[英 [prəˈdju:s] 美 [prəˈdu:s] ]


过去式:produced;   过去分词:produced;   现在分词:producing;

produce 基本解释


及物/不及物动词产生; 生产; 制作; 创作

及物动词制造; 出示; 引起; [经济学]生利

名词产品; 产量; 产额; 结果


produce 同义词

动词createmakegrowbring forth

produce 反义词



produce 相关例句


1. The factory produces 1,000 cars a week.


2. produce的反义词

2. Hard work produces success.



3. Gas can be produced from coal.


4. Hard work often produces good results.


produce 情景对话

Hearing and Writing-(听和写)

A:Tell me about your English class, Mary.


B:Well, yesterday the teacher wrote some sentences on the board.The first was if you cant produce the sounds of a language acceptable, then you cant really hear them when other people make them.Next he worte, if you cant hear the sounds of a language then you probably cant write the language well.Your inadequate pronunciation contributes to making your writing substandard.


A:Do you think thats right?



B:I dont know, Bob. Ill tell you when the course is over.


produce 网络解释

1. 农产品:如提供化肥,生产效率提高25 农场(GrainSilo):2谷类(Grain)/年,如提供化肥,生产效率提高50 果园(ProduceOrchard):2农产品(Produce)/年,如提供化肥,生产效率提高25 牧场(CattleYard):3牛群(Cattle)/年,

2. 制造:远东仓储设备有限公司全方位物流设备服务是敝公司一贯服务的宗旨及主要营业方针,提供贵公司仓储管理系统之整合计划,从规划(PLAN)/ 设计(DESING)/ 制造(PRODUCE)/ 施工(CONSTRUCTION)到后续一贯的服务,以期能让贵公司纳入最适合贵公司之仓储管理系统,

produce 双语例句

1. This product cure illness the mechanism of the health care is:The jade can lower a, stabilizing the brain to press, the jade implies beneficial and various chemical elements of human body, person's brain connect the Cape jade and will produce the static electricity magnetic field, can dredge the axis veins and arteries of the brain; A behavior of each jade brain of the jade pillow orders contact more, have the function of stimulate the massage to the brain nerve acupuncture points, and can promote cerebral blood circulation, thus rise the town to calm down to tranquilize the nerves, dredge the veins and arteries, annoy the blood flowing freely, internal organs Anne and of function.


2. But plant physiologist Wendy - Bowes and from North Carolina State University microbiologist Amy - Grant firmly believe that they can produce in such a harsh environment for plants to survive.


3. After treatment must first focus on sun, a large number of UV-exposure recovery period allows you to produce pigmentation of the skin, so that pock color and heavier, stay longer, it would be inappropriate for prolonged outdoor activities.


4. The fly ash activity compound activator can react with fly ash directly and produce active material. Then the active material can absorb Ca2+ in liquid phase and produce hydration products similar as ordinary Portland cement. Besides, the accelerators in the compound activator can increase the excitation effect of early activity, improve early strength of paste.


5. In chapter 3, we have developed a novel way to produce covalently attachedmultilayer films.



6. A type of ink products, mixing produce grey CMY value is constant, that is, a certain proportion of the ink of gray balance is constant values, so we measured the ink gray balance, you can according to that balance to correction image so business card printing and membership card crafted image in adjusted accurately reproduce color appearance of remedying the shortcomings of this kind of ink.


7. This gas is then reacted in the presence of a catalyst to produce a synthetic oil.


8. Your restraint produces capital and new technology for others, who can use the funds you don`t consume to produce new goods and new technologies.


9. Foods that tend to produce large amounts of flatus also contain essential nutrients and shouldn't be eliminated.


10. This let us produce fuzzily in the actual operation to both relations understanding.


11. Beaumont also has capacity to produce 176 million pounds per year of finished waxes and 62 million pounds per year of unfinished waxes.

博蒙特工厂的 I 型基础油的总生产能力是每天 12500 桶、成品蜡的年生产能力是 7.99 万吨、半成品蜡是 2.81 万吨。

12. Because the flatness of this island is not good enough for factories area, we planned to set up our canneries to produce canned sea food and large Breed aquatics Area.


