[英 [ðeə(r)] 美 [ðer] ]


there 基本解释

副词那里; 在那里; 在那一点上

代词表示某物或某人的存在或某事的发生(常用作be, seem或appear的主语)


there 同义词

副词in that respectat that placethither

there 反义词


there 相关词组

1. be in there : 不懈地从事...;

2. over there : 在那边;

there 相关例句


1. There is a dog under the tree.


2. There seems to be something in what he says.


3. There is no harm in trying.



1. there什么意思

1. They have moved somewhere near there.


there 情景对话



A:(I wonder if/ Maybe/ Perhaps) there was an accident.





A:There’s another (traffic jam/ back-up/ accident) on the highway.



B:How can there be?



B:I’ve been there for about (four months/ six days/ three years).

我在那儿已有大约(4个月/ 6天/ 3年)。


A:That’s nice.


there 网络解释

1. there在线翻译

1. 那边:从家里出来去教官那边(There)接第一个任务吧;在副教官那边(There)接到第二个任务;去益州山岭的幼龙那取得五个幼龙角,益州山岭从江洲城最下面的出口出来便是了,幼龙角特别好暴,差不多幼龙暴一个,暴其五个就回去(Go back)找副教官吧.

2. there在线翻译

2. 在那儿:我们当中有些人甚至跑出太阳系外 结果常常迷路找不到方向 所幸要回来很容易 探险者只要聚焦在自己的肉体上 一下就回来了 没有光速的限制.当你注视另一个能量系统 在那儿(There) 效应几乎是即刻产

there 双语例句


1. When you are in a foreign country, youmust follow the customs there.


2. I realize that a lot of man wholly adjust China very curiously, Reason that probably is for Chinese history age-old, I to Canada also very curiously, For what I can tell, There are a lot of China returneds students in Canada.


3. there的意思

3. There will always be people who will hurt you, so you need to comtinue trusting, just be careful.



4. There Will Always Be People Who'll Hurt You, So You Need To Comtinue Trusing, Just Be Careful.


5. If you aren't there they are going to miss your message.


6. To get there, you will, of course, have to abide by three rules.


7. There are too much dead weight in the company, so things need to be streamlined.


8. It was a root pairs of strains of holly, higher than the eaves, leaves dense seamless, dark green light, in the winter, with bamboo light green color of show scenery, giving a good impression to leave, it will enable you germinal Prose The inspiration, though not as earth-shattering story of the source, from the cuttings to grow together in prayer for the two thick trees, the growth of its history, after the number of wind and rain, how many spent the winter and spring, winter does not fade dark green in color, hair can not count the new spring shoots, there are hundreds of thousands of young leaves crowded old leaves, people unknown knowing it.



9. There ◎ over-temperature protection device, safer and more at ease.


10. O seven apples on a with's tree With seven seeds to plant inside of me In springtime I grew a magic song Then skipping along, oh I sang the song to everyone I looked at the world through apple eyes And cut myself a slice of sunshine pie I danced with the peanut butterflies Till time went and told me to say hello but wave goodbye A thousand sugar stars Oh put then in a jar And then whistle round the world Oh whistle round the world I'm a little wolf insede a girl, you say And off I'll go from June to May Oh whistling round the world I met a golden swan upon the road Who was a handsome prince, so I was told I asked it the way to yesterday Then I was a sailor, and through the day I sailed away Bluebird seas I sailed With mermaids riding whales Oh whistle round the world Oh whistle round the world I'm a little wolf inside a girl, you say And off I'll go down Winder Way Oh whistling round the world Through apple eyes Oh there are rose-coloured skylines Where flying silver spoons Eat melting marmalade moons Through apple eyes I see for millions of miles The sun's a diamond shining In the nighttime of a summer day A thousand sugar stars Oh put them in a jar And then whistle round the world Oh whistle round the world I'm a little wolf inside a girl, you say And off I'll go Oh whistling round the world Let's whistle round the world Whistle round the world

