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turn into

[英 [tə:n ˈɪntuː] 美 [tɚn ˈɪntu] ]

turn into的意思、解释

turn into 基本解释

成为; (使)变成; 译成

turn into 网络解释

1. 变成:thick adj. 厚的;浓的 | turn into 变成 | knee n. 膝盖

2. 进入;使变成,使成为:turn in 转身进入;拐入;交出 | turn into 进入;使变成,使成为 | turn off 关(水源等拐弯

3. 使变成,使成为:turn in 上床睡觉;交还,上交 | turn ... into 使变成,使成为 | turn off 关(水源等拐弯

4. turn into的翻译

4. 把......变成:14.set up 建起 | 15.turn...into 把......变成 | 16.give out 捐出;献出

turn into 双语例句

1. Elegant prosperous is passed such upgrade ceaselessly, turn similar Yamaxun into such number finally publication company.


2. Bymaking yourself a teachable person, you turn into a sponge, and absorbenormous amounts of knowledge faster! Your seniors are there for areason!


3. So, in the spring, we plunge shovels into the garden plot, turn under the dark compost, rake fine the crumbling clods, and press the inert seeds into orderly rows. These are the commonest routines.


4. The third solution is for the acquirer to go ahead with the acquisition, but then subsequently repurchase a quantity of shares equal to the number issued in the merger. In this manner, what originally was a stock-for-stock merger can be converted, effectively, into a cash-for-stock acquisition. Repurchases of this kind are damage-repair moves. Regular readers will correctly guess that we much prefer repurchases that directly enhance the wealth of owners instead of repurchases that merely repair previous damage. Scoring touchdowns is more exhilarating than recovering one`s fumbles. But, when a fumble has occurred, recovery is important and we heartily recommend damage-repair repurchases that turn a bad stock deal into a fair cash deal.


5. We then turn to research into de novo protein structure prediction, in which structures are generated from first principles.


6. You'd best stay clear of me, orI'll turn you into a mindless sheep!


7. turn into

7. If we can understand the underlying causes of what is happening then we can turn this information into forecasts.


8. turn into的解释

8. Max: What I used to able to pass off as a bad summer could now potentially turn into a bad life.


9. I hope, through the cooperation, by ABS orbing and learning the international advanced management experiences, operational mechanisms and production technologies, Yatai group can turn into a group with the international competitiveness and play a bigger role in cement industry structure adjustment, the optimization and upgrading of our cement industry.


10. Technology of long jump take-off is a way to turn the human body s horizontal speed into taking-off speed.


11. turn into什么意思

11. I can turn the whole scene into a living miniature and go through it on a 50 to 1 scale.



12. It may be that we will find ways to turn this silk purse into a sows ear.


13. A bit of non-confidence here and your tight-budget project may turn into a money-waster.


14. turn into的翻译

14. And now it must manifest into your experience. And when you turn that fantasy into a fact


15. turn into在线翻译

15. Documents of documents Please list, making stores goods warehouse to turn into library, every order confirmation of the goods, and the arrival of the goods at the goods at work, the pick-up DaZhi statistics, the daily and monthly inventory stock statements for doing Storage department JianZhuang cosfre According to the requirement that the goods Michael head certifying that the number and type, the number of such information, supervision and forklift truck packing, arrange cargo security, reasonable position after completion of packing cosfre JianZhuang fill in form Hobbies: interest are good at computer applications, computer hardware and software have mastered

单证部 单证员制作门店商品请货单,转仓单,对每天进库商品的定单进行预约收货,并在货物到达时进行收货单的打制工作,统计每天的库存进出情况,用于每月做库存报表仓储部拼箱监装按装箱单要求确认货麦头,进仓物数量,型号,编号等信息,监督铲车的装箱,安排货物堆放位置合理安全,拼箱装箱完成后填写监装表格兴趣爱好:兴趣方面比较擅长计算机的应用,对计算机的软硬件有一定的掌握

16. Perhaps, they are expecting true some day can turn into be sharp machete its company is built result establish line of business.


17. turn into的近义词

17. Part of the problem is the result of this Sign's load of irrational fears that turn into niggling anxieties that turn into hurt feelings and occasional grouchiness.


18. I believe, it was slow when you being pushed into the darkness, because I singing a memorial song to let you turn back again and again.


19. The following factors will lead to the burst of the bubble and result the downturn of the market: House prices stop rising or start falling More economic austerity measures - eg sharp interest rate hikes and introduction of capital gain tax The market becomes concerned about an economic hard landing A sharp rise in the mortgage default rate Some property companies run into financial difficulties The continuous recovery since 2000 has instilled a bullishness among buyers and developers, which in turn is creating a bubble in both demand and supply as house prices move beyond the reach of genuine buyers and future completions continue to rise rapidly.

以下几个因素将导致泡沫之爆破:住宅价格停止上升或开始下降进一步的经济调控措施–例如利率急剧提高和引进资本利得税市场关注经济硬着陆按揭贷款违约率的急剧上升某些房地产公司陷入财务危机 2000年以来的持续复苏已在购房人和开发商心目中形成了持续上涨的观念,当房价上涨超过当地真实买房人的购买力和未来竣工量快速增加时,这反过来会在供需双方形成泡沫。

20. So it is not easy to turn this idea into reality. We creatively give our parameterization by using the expression of the blending surface in affine coordinate system ([9]) and the plane pencil together.


turn into 单语例句turn into是什么意思

1. There is something about the combination of good butter and the scent of roses that will turn teatime into an occasion.

2. A few hits can turn a bad year into a good one, while a few misses can send a solid year into the dumps.

3. How to turn the consensus from this round of talks into actionable measures?

4. What at first seem like frustratingly dainty morsels of food quickly turn into a meal capable of leaving you more than satisfied.

5. ASEAN companies should turn challenges into opportunities, actively upgrade the technology and enhance the management capacity to improve the quality of products.

6. Wang said they turn into carbon dioxide and nitrogen, elements that are ordinarily found in the air.

7. But the 1986 PGA champion caught fire heading into the turn, carding birdies on seven of his final 10 holes.

8. They are also required to turn land into forest and take care of it.

9. The privatization plan will give minority shareholders opportunities to turn their investment earnings into cash, the statement said.

10. But Shanghai is the first to turn such casual matchmaking gatherings into organized events by marriage agencies.

turn into是什么意思