[英 [ˈsɜ:fɪs] 美 [ˈsɜ:rfɪs] ]


过去式:surfaced;   过去分词:surfaced;   现在分词:surfacing;   复数形式:surfaces;

surface 基本解释

名词表面; 外观,外表; 地面。水面

不及物动词浮出水面; 在表面工作; 显露

及物动词使浮出水面; 使成平面

形容词表面的,外观的; 外表上的,平地上的; 肤浅的

surface 同义词


surface 反义词



surface 相关词组

1. on the surface : 表面上;

surface 相关例句


1. The Americans are strengthening their surface fleet.



1. We are going to surface this road.




1. A submarine surfaced outside the harbor.



1. It has a rough surface.


2. surface是什么意思

2. Look below the surface of things.


surface 网络解释

1. 地面:有些超现实的场景提示人联想到的是现实的战争和暴力;法国越南裔的女摄影家Liza Nguyen,自小在法国长大,但是回到越南,她在多处经历过战争的土地上,掬一捧土,放在白色背景上拍摄,让这组名为 (Surface)的作品追溯越南饱受


2. surface:surf; 操纵面

surface 双语例句

1. surface的反义词

1. This is the first national monument established by the US government in 1906. It is a large mass of igneous rock which is intruded through sedimentary rock beds but does not actually reach the surface, producing a rounded bulge in the sedimentary layers above.


2. The above two measures, in order to adapt to the substrate surface smoothness higher process and technology operations.


3. The number of the adults and nymphae of psocids at the surface of the stored wheat was as many as that at the inner of stored wheat when the temperature was 15℃, the number of the psocids at the surface of the stored wheat would exceed the psocids number at the inner when the temperature exceed 20℃.


4. The four most common phenotypes are A, B, AB, and O, referring to the type of antigen is presentor absenton the surface of a client's red blood cells, Routine testing usually involves only the Rh antigen. if an Rh-negative clinet receives Rh-positive blood, he or she will develop Rh antibodies, and future Rh-positive transfusions may cause a transfusion reaction. in pregnancy, antibodies from an Rh-negative mother may hemolyze fetal(erythroblastosis fetalis, or hemolytic disease of the newborn).

四种最普遍的表现型是A、B、AB、阿,这类型的抗原或表面上的一个客户的红血球、常规测试通常涉及到只有Rhantigen.if准备一Rh-positive接受血液,跟他或她将发展Rh抗体和未来的Rh-positive输血可能引起输血反应,在怀孕期间的母亲可能会产生抗体hemolyze北京(erythroblastosis fetalis或胎儿的新生儿疾病溶血试验确定具体)。

5. A high and uniform temperature distribution along the outer surface of the combustion chamber is necessary to ensure a high radiation power density.


6. This delibrate emphasis in style make our efforts rely on the surface, neglecte the more important spiritual aspect in emotional intention.


7. surface的近义词

7. Between the initial cleaning threshold and complete cleaning threshold, cleaning percentage of the surface increases with the increasing of laser fluence.


8. Depending on the image method and point source approximation method, the physic model was established, and the formula of photo-current versus surface recombination velocity was obtained.


9. The thinner the flakes are, the more excellent water surface covering power is.


10. surface的解释

10. Characterized by its smooth surface, good permeability and low resistance, Easy cleaning needled filter felt is doubtlessly the best choice.


11. surface的意思

11. The distribution of solar radiation on dam surface can be computed by the method and accurate thermal boundary conditions of the dam temperature field are obtained.


12. It has been found that carburetting with graphite can efficiently prevent the surface crack of cast iron.


13. SEM was used to observe its surface structure, while IR spectrum indicated that the polymer membrane has COOH and NH3+ functional groups and displays character of the amphoteric ion.


14. Because of the way the relationship between the stratosphere and the sea-surface temperature has changed.


15. Therefore, it was thought only to a firm with average sea-surface elevation as the starting surface.



16. Patterns of sea-surface temperature which come and go, rather than absolute levels that continue to rise, may be the important thing.