o七个苹果,就同的树七种子植物里面的我在春天,我成长的一个魔术歌然后跳到沿线,哦i唱这首歌给大家我一看,在世界通过苹果电脑眼和削减自己一片阳光馅饼动作与花生蝴蝶直到时间一天天过去,并告诉我说,你好,但波再见 1000糖颗星哦付诸表决,然后在一个瓦罐然后哨子环游世界哦哨子环游世界我是一个很少狼insede一个女孩,你说断断续续我会去,从6至5月哦吹口哨环游世界我遇见了一名金色天鹅后,道一位英俊的王子,所以有人告诉我我问它的方式,以昨日那么,我是一个水手,并通过我每天航行距离蓝鸟公海航行i 与mermaids骑鲸哦哨子环游世界哦哨子环游世界我是一个很少狼里面一个女孩,你说断断续续我会走络筒机方式哦吹口哨环游世界通过苹果电脑的眼睛哦,还有玫瑰有色skylines 如飞行银汤匙吃熔化果酱的月亮通过苹果电脑的眼睛我看到数百万英里太阳的一颗钻石闪耀在夜间的一个夏天,一天 1000糖颗星哦,他们在一个瓦罐然后哨子环游世界哦哨子环游世界我是一个很少狼里面一个女孩,你说断断续续我会去哦吹口哨环游世界让的哨子环游世界哨子环游世界

11. there的解释

11. There is a slight and cold smile on his face.



12. There was slight and cold smile on his face.


13. There are many other good ideas to cut costs making the rounds.


14. Flammable Gases: If the HeartStart is used to give a shock in the presence of flammable gases such as in an oxygen tent, there is a risk of explosion.


15. Does it worry you that he's out there?


16. There may be a hemoglobin measurement mechanism or card with a cuvette.


17. there的翻译

17. There are others, I know, who in piety go


18. If there are otherwise provisions on the resign of the trustee in public trust in this Law, those provisions shall be followed.


19. After the searches of vast references, there are very few references on iron deposits correlated to picrite. Although this kind of deposits are few, it does exists, such as the Afton Cu-Au deposit related to picrite found in Canada.



20. As long as there is hope that after the fall would not be unable to stand up again.


there 词典解释Pronounced /ðə, strong ðeə/ for meanings 1 and 2, and /'ðeə/ for meanings 3 to 20. 义项1和2读作 /ðə, 强读 ðeə/,义项3至20在句中作重读。

1. (作动词 be 的主语,表示存在与否或引起注意)

There is used as the subject of the verb 'be' to say that something exists or does not exist, or to draw attention to it.

e.g. There are roadworks between Camblesforth and Carlton...


e.g. Are there some countries that have been able to tackle these problems successfully?...


There is normally followed by a plural form of the verb be when it is used to introduce a count noun in the plural. There were policemen everywhere. However, when it introduces a series of nouns in the singular, linked by and, a singular form of the verb be is normally used. There is a time and a place for everything... There was a street fair and an old-fashioned brass band. Take care not to confuse there and their.

there 用来引导可数名词复数时,后面通常跟动词 be 的复数形式:There were policemen everywhere (到处都是警察)。然而,当引导一系列用 and 连接的单数名词时,其后通常用 be 的单数形式:There is a time and a place for everything (任何事物都有存在的时间和空间),There was a street fair and an old-fashioned brass band (正好有一场街头游乐会,还有一支老式铜管乐队在演奏)。注意不要混淆 there 和 their。

2. (用在某些动词前表示某事物存在、发展或可见,动词的单复数取决于其后的名词)

You use there in front of certain verbs when you are saying that something exists, develops, or can be seen. Whether the verb is singular or plural depends on the noun which follows the verb.

e.g. There remains considerable doubt over when the intended high-speed rail link will be complete...


e.g. There appeared no imminent danger...


3. (用于 hello 或 hi 之后作为问候语)

There is used after 'hello' or 'hi' when you are greeting someone.

e.g. 'Hello there,' said the woman, smiling at them. — 'Hi!' they chorused...


e.g. Oh, hi there. You must be Sidney.


4. 存在地;现有地;可得到地

If something is there, it exists or is available.

e.g. The group of old buildings on the corner by the main road is still there today...


e.g. The book is there for people to read and make up their own mind...


5. 那儿(指已经提及的地方)

You use there to refer to a place which has already been mentioned.

e.g. The next day we drove the 33 miles to Siena (the Villa Arceno is a great place to stay while you are there) for the Palio...

第二天,我们驱车 33 英里来到锡耶纳参加赛马节(此地的阿尔希诺山庄是个好地方,值得一去)。

e.g. 'Come on over, if you want.' — 'How do I get there?'...


6. 那儿,那边(表示用手指向的或目视的地方)

You use there to indicate a place that you are pointing to or looking at, in order to draw someone's attention to it.


e.g. There it is, on the corner over there...


e.g. There she is on the left up there...


