[英 [sfɪə(r)] 美 [sfɪr] ]


过去式:sphered;   过去分词:sphered;   现在分词:sphering;   复数形式:spheres;

sphere 基本解释

名词球(体); (兴趣或活动的)范围; 势力范围; 天体,如行星或恒星

及物动词形成球体; 包围,围绕; 置于球面内部


sphere 相关例句


1. Young as he is, Kerry has become famous in many spheres.


2. He has extended his sphere of influence to the world of banking.



3. She's used to mixing in an altogether different sphere.


4. The earth is not a perfect sphere.


5. We move in different spheres.


sphere 网络解释

1. 范围:可能甚至我们同圣灵(the divine)之间关系的最光亮的范围(sphere)以某种方式要依赖那种从动物中区分我们的更为黑暗的范围(one). 从这个观点来看,阅读中世纪关于复活身体的完整性和特质(the integrity and quality)的论文是特别有教益的.


2. 区域:换言之,存在的不同区域(sphere)本质上只是不同的视域(horizon). 在此,人的身份也得以呈露,他就是存在的不同揭示. 通过人,天地之间才得以作为天地之间而呈现. 今夫天穹然积气于上,地隤然积形于下,判乎其不相与也;日星雷雨、草木昆虫,

sphere 双语例句


1. Respected for his wisdom and great power, Anon rules the sphere of Life with gentle patience.


2. The measurements were correlated with the Tait-type equation for density and the Hard-sphere scheme for viscosity.


3. For the prediction of vapor liquid interfacial tension of fluid mixtures, hard sphere surface tension model of pure liquid proposed by Reiss has been extended to mixtures using two vdW 1 mixing rules. The surface tensions for 64 binary liquids have been correlated with only average relative deviations of 0.80%.With the parameters obtained from the correlation of binary system data, this method has been satisfactorily applied t...

应用定标粒子理论表面张力方程以及 vd W- 1型混合规则,计算了混合流体的表面张力,对 64个二元体系,7个三元体系的表面张力计算平均相对偏差为 0 。80 %和 2 。43%;应用 Boudh- Hir和 Mansoori提出的部分互溶体系的界面张力模型,给出了硬球直径的确定方法,对 37个部分互溶二元含水体系的界面张力进行了计算,绝对平均偏差为 1 。5m N/m,相对平均偏差为 8.9%,计算精度满意。

4. The first polar bodies did not extroded completely but formed a semi-sphere pattern above the surface of the oocytes.


5. Feasible region of unit-sphere was defined by standard if angle between normals and stamping direction was less than 90°.



6. I speak, of course, of free men who have a choice, not condemned criminals whose sphere of activities is strictly delimited.


7. From the perspective of public sphere in Panhellenic festivals, one unity with multipolarity in citystate political culture constitution was a quality of ancient Greek civilization.


8. And since you are a breath In God's sphere, and a leaf in God's forest, you too should rest in reason and move in passion.


9. sphere的反义词

9. Yet, human-made industry is a weedy thing that threatens to overcome the natural sphere that ultimately supports it.


10. sphere

10. During this transformation period, the position of China in the world worsen and the process of Chinese modernization fallen into the sphere of Japanese hegemony for the nationalism revolution, thought it was a enormous power.


11. The headquarters is in charge of improving the protection of the world intellectual properties in the world sphere through the international cooperation.


12. sphere

12. A sphere mirror was used to replace an off-axial parabolic mirror, and a meniscus lens was introduced to compensate aberrations.


13. A circle dividing a sphere or other surface into two usually equal and symmetrical parts.


14. Then, Registration Sphere escort person went to the principal rooms and fining him sleep for three days and nights.


15. sphere的意思

15. Instead of assuming the Earth to be a perfect sphere, this function takes into account the actual polar flattening of the earth and the equatorial bulge, which gives a much more accurate computation between the given coordinates.


16. There is high precision in the model experiment of sloping plate and the RTP field errors are less than 0.001 nT. In the model experiments of single and multi-sphere, we can obtain the better RTP results using the DCT method when the magnetic dip is 5°, and the results are excellent when the dip is 15°.The shape of contour line, the maximum and the plane location of magnetic model are all good comparing with the theoretical anomalies when the model is perpendicular magnetization.

在倾斜板状体模型实验中,化磁极误差小于0.001 nT,具有较高的精度;在单球体及多球体模型实验中,采用基于DCT的化磁极方法在5°倾斜磁化时就可以取得较好的化磁极结果,15°时化磁极的效果更加明显,其等值线的形态、幅值以及所反映的磁性体的水平位置都得到较好的恢复;这说明,采用本文方法进行化磁极时,可以取得较好的效果。

17. sphere

17. The main places of public sphere are courts and schools, especially the colleges.


18. As for China, from the first unified dynasty----Qin to the prosperous Han and Tang, main places of public sphere are courts and schools.


19. The sphere method is a newly developed technique for mesurement of nonlinear optical coefficients in crystals.


20. Sputnik 1 was a 184 pound, 22 inch diameter sphere with four whip antennas connected to battery powered transmitters.


sphere 词典解释

1. 球(体);球形

A sphere is an object that is completely round in shape like a ball.

2. (活动、兴趣等的)范围,领域

A sphere of activity or interest is a particular area of activity or interest.

e.g. ...the sphere of international politics.


e.g. ...nurses, working in all spheres of the health service.


3. (社会地位或兴趣等相同的)人群,阶层,圈子

A sphere of people is a group of them who are similar in social status or who have the same interests.

e.g. ...the realities of life outside the government and academic spheres of society.


4. (国家的)势力范围,影响所及的范围

A country's sphere of influence is an area of the world where it has a lot of influence.

e.g. They see the region as their natural sphere of influence due to their historical links and a shared language.


e.g. ...countries traditionally within the British or American spheres of influence.


sphere 单语例句

1. David Blaine's latest stunt is spending a week living in an acrylic sphere filled with water.

2. It enables the banks to expand their business sphere and improvise a profit model, meanwhile offering the savings fund wider investment channels.

3. We discussed many interesting topics such as the cultural sphere of Chinese character.

4. Artistic types looking to linger over a meal or cup of coffee with a book in hand would be at home at Art Sphere.

5. Key ingredients are delivered to the skin encapsulated in a sphere comprised of marine collagen and lecithin.

6. The degree of spiciness the locals are used to is in a very different sphere, and neophyte diners need to adjust their expectations.

7. QR codes are not only a marketing tool for commercial use, but are also gradually entering the public sphere.

8. She stressed the Chunxiao gas field was within China's sovereign sphere and had nothing to do with common exploration.

9. Bai said the central government fully supports Macao's chief executive and his administration, and has not intervened in affairs under the SAR government's administrative sphere.

10. The conflict slammed the brakes on Georgia's bid for membership of NATO, which the Kremlin fiercely opposes as an encroachment on its traditional sphere of influence.

sphere 英英释义


1. any spherically shaped artifact

2. a particular aspect of life or activity

e.g. he was helpless in an important sector of his life

Synonym: sector

3. the apparent surface of the imaginary sphere on which celestial bodies appear to be projected

Synonym: celestial sphereempyreanfirmamentheavensvault of heavenwelkin

4. the geographical area in which one nation is very influential

Synonym: sphere of influence

5. a three-dimensional closed surface such that every point on the surface is equidistant from the center

6. a solid figure bounded by a spherical surface (including the space it encloses)

7. a particular environment or walk of life

e.g. his social sphere is limited

it was a closed area of employment

he's out of my orbit

Synonym: domainareaorbitfieldarena