have been very, very upset.


7. People here to get upset and almost get themselves hurt.


8. Essien`s spokeswoman was quoted as saying: He is very upset and does not believe he was over the limit.


9. upset是什么意思

9. Malsoon: I didn't want to say this because I thought it'd upset you but..


10. I've been here two days now, and I've got an upset stomach.


11. I have an upset stomach, so that's out.


12. A: I have an upset stomach, so that's out.


13. upset

13. Yes. I have an upset stomach.


14. C:i have an upset stomash, so that's out.


15. We can't afford to upset such an important customer.


16. upset是什么意思

16. Let your partner know how you feel if you are upset and an argument starts.


17. upset的意思

17. One of Ford`s close friends, who was an insurance salesman, read about it and became quite upset.


18. One of Ford`s close friends, who was an insurance salesman, read about it and became quite upset. He called Ford and asked why he hadn`t purchased a policy from his company.


19. The tendency to be upset or depressed easily, sensitiveness, narrow-mindedness, egoism.


20. You may feel stressed and tense or unable to relax. You may experience physical symptoms such as headaches, sweaty hands, upset stomach, pounding heart, and muscle tension.


upset 词典解释The verb and adjective are pronounced /ʌp'set/. The noun is pronounced /'ʌpset/. 动词和形容词读作/ʌp'set/,名词读作/'ʌpset/。

1. 心烦的;苦恼的;沮丧的

If you are upset, you are unhappy or disappointed because something unpleasant has happened to you.

e.g. After she died I felt very, very upset...


e.g. Marta looked upset...


2. 使心烦意乱;使生气;使心情不好

If something upsets you, it makes you feel worried or unhappy.

e.g. The whole incident had upset me and my fiancee terribly...


e.g. She warned me not to say anything to upset him...



Childhood illness can be upsetting for children and parents alike...


I will never see him again and that is a terribly upsetting thought.


3. 打乱;搅乱

If events upset something such as a procedure or a state of affairs, they cause it to go wrong.

e.g. ...a deal that would upset the balance of power in the world's gold markets...


e.g. House prices are easily upset by factors which have nothing to do with property.


4. 弄翻;打翻;弄乱

If you upset an object, you accidentally knock or push it over so that it scatters over a large area.

e.g. Don't upset the piles of sheets under the box.


e.g. ...bumping into him, and almost upsetting the ginger ale.


5. (肠胃的)不适

A stomach upset is a slight illness in your stomach caused by an infection or by something that you have eaten.


e.g. Paul was unwell last night with a stomach upset...


e.g. It wasn't anything serious. A mild stomach upset, that's all.


6. to upset the applecart -> see applecart

upset 单语例句

1. The tidal wave can capsize boats and upset shipping in the bustling metropolis.

2. " He was very distraught and upset and realized that he caused a major disaster, " Adams told a news conference.

3. One who appeared upset at being chosen was excused, meaning the trial will proceed with 12 jurors and five alternates instead of six.

4. The film received mixed reviews and protesters picketed outside a number of theaters, upset over the story's suggestion that Jesus Christ was married and had a child.

5. A senior citizen was so upset with his new apartment he turned to the media to shame developers into doing something about dodgy workmanship.

6. It would be wrong for us not to be upset by the circulation of the kissing clip just because we were not the people involved.

7. Hao also demanded increased security measures in Tibetan monasteries and addressing to the disputes and grudges which might upset stability.

8. Steve Francis became close with Cuttino Mobley during their six seasons as teammates, so the Orlando star was upset when the Magic shipped his friend to Sacramento.

9. Then the rescue effort was upset by the utterly soft earth on the spot and its closeness to nearby buildings.

10. He knows when you're tired, upset or unwell - and is the one companion who's always pleased to see you.

upset 英英释义


1. an improbable and unexpected victory

e.g. the biggest upset since David beat Goliath

Synonym: overturn

2. the act of upsetting something

e.g. he was badly bruised by the upset of his sled at a high speed

Synonym: overturnturnover

3. the act of disturbing the mind or body

e.g. his carelessness could have caused an ecological upset

she was unprepared for this sudden overthrow of their normal way of living

Synonym: derangementoverthrow

4. a tool used to thicken or spread metal (the end of a bar or a rivet etc.) by forging or hammering or swaging

Synonym: swage

5. a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning

e.g. the doctor prescribed some medicine for the disorder

everyone gets stomach upsets from time to time

Synonym: disorder

6. an unhappy and worried mental state

e.g. there was too much anger and disturbance

she didn't realize the upset she caused me

Synonym: disturbanceperturbation


1. disturb the balance or stability of

e.g. The hostile talks upset the peaceful relations between the two countries

2. defeat suddenly and unexpectedly

e.g. The foreign team upset the local team

3. form metals with a swage

Synonym: swage

4. move deeply

e.g. This book upset me

A troubling thought

Synonym: disturbtrouble

5. cause to lose one's composure

Synonym: discomposeuntunedisconcertdiscomfit

6. cause to overturn from an upright or normal position

e.g. The cat knocked over the flower vase

the clumsy customer turned over the vase

he tumped over his beer

Synonym: overturntip overturn overknock overbowl overtump over


1. thrown into a state of disarray or confusion

e.g. troops fleeing in broken ranks

a confused mass of papers on the desk

the small disordered room

with everything so upset

Synonym: brokenconfuseddisordered

2. afflicted with or marked by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief

e.g. too upset to say anything

spent many disquieted moments

distressed about her son's leaving home

lapsed into disturbed sleep

worried parents

a worried frown

one last worried check of the sleeping children

Synonym: disquieteddistresseddisturbedworried

3. having been turned so that the bottom is no longer the bottom

e.g. an overturned car

the upset pitcher of milk

sat on an upturned bucket

Synonym: overturnedupturned

4. mildly physically distressed

e.g. an upset stomach