7. (用于 there he was 或 there we were 等表达方式中,用以概括故事或为了制造特殊效果放慢故事的节奏)

You use there in expressions such as 'there he was' or 'there we were' to sum up part of a story or to slow a story down for dramatic effect.

e.g. So there we were with Amy and she was driving us crazy...


e.g. I looked, and there he was, riding a horse, with a double barreled shotgun on his shoulder.


8. …在吗(电话用语)

You use there when speaking on the telephone to ask if someone is available to speak to you.

e.g. Hello, is Gordon there please?


9. 在那一点上(指别人谈话中的某个观点)

You use there to refer to a point that someone has made in a conversation.

e.g. Death is terrible. I agree with you there...


e.g. I think you're right there John...


10. 那里,那儿(指活动、过程已经达到的阶段)

You use there to refer to a stage that has been reached in an activity or process.

e.g. We are making further investigations and will take the matter from there...


e.g. And there we end this edition of Science in Action...


11. (表示取得圆满成功)

You use there to indicate that something has reached a point or level which is completely successful.

e.g. We had hoped to fill the back page with extra news; we're not quite there yet...


e.g. Life has not yet returned to normal but we are getting there.


12. 别无他法;无计可施;只能这样了

You can use there in expressions such as there you go or there we are when accepting that an unsatisfactory situation cannot be changed.

e.g. I'm the oldest and, according to all the books, should be the achiever, but there you go...


e.g. It's the wages that count. Not over-generous, but there you are...


13. 我讲的没错吧;我说对了吧

You can use there in expressions such as there you go and there we are when emphasizing that something proves that you were right.


e.g. You see? There you go. That's why I didn't mention it earlier. I knew you'd take it the wrong way...


e.g. 'There you are, you see!' she exclaimed. 'I knew you'd say that!'...


14. 话说回来;再说了;不过

You use there again to introduce an extra piece of information which either contradicts what has been said or gives an alternative to it.

e.g. At 18 stone, I can't run around the way I used to. There again, some people say I never did...


e.g. I mean small cars are the answer surely. Or there again a good system of public transport might do the same thing.


15. 又来了;又来这套

Phrases such as there you go again are used to show annoyance at someone who is repeating something that has annoyed you in the past.

e.g. 'There you go again, upsetting the child!' said Shirley...


e.g. 'There you go again, Dad, with your silly words.' — 'Sorry, son.'...


16. 就这样定了;别说了

You can add 'so there' to what you are saying to show that you will not change your mind about a decision you have made, even though the person you are talking to disagrees with you.

e.g. 'Take That' are the best group in the whole world. So there...


e.g. I think that's sweet, so there.


17. 立即;立刻

If something happens there and then or then and there, it happens immediately.

e.g. Many felt that he should have resigned there and then...


e.g. There and then he made his decision...


18. 好了,好了(用于安慰他人,尤其是儿童)

You say 'there there' to someone who is very upset, especially a small child, in order to comfort them.

e.g. 'There, there,' said Mum. 'You've been having a really bad dream.'


19. 给你;拿去吧

You say 'there you are' or 'there you go' when you are offering something to someone.

e.g. Nora picked up the boy, and gave him a biscuit. 'There you are, Lennie, you take the nice biscuit.'


20. (尤指困难时)帮助,支持

If someone is there for you, they help and support you, especially when you have problems.

e.g. Despite what happened in the past I want her to know I am there for her.


there 单语例句

1. Not far from the hospital, there is another booth in the University of International Business and Economics.

2. There will be six language courses available, ranging from CEO business level to creative writing for English learners.

3. There is also growing talk of business ethics now that the insiders are exiting their businesses.

4. " There are various regulations which limit the game business there, " a Sony spokeswoman told China Daily.

5. An operator with Aramco said there was no one available at the company to comment after business hours.

6. In China there is a cottage industry that pays people to act as if they are the voices of the public.

7. About 60 per cent of the business area there was in operation.

8. Ports'business operations on the mainland have been growing steadily, thanks to the blistering economic development there.

9. But Zhou realized that there was a business opportunity if he could replicate the model.

10. There would be one each for professional accountants in public practice and professional accountants in business.

there在线翻译there 英英释义


1. a location other than here

that place

e.g. you can take it from there


1. in or at that place

e.g. they have lived there for years

it's not there

that man there

Synonym: at that placein that location

2. to or toward that place

away from the speaker

e.g. go there around noon!

Synonym: thither

3. in that matter

e.g. I agree with you there

Synonym: in that respecton that point