17. The fractal-based methods are applied to detection of sea-surface radar targets.


18. Climate scientists fed historical sea-surface temperatures into a variety of computer models of atmospheric change.


19. Were then able to anticipate E1 Nino events dating back to 1857, using prior sea-surface temperatures.


20. Our knowledge of the oceans, a hundred years ago, was confined to the two-dimensional shape of the sea-surface.


surface 词典解释

1. 表面;表层;上面

The surface of something is the flat top part of it or the outside of it.

e.g. Ozone forms a protective layer between 12 and 30 miles above the Earth's surface.

臭氧在地球表面上方 12 到 30 英里处形成一个保护层。

e.g. ...tiny little waves on the surface of the water...


2. 桌面;台面;操作台

A work surface is a flat area, for example the top of a table, desk, or kitchen cupboard, on which you can work.

e.g. It can simply be left on the work surface...


e.g. Place the fish on a flat surface and sprinkle the flesh with lemon juice and pepper.


3. 表面;外表;表象

When you refer to the surface of a situation, you are talking about what can be seen easily rather than what is hidden or not immediately obvious.


e.g. Back in Britain, things appear, on the surface, simpler...


e.g. Social unrest, never far below the surface in Brazil, has erupted over the last few days...


4. (军队)陆上的,水上的

Surface is used to describe the parts of the armed forces which travel by ship or by land rather than underwater or in the air.


e.g. In contrast with its surface fleet, Britain's submarine force was relatively small.


e.g. ...Nato surface forces.


5. 升到水面;浮出水面

If someone or something under water surfaces, they come up to the surface of the water.


e.g. He surfaced, gasping for air.


6. 显露;暴露;流露;公开

When something such as a piece of news, a feeling, or a problem surfaces, it becomes known or becomes obvious.

e.g. The paper says the evidence, when it surfaces, is certain to cause uproar...


e.g. The emotions will surface at some point in life...


7. (一段时间未见后)现身,露面;醒来

When someone surfaces, they appear after not being seen for some time, for example because they have been asleep.

e.g. There's no chance that he'll surface because he's bound to have heard by now...


e.g. What time do you surface?


surface 单语例句

1. The scale of group buying in China has reached a point where cracks have started to surface.

2. Another 60 volunteers will be clearing floating litter on the surface of the sea by boats.

3. The vapor is condensed against a surface cooled by water from the deep, to produce desalinated water.

4. More than 70 percent of the earth's surface is covered by water.

5. According to an official with the provincial coal mine production safety bureau, the disaster was caused by water in a surface pool leaking into the coal mine.

6. Mercury's surface is a mixture of volcanic plains, craters caused by bygone impacts with space rocks and winding cliffs.

7. Doctors activate the enamel and spread a special glue on the teeth before putting small diamonds on the surface and heating to fix them.

8. This roll call of icons is merely the surface expression of a more fundamental shift in China's cultural paradigm.

9. You can't help but blaze trails today, no matter what you're doing on the surface.

10. Looking like green oil paint, the canopy of algae covered at least 70 percent of the lake's surface.

surface 英英释义


1. a device that provides reactive force when in motion relative to the surrounding air

can lift or control a plane in flight

Synonym: airfoilaerofoilcontrol surface

2. the outer boundary of an artifact or a material layer constituting or resembling such a boundary

e.g. there is a special cleaner for these surfaces

the cloth had a pattern of red dots on a white surface

3. information that has become public

e.g. all the reports were out in the open

the facts had been brought to the surface

Synonym: open

4. a superficial aspect as opposed to the real nature of something

e.g. it was not what it appeared to be on the surface

5. the extended two-dimensional outer boundary of a three-dimensional object

e.g. they skimmed over the surface of the water

a brush small enough to clean every dental surface

the sun has no distinct surface

6. the outermost level of the land or sea

e.g. earthquakes originate far below the surface

three quarters of the Earth's surface is covered by water

Synonym: Earth's surface


1. appear or become visible

make a showing

e.g. She turned up at the funeral

I hope the list key is going to surface again

Synonym: come oncome outturn upshow up

2. put a coat on

cover the surface of

furnish with a surface

e.g. coat the cake with chocolate

Synonym: coat

3. come to the surface

Synonym: come uprise uprise


1. on the surface

e.g. surface materials of the moon