[英 [tel] 美 [tɛl] ]


过去式:told;   过去分词:told;   现在分词:telling;   复数形式:tells;

tell 基本解释


及物动词讲述; 告诉,说; 辨别; 吩咐

及物/不及物动词分辨,辨别; 告诉,吩咐; 泄漏; 保证

不及物动词泄密,告发; (颜色、声音等)显示; 识别

名词[考古学](古代村落遗址堆积而成的)台形土墩; [方言]讲的话; 谈话; 传闻

tell 同义词




tell 反义词




tell 相关词组

1. tell apart : 分辨;

2. tell off : 分派出, 责备;

3. tell it like it is : 实事求是地说;

4. all told : 合计, 总共;

5. tell the time : 看钟; 报时;

6. tell on : 使疲倦, 告密;

tell 相关例句


1. I told him my name.


2. I told her my telephone number before we parted.


3. I can't tell the twin girls apart.


4. This light tells you if the machine on.



1. The book tells of his sister's life in Japan.


tell 情景对话


A:You can’t tell anyone.


B:I know. I promise.



A:Don’t tell anyone.


B:A promise is a promise!




A:Tell me about (it/ your courses/ your plans).


B:Where should I start?


tell 网络解释

1. 说:值得一提的是,为了解除儿童就诊前的戒心,赵文火宣认为,不妨透过解说(Tell)、示范(Show)和操作(Do)的过程,让孩子对牙科器械的认知,从害怕到勇於亲近,另外也可从拟人化的比喻,例如牙科探针形容成「仙女棒」、钻牙形容成「找蛀虫」、上麻药形容成「让牙齿睡著」,

2. 说出:二、说出(Tell)你的故事. 要与人分享负面的推论是非常困难的,当你在分享这个让人激动的故事时必须要有信心,如果你已经将你的故事背后的事实好好想过一遍,你会发现你的推论是合理、明理而且正派的,值得对方一听.

3. tell:technology enhanced language learning; 和科技辅助语言学习

tell 双语例句

1. He may have been murdered, for what I can tell.


2. tell

2. En~~~, firstly, i am a guy, so the deal is not for me, but what i can tell u is


3. For the number that I`ll wear in the NBA, I`m keeping it a secret for right now…what I can tell you is I`m already planning it.


4. I realize that a lot of man wholly adjust China very curiously, Reason that probably is for Chinese history age-old, I to Canada also very curiously, For what I can tell, There are a lot of China returneds students in Canada.


5. Because the generated key pair includes a singature, you can tell whether an assembly has been tampered with after its original creation.


6. tell是什么意思

6. She wants to tell you Welcome to Beijing!


7. tell的反义词

7. I'm going to hold up a series of images, and I want you to tell me what you see.


8. And his uncle said to him: Tell me what Samuel said to thee.


9. tell

9. I just want to tell you that I love you very much so.



10. I just want to tell her that I love her very much so.


11. Whate ver you`re going through, tell yourself you can handle it.


12. Start searching for the element, so if there are more than one you can tell the list



13. I've read a novel, in which the host tell about the bluebeard. today I dawn on it.


14. The purpose of this article is to tell the students how to develop good study habits.


15. Purpose of this article is to tell the students how to develop good study habits.


16. Never tell your child that she embarrasses you.



17. But their view however more human nature is changed, because did not login for a long time, tell you, your password has expired, install new code please.


18. So, as best I can tell, this scale does a good job.


19. One who will tell the finger in the eye....


20. Since there's still a couple days before then, we wanted to tell you a bit more about what to expect from Kestrel.


tell 词典解释

1. 告诉;告知

If you tell someone something, you give them information.


e.g. In the evening I returned to tell Phyllis our relationship was over...


e.g. I called Andie to tell her how spectacular the stuff looked...


2. 说(笑话);讲(故事);讲述(个人经历)

If you tell something such as a joke, a story, or your personal experiences, you communicate it to other people using speech.

e.g. His friends say he was always quick to tell a joke...


e.g. He told his story to The Sunday Times and produced photographs...


3. 叫;命令;吩咐;建议

If you tell someone to do something, you order or advise them to do it.

e.g. A passer-by told the driver to move his car so that it was not causing an obstruction...


e.g. She told me on the telephone to come help clean the house.


4. 劝说,告诫,鼓舞(自己)

If you tell yourself something, you put it into words in your own mind because you need to encourage or persuade yourself about something.


e.g. 'Come on', she told herself...


e.g. I told myself I would be satisfied with whatever I could get.


Note that the verb tell is usually followed by a direct object indicating the person who is being addressed. He told Alison he was suffering from leukaemia... What did she tell you? 'What did she tell to you?' is wrong. With the verb say, however, if you want to mention the person who is being addressed, you should use the preposition to. 'What did she say you?' is wrong. 'What did she say to you?' is correct. Tell is used to report information that is given to someone. The manufacturer told me that the product did not contain corn. Tell can also be used with a 'to' infinitive to report an order or instruction. My mother told me to shut up and eat my dinner. Say is the most general verb for reporting the words that someone speaks.

