[英 [ˈterətri] 美 [ˈterətɔ:ri] ]



territory 基本解释

名词领地; 领土,版图; 领域,范围; [商]势力范围

territory 相关例句



1. This island is our territory.


2. They recaptured the lost territory.


3. Wild animals will not allow other animals to enter their territory.


4. Orthopaedics is outside his territory.


territory 网络解释

1. 领土:一旦摒弃了法律与国家的二元论,将国家作为法律秩序看待,那么所谓的国家的要素--领土(territory)与人民(population)--也就表现为国内法律秩序的属地与属人效力范围(territorial and personal spheres of validity).


2. 地域:Locale 是软件在运行时的语言环境,它 包括语言(Language), 地域 (Territory) 和字符集(Codeset). 一个locale的书写格式为: 语言[_地域[.字符集]]. 所以说呢,locale总是和一定的字符集相联系的. 下面举几个例子:

3. 地盘: aggression 侵犯行为 此行为的目的是恐吓或损伤同种的其余个体或其竞争对象.同种个 体间的侵犯行为,经常从一系列的仪式化的表示或争斗开始,并可以在 任何阶段结束,如果争斗的一方撤退离开,而胜利者接近争夺源[例如 食物,配偶或地盘(territory)],同时提高了胜利

territory 双语例句

1. Fengning in the territory of a total length of 57 Km.


2. The lawful operation of foreign-invested construction enterprises and their legal rights and interests within the territory of the People`s Republic of China shall be protected by Chinese laws, regulations and rules.



3. The Quanrong, a barbarian tribe to the west of Zhou territory.

quǎn róng 周朝西部的少数民族部落。

4. The system will also be available to State, Territory and local governments, so that the ABN will eventually reduce the number of registration and reporting requirements across the three levels of government.


5. How to deal with this relationship amd the sensitie problem about territory disputes relates to the benifits of China and Japan.


6. The wage and salary remuneration he gained during the period of work in China belonged to income originated in the territory of China, but his working time in China in a tax-paying year calculated continuously did not exceed 90 days, whether or not he can enjoy the preferential treatment of exemption of individual income tax shall be determined in accordance with Article 7 of the Regulation on the Implementation of China's Individual Income Tax Law as well as the stipulations of Clause 1 of Article 2 of this Circular.


7. Finally, a discussion is given of how the financial polices were used in the Han dynasty to adjust the system to support the economy of the nation with a large population and territory and to further support the development of war-economy.


8. territory的解释

8. And the priests and the Levites who had been throughout all Israel presented themselves to him out of all their territory

11:13 全以色列的祭司和利未人都从四境来归从罗波安。

9. Brocade Jiang Zhi Xing are the economy type representing as well as echelon formation taking Motai 168 and 7 day as second echelon formation of representative, will be able to continue a deep ploughing and careful cultivation on territory already dilating in them, feasible net point layout is especially


10. This is Quella's territory. Welcome to my blog.



11. When heading into unprecedented territory, the best way to stay on


12. To fully enhance welfare of the inhabitants of the Territory for the sacred obligation of trust and for this purpose


13. To fully enhance welfare of the inhabitants of the Territory for the sacred obligation of trust and for this purpose:, in full respect for the cultural relations between the people, guarantee their political, economic, social and educational advancement, to be fair treatment and protection from abuse of its.


14. territory是什么意思

14. But if you refuse to let them go, I am now going to smite all your territory with frogs.

8:2 你若不肯让他们去,我必使青蛙蹧蹋你的四境。

15. territory的反义词

15. What kind of change will the obtain employment move of lost territory farmer in new social environment produce?


16. territory

16. I paid lip service to the theory of recovering the lost territory.


17. Serbia lost 15% of their territory, China probably much less


18. In nearly 100 years after the Opium War, large pieces of China s territory were lost.


19. For the first time the Ottoman empire lost substantial territory to Europeans.


20. We resumed our occupation of the lost territory.


territory 词典解释

1. 领土;领地

Territory is land which is controlled by a particular country or ruler.

e.g. The government denies that any of its territory is under rebel control.


e.g. ...Russian territory.


2. 属地,地区,托管地(指被别国控制的国家或地区)

A territory is a country or region that is controlled by another country.

e.g. They just want to return to their families in the occupied territories...


e.g. He toured some of the disputed territories now under UN control.


3. (知识)领域;(经验)范围

You can use territory to refer to an area of knowledge or experience.

e.g. Following the futuristic The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Atwood's seventh novel, Cat's Eye, returns to more familiar territory...


e.g. Reading from a tedious technical brief for hours on end, he would stray into difficult territory.


4. (动物的)领地,地盘

An animal's territory is an area which it regards as its own and which it defends when other animals try to enter it.


e.g. The territory of a cat only remains fixed for as long as the cat dominates the area.


5. (具有一定特点的)地带,地区

Territory is land with a particular character.

e.g. ...mountainous territory.


e.g. ...a vast and uninhabited territory.


6. 是难免的事;是必然的事

If you say that something comes with the territory, you mean that you accept it as a natural result of the situation you are in.


e.g. Doing human rights work is risky business. That comes with the territory...


e.g. You can't expect not to have a debate; that's what comes with the territory in a democracy.


territory 单语例句territory的解释

1. Japan has warned it would shoot down any missile headed for its territory, while Pyongyang said it would regard any interception as an act of war.

2. Israel imposed a blockade on Gaza Strip in June 2007 when Hamas took over the territory by force.

3. Freddy Padilla told reporters the Ecuadorean helicopter pilot flew the craft into Colombian territory by mistake.

4. Travel is by plane or boat along the many rivers that crisscross the territory.

5. That was a reference to Kashmir, territory claimed by both India and Pakistan.

6. Some Cabinet members say they want it moved off Japanese territory entirely, which is the sentiment of many local residents.

7. He called for Israel to stop its occupation of Palestinian territory and resume the peace process as soon as possible.

8. Protesters in Thailand launched impeachment proceedings against the government yesterday for allegedly losing disputed territory to neighboring Cambodia.

9. Correa appealed to Uribe to respect their border and never again act unilaterally to send troops into his territory to attack a rebel camp.

10. We are opposed to any acts of provocation that infringe on China's sovereignty and territory and cannot but respond firmly when they occur.

territory 英英释义


1. an area of knowledge or interest

e.g. his questions covered a lot of territory

2. the geographical area under the jurisdiction of a sovereign state

e.g. American troops were stationed on Japanese soil

Synonym: soil

3. a region marked off for administrative or other purposes

Synonym: districtterritorial dominiondominion