[英 [tɪp] 美 [tɪp] ]


过去式:tipped;   过去分词:tipped;   现在分词:tipping;   复数形式:tips;

tip 基本解释


名词小费; 小窍门; 末梢

及物动词给小费; 倾斜,翻倒; 装顶端

不及物动词给小费; 翻倒; 倾覆

tip 相关词组

1. tip over : 使翻倒;

tip 相关例句


1. tip的翻译

1. Who tipped the scheme?


2. tip的近义词

2. I tipped the bottle over and it broke.


3. Tip us your fin.



1. tip的意思

1. Some smokers don't like cigarettes with tips.


2. I gave her a tip on how to concoct a new kind of soup.


tip 网络解释

1. tip在线翻译

1. tip:translation inhibitory protein; 翻译抑制蛋白

2. tip:transversing incore probe; 心探针系统

3. tip什么意思

3. tip:typhoid complicated with intestinal perforation; 肠伤寒穿孔

4. tip:tour into picture; ·照片漫游

tip 双语例句

1. After placing the lower edge of the blade on the base plate with the tip touching the upright member, the projection formed by the double curve should just touch the center of the weld metal.


2. Unbelievable as it is, that`s only the tip of the iceberg.


3. Tip 2546: Large memory modules should be ECC/Parity.

提示致电2546 :大记忆体模组应ECC的/均等。

4. tip是什么意思

4. In order to achieve this goal, the operator you want to make sizing more uniform, ideally only cord to tip the Central sizing.


5. If the average velocity of a vesicle is 1 μm/sec, how long does it take a vesicle to move from a cell body in the spinal cord to the axonal tip in the toes?


6. In addition, by sizing and precise measurement of the paste, can make a single side of Corrugating in without contact to prevent the collapse of the cord to tip.


7. If the average velocity of a vesicle is 1 μm/sec, how long does it take a vesicle to move from a cell body in the spinal cord to the axonal tip in the toe s?


8. Certified, ISO-BARTFM system eliminates the excessive application of glue, or at least reduced by 30%, but the paste dasage will be able to achieve sufficient bond strength of pulp in corrugated, 'Tis folly to glue period reduces or avoid cord to tip subsidece.


9. Right of the tip of the dull grey bricks, there is a spark of red!


10. Under these conditions it is very important that the aspiration pressure, i. e., the pressure at the tip of the melt delivery tube, is sub-ambient to ensure un-interrupted melt flow from the melt delivery tube.


11. Local anesthesia is administered best in two stages at the tip of the foreign body. First, deep local anesthesia is administered with sonographic guidance in the pathway of forceps dissection and foreign body removal.


12. There are three elements: sound, rhyme, and intonation. IPA adopted Zhao, Yuan Ren's melody in 1926 for Liu, Bian Nong's lyrics, to analyse sounds hidden by the tip of the tongue vowels:〔〕, 〔〕:which means empty vowel〔(The symbol is abbreviated〕, so these vowels should be added in pronunciation practice.


13. tip什么意思

13. Author tried to study the grade variation along to strike and tip in Daye Iron Longdong ore-body with the method.


14. Tea in the Spring Valley tip and the best quality flowers.


15. Pertaining to flowerless plants in which growth occurs only at the tip of the main stem.


16. tip

16. Any flowerless plant such as a fern or moss in which growth occurs only at the tip of the main stem.


17. tip的解释

17. Abstract] objective to analyse kawasaki disease's clinical characteristic to improve the cognition and cure kawasaki disease. methods 52 kawasaki disease's clinical data from 1996 to 2005 in our hospital were reviewed. results in the 52 examples, 34 were males, 18 were females, the proportion was 1.89∶1.patients in 1~5 years old, took up 68.35%.symptom was pyrexia for over 5 days, antibiotic cure was useless. in the whole 52 examples, 50 were exanthem, 44 were eye conjunctiva congestion, 50 lip bleeding with evaporation and dehiscence, 46 myrica tongue, 44 apyetous lympha denectasis in the neck area of the body, 42 hand and foot-tip stiff swell, 48 membrane peeling from hand foot-tip and the skin around anus after two weeks, 12 cadiovascular expansion.

分析川崎病的临床特征以提高对川崎病的认识及治疗。方法回顾性分析1996~2005年我院收治符合川崎病标准的52例川崎病临床资料。结果 52例川崎病患儿中男34例、女18例,男女比例为1.89∶1。患儿年龄多在1~5岁,大约占68.35%。症状均为发热5天以上,抗生素治疗无效,其中皮疹50例,眼结膜充血44例,口唇干裂出血50例,杨梅舌46例,颈部非化脓性淋巴结肿大44例,手足末梢硬肿42例,2周后手足末梢及肛周皮肤膜状脱屑48例,冠状动脉扩张12例。

18. tip

18. It is a large, triangular area of the ocean with the island of Bermuda at its northern tip.

Line 24,Para.7 这是大西洋上一个巨大的三角形海区,其中百慕大岛位于三角区的北端。

19. When the hydraulic system up to the tip is set higher than the pressure relief valve, the relief valve on top of the ball was opened by the oil relief valve to the tank platoon.


20. And one of those lights, slightly brighter than the rest, will be my wing tip passing over.


tip 词典解释

1. 末梢;尖端;顶端

The tip of something long and narrow is the end of it.

e.g. The sleeves covered his hands to the tips of his fingers...


e.g. She poked and shifted things with the tip of her walking stick...