注意,动词tell后面往往跟一个表示听话者的直接宾语:He told Alison he was suffering from leukaemia (他告诉艾莉森他患了白血病),What did she tell you (她对你说了些什么)。句子 What did she tell to you 是错误的。不过,用动词 say 时,若要提及听话者,应该用介词 to,What did she say you 不对,What did she say to you 是对的。tell 用来转述信息:The manufacturer told me that the product did not contain corn (制造商告诉我该产品不含谷物)。tell 也可以和 to 连用,用来转述命令、指示:My mother told me to shut up and eat my dinner (我妈叫我别说话专心吃饭)。转述某人说的话时,动词 say 最为常用。

5. 判断;断定;看出

If you can tell what is happening or what is true, you are able to judge correctly what is happening or what is true.

e.g. It was already impossible to tell where the bullet had entered...


e.g. I couldn't tell if he had been in a fight or had just fallen down...


6. 区分;辨别;识别

If you can tell one thing from another, you are able to recognize the difference between it and other similar things.

e.g. I can't really tell the difference between their policies and ours...


e.g. How do you tell one from another?...


7. 说出秘密;泄密

If you tell, you reveal or give away a secret.

e.g. Many of the children know who they are but are not telling.


8. (事实、事件)表明,说明,显示

If facts or events tell you something, they reveal certain information to you through ways other than speech.

e.g. The facts tell us that this is not true...


e.g. I don't think the unemployment rate ever tells us much about the future...


9. (不快的或令人疲倦的经历)产生效果,产生影响

If an unpleasant or tiring experience begins to tell, it begins to have a serious effect.

e.g. The pressure began to tell as rain closed in after 20 laps...

跑完 20 圈以后,眼看就要下雨了,大家开始紧张起来。

e.g. The strains of office are beginning to tell on the prime minister.


10. see also: telling;kiss and tell

11. 就…所知;据…所知

You use as far as I can tell or so far as I could tell to indicate that what you are saying is based on the information you have, but that there may be things you do not know.


e.g. As far as I can tell, Jason is basically a nice guy...


e.g. So far as anyone can tell, there's evidence that there was a Robin Hood...


12. (用来强调所说的话)我可以肯定/我敢说/我没法形容

You can say 'I tell you', 'I can tell you', or 'I can't tell you' to add emphasis to what you are saying.


e.g. I tell you this, I will not rest until that day has come...


e.g. This little letter gave us a few chuckles, I can tell you...


13. 谁也说不准;很难说

If you say 'You never can tell', you mean that the future is always uncertain and it is never possible to know exactly what will happen.

e.g. You never can tell what life is going to bring you.


14. 我早就告诉过你;我说的没错吧

If someone disagrees with you or refuses to do what you suggest and you are eventually proved to be right, you can say 'I told you so'.

e.g. Her parents did not approve of her decision and, if she failed, her mother would say, 'I told you so.'


15. 我的建议是,听我说(用来引出建议或转换话题)

You use I'll tell you what or I tell you what to introduce a suggestion or a new topic of conversation.


e.g. I tell you what, I'll bring the water in a separate glass.


16. to tell the time -> see time

time will tell -> see time

相关词组:tell againsttell aparttell offtell on

tell 单语例句

1. American business is in the best position to tell where American interests lie.

2. I cannot tell you where I get them because it's a business secret.

3. I wish to tell this lady that we are too busy with our own affairs to interfere in others'internal affairs.

4. Ask a chain smoker to kick the butt, and in all probability he'll tell you he's tried quitting a hundred times before.

5. He wore no Kelly green but his jacket was pierced with a button that read, " VIP GUEST - Tell'em Danny sent you ".

6. Many of the buyers identified themselves as early adopters and Apple enthusiasts, making it harder to tell if the iPad will win over mainstream customers.

7. Officials insisted Wednesday night it was still too early to tell whether the incident was an attempted act of terrorism or a giant misunderstanding.

8. I mean, only by contrast do we tell success from failure.

9. That failure to tell a humanitarian tragedy apart from a national rivalry is by no means limited to the very young.

10. Wang said he can tell how long people have worked in the Forbidden City by the way they open doors.

tell在线翻译tell 英英释义


1. mark as different

e.g. We distinguish several kinds of maple

Synonym: distinguishseparatedifferentiatesecernsecernateseveralizeseveralisetell apart

2. discern or comprehend

e.g. He could tell that she was unhappy

3. give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority

e.g. I said to him to go home

She ordered him to do the shopping

The mother told the child to get dressed

Synonym: orderenjoinsay

4. let something be known

e.g. Tell them that you will be late

5. narrate or give a detailed account of

e.g. Tell what happened

The father told a story to his child

Synonym: narraterecountrecite

6. give evidence

e.g. he was telling on all his former colleague

Synonym: evidence

7. express in words

e.g. He said that he wanted to marry her

tell me what is bothering you

state your opinion

state your name

Synonym: statesay

8. inform positively and with certainty and confidence

e.g. I tell you that man is a crook!

Synonym: assure