[英 [ˈθiətə] 美 [ˈθi:ətər] ]



theatre 基本解释

名词电影院,戏院; 戏剧工作; 演戏; 手术室


theatre 双语例句

1. theatre的反义词

1. This project aims to discover officially the cause of Minamata disease through theatre work.


2. Chu delivered his remarks as the speaker at Harvard's 358th Commencement, held outdoors in Harvard Yard's Tercentenary Theatre.


3. theatre什么意思

3. The central theatre space forms an unexpected vertical axis to the sky; an observatory to the stars through a kinetic roof that opens in fair weather.


4. The article about the theatre give us a few sidelight on the character of its owner.


5. theatre

5. Those involved with the theatre and fine arts will be at their best during this week.



6. The sequestered and broken character of the ground rendered it a fit theatre for duels and rencontres among the fiery youth of the period.


7. The Anthony Minghella Theatre at Quay Arts Centre on the Isle of Wight is named in his honour.


8. As was expected at the beginning, Sydney Theatre has become one of the most classic buildings on the earth.


9. Miss Blanchett wants to bring in a younger audience to the Sydney Theatre Company`s performances.



10. This past January, the couple became the artistic directors of the Sydney Theatre Company, where Blanchett`s career began.


11. theatre是什么意思

11. As well as many touring theatre, ballet, and musical productions, the Opera House is the home of Opera Australia, the Sydney Theatre Company and the Sydney Symphony.


12. In so far as there is a National Theatre in Australia, the Sydney Theatre Company is it, says Rob Brookman, the general manager.


13. Miss Blanchett and her husband, Andrew Upton, have become artistic directors of the Sydney Theatre Company, an organisation which already has a fine opinion of itself.


14. She graduated in 1992 and began her career at the Sydney Theatre Company, the country's largest theater group.


15. To arrange his photographs then provides the opportunity to create a narrative because all the pictures start to fit into a kind of theatre.


16. Since 2003 as a dramaturge and producer of the SDAC, he also has co-produced several productions with theatre companies from abroad.


17. The 2009 Annual Workshop of United College will be held on Friday, 6 March 2009 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at the C1 Lecture Theatre of T C Cheng Building, United College.?


18. The 2009 Annual Workshop of United College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong will be held on Friday, 6 March 2009 at 10:00 am at the C1 Lecture Theatre of T C Cheng Building, United College.


19. theatre在线翻译

19. In this context, the dramatic works in Bungei Club introduced by way of translation are thought to have made an important contribution to the development of modern theatre in China.


20. As America's foremost playwright, he did a great deal to establish the modes of the modern theatre in the United States.


theatre 词典解释in AM, use 美国英语用 theater

1. 剧场;戏院

A theatre is a building with a stage in it, on which plays, shows, and other performances take place.

e.g. If we went to the theatre it was a very big event...


e.g. I worked at the Grand Theatre.


2. 戏剧工作;舞台表演;戏剧创作

You can refer to work in the theatre such as acting or writing plays as the theatre .

e.g. You can move up to work in films and the theatre...


e.g. Very soon he took the first steps towards a career in the theatre.


3. 演戏;戏剧表演

Theatre is entertainment that involves the performance of plays.

e.g. Companies across the country are beginning to show a healthy interest in theatre for children.


4. 电影院;剧院

A theater or a movie theater is a place where people go to watch films for entertainment.

in BRIT, use 英国英语用 cinema

5. (医院的)手术室

In a hospital, a theatre is a special room where surgeons carry out medical operations.


e.g. She is back from theatre and her condition is comfortable.


6. 战区;战场;冲突地区

A theatre of war or other conflict is the area or region in which the war or conflict is happening.

e.g. The Middle East has often been a theatre of war.


theatre 单语例句theatre是什么意思

1. Li is operating in a buyer's market and now has to ensure the theatre is run according to market demand.

2. Audiences all week left the theatre buzzing about what they had just seen.

3. This canon is given fuller majesty on the stages of the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

4. Involved in theatre for almost 20 years, it is Verrill's fourth time to cast A Christmas Carol.

5. Chinese piano virtuoso Lang Lang was to carry the torch onto the stage at the Queen's Theatre in Hornchurch.

6. Their reinterpretation of a circus as visual theatre is a unique synthesis of physical and vocal language with emotional intelligence.

7. The Moscow dance theatre has demonstrated perfect coherence and excellent technique in its international performances, which transport the audience into the dreamland of Russian folklore.

8. Composer and pianist Carter Larsen will be the guest lecturer at an upcoming art class hosted by Shanghai Grand Theatre.

9. And London's staid Gielgud Theatre was besieged every night at previews by adoring teenage fans of Radcliffe.

10. The production opened Monday at Broadway's Cort Theatre for a limited engagement through July 11.

theatre 英英释义


1. a building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented

e.g. the house was full

Synonym: theaterhouse

2. the art of writing and producing plays

Synonym: dramaturgydramatic artdramaticstheater

3. a region in which active military operations are in progress

e.g. the army was in the field awaiting action

he served in the Vietnam theater for three years

Synonym: fieldfield of operationstheatertheater of operationstheatre of operations