2. (使)倾斜;(使)斜侧

If you tip an object or part of your body or if it tips, it moves into a sloping position with one end or side higher than the other.

e.g. He leaned away from her, and she had to tip her head back to see him...


e.g. A young boy is standing on a stool, reaching for a cookie jar, and the stool is about to tip...


3. 倾倒;倒出

If you tip something somewhere, you pour it there.

e.g. Tip the vegetables into a bowl...


e.g. She took out the plate, stared blankly at the dried-up food on it, and tipped it into the bin…


4. 扔掉,倒掉(垃圾)

To tip rubbish means to get rid of it by leaving it somewhere.

e.g. ...the costs of tipping rubbish in landfills...


e.g. How do you stop people tipping?...


in AM, use 美国英语用 dump

5. 垃圾场

A tip is a place where rubbish is left.

e.g. Officers had found a large bread knife on the rubbish tip…


e.g. I took a load of rubbish and grass cuttings to the tip.


in AM, use 美国英语用 garbage dump

6. 脏乱的场所

If you describe a place as a tip, you mean it is very untidy.

e.g. The flat is an absolute tip.


7. 给…小费

If you tip someone such as a waiter in a restaurant, you give them some money in order to thank them for their services.

e.g. Do you really think it's customary to tip the waiters?...


e.g. She tipped the barmen 10 dollars and bought drinks all round.

她给了吧台服务员 10 美元小费,还请在场的所有人喝了酒。


A 10 percent service charge is added in lieu of tipping.

加收了 10% 的服务费以代替小费。

8. 小费

If you give a tip to someone such as a waiter in a restaurant, you give them some money to thank them for their services.

e.g. I gave the barber a tip...


e.g. The Head Porter was keeping all the tips.


9. 诀窍;忠告;指导

A tip is a useful piece of advice.


e.g. It shows how to prepare a CV, and gives tips on applying for jobs.


e.g. …tips for busy managers…


10. 认定…会(做某事或获得成功)

If a person is tipped to do something or is tipped for success at something, experts or journalists believe that they will do that thing or achieve that success.

e.g. He is tipped to be the country's next foreign minister...


e.g. He was widely tipped for success.


11. (对赛马、比赛结果的)预测,内幕消息

Someone's tip for a race or competition is their advice on its likely result, especially to someone who wants to bet money on the result.


e.g. I've a tip for the races…


e.g. United are still my tip for the Title.


12. (事物的)端倪,表面一小部分,冰山一角

If you say that a problem is the tip of the iceberg, you mean that it is one small part of a much larger problem.


e.g. Unless we're all a lot more careful, the people who have died so far will be just the tip of the iceberg.


13. 使占优势

If something tips the scales or tips the balance, it gives someone a slight advantage.

e.g. Today's slightly shorter race could well help to tip the scales in his favour...


e.g. If the trial were evenly poised the newspapers might tip the balance against them.


14. 话到嘴边(却没说出来)

If a comment or question is on the tip of your tongue, you really want to say it or ask it, but you decide not to say it.


e.g. It was on the tip of Mahoney's tongue to say the boss was out...


e.g. A sarcastic remark was on the tip of her tongue.


相关词组:tip offtip overtip up

tip 单语例句

1. Melted wax flows through the tip of the pen making it possible to write words or draw edging and other decoration on a candle.

2. But this may be just the tip of an iceberg, because detected fraud comprises a very small amount of the actual level.

3. A caustic comparison made by a Yiwu businessperson provides a vivid depiction of the tip of this dangerous iceberg.

4. Forecasters said it could strengthen back into a hurricane before slamming into Grand Cayman on Friday and into the western tip of Cuba on Saturday.

5. With tip of handle of wooden spoon, press dough down in center of each cup to make room for 2 tablespoons filling.

6. The Third Pole almost certainly will not win the next election, but it could well tip the scales in forming a governing coalition.

7. Postal Service received a tip about a child pornography Web site based in Dallas.

8. Chopsticks placed under the fish during steaming is a professional tip, and the raised fish cooks easier and quicker this way.

9. The standoff between the two men has caused the deaths of nearly 200 people and threatens to tip the country back into civil war.

10. Local residents said the deal was just the tip of the iceberg regarding land transfers and embezzlement of collective assets.

tip的意思tip 英英释义


1. an indication of potential opportunity

e.g. he got a tip on the stock market

a good lead for a job

Synonym: leadsteerconfidential informationwindhint

2. the top or extreme point of something (usually a mountain or hill)

e.g. the view from the peak was magnificent

they clambered to the tip of Monadnock

the region is a few molecules wide at the summit

Synonym: peakcrowncresttopsummit

3. the extreme end of something

especially something pointed

4. a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)

Synonym: gratuitypourboirebaksheeshbakshishbakshisbacksheesh

5. a V shape

e.g. the cannibal's teeth were filed to sharp points

Synonym: pointpeak


1. remove the tip from

e.g. tip artichokes

2. mark with a tip

e.g. tip the arrow with the small stone

3. give insider information or advise to

e.g. He tipped off the police about the terrorist plot

Synonym: tip off

4. strike lightly

e.g. He tapped me on the shoulder

Synonym: tap

5. walk on one's toes

Synonym: tiptoetippytoe

6. to incline or bend from a vertical position

e.g. She leaned over the banister

Synonym: leantiltslantangle

7. cause to tilt

e.g. tip the screen upward

8. cause to topple or tumble by pushing

Synonym: toppletumble

9. give a tip or gratuity to in return for a service, beyond the compensation agreed on

e.g. Remember to tip the waiter

fee the steward

Synonym: feebung