13. This Article proposes using mold to produce retainer of the new technology, And against a standard fixture retainer design of the compound dies.


14. Six is by law order to close up shop, close empress still continue to produce

六 被依法责令停业,关闭后仍继续生产的


15. Chainsaws produce a level of noise that will affect unprotected ears after only 15 minutes of exposure, wear ear muffs or ear plugs to keep as much noise as possible out.


16. Our company was founded in 1985, is a vegetable, fruit and farm produce export-oriented processing industry and trade company, is focused on the industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises in the country.


17. These properties produce robust systems that limit the catastrophic consequences of transposon mobilization, which can result in the accumulation of deleterious mutations, changes in gene expression patterns, and conditions such as gonadal hypotrophy and sterility.


18. The grain of any of these grasses, ground to produce flour used in breadstuffs and pasta.


19. It plans to spend $5bn to produce Niger's first oil.


20. They produce two beat interference signals after interfering with the light wave passed through the other optical paht of the interferometer.


produce 词典解释The verb is pronounced /prə'djuːs, am -'duːs/. The noun is pronounced /'prɒdjuːs, am -duːs/ and is hyphenated prod|uce. 动词读作 /prə'djuːs, 美 -'duːs/。名词读作 /'prɒdjuːs, 美 -duːs/,分音节形式为 prod|uce。

1. 产生;引起;造成

To produce something means to cause it to happen.

e.g. The drug is known to produce side-effects in women...


e.g. Talks aimed at producing a new world trade treaty have been under way for six years.


2. 生产;出产

If you produce something, you make or create it.

e.g. The company produced circuitry for communications systems...


e.g. I'm quite pleased that we do have the capacity to produce that much food.


3. 生长;长出;产生

When things or people produce something, it comes from them or slowly forms from them, especially as the result of a biological or chemical process.

e.g. These plants are then pollinated and allowed to mature and produce seed.


e.g. ...gases produced by burning coal and oil.


4. 提出;提供

If you produce evidence or an argument, you show it or explain it to people in order to make them agree with you.

e.g. They challenged him to produce evidence to support his allegations...


e.g. Scientists have produced powerful arguments against his ideas.


5. 出示;拿出;亮出

If you produce an object from somewhere, you show it or bring it out so that it can be seen.

e.g. To hire a car you must produce a passport and a current driving licence...


e.g. She produced the knife during arguments with her friends.


6. 上演(戏剧);制作(电影、电视节目);灌制(唱片)

If someone produces something such as a film, a magazine, or a CD, they organize it and decide how it should be done.

e.g. He has produced his own sports magazine called Yes Sport...


e.g. He produced 'A Chorus Line', Broadway's longest running show.


7. 农产品

Produce is food or other things that are grown in large quantities to be sold.

e.g. We manage to get most of our produce in Britain...


e.g. Winter produce will cost more for the next few weeks.


produce 单语例句

1. The companies and the municipal government of Chengdu in Southwest China plan to form a joint venture to produce business jets in that city.

2. The country is expected to reduce 10 percent of damages caused by natural disasters, and is able to design and produce small satellites for the earth observance.

3. " We will try to produce 40 percent of the oil we need by then, " he said.

4. The vapor is condensed against a surface cooled by water from the deep, to produce desalinated water.

5. China's wholesale oil sector has long been dominated by Sinopec and PetroChina, which produce and sell the lion's share of oil products in the nation.

6. Xinhua agricultural produce prices monitoring system detected price surges in many vegetables, with the biggest jump of 33 percent in the price of Chinese cabbage from Friday.

7. Each region has been told to produce a plan of action and a schedule for the campaign.

8. Waters also has pushed the administration to adopt her Edible Schoolyard project in which children plant their own produce to eat in the school cafeteria.

9. Cai will work with local volunteers to produce a number of new gunpowder drawings for the exhibition to showcase his approach to contemporary art.

10. " China will produce more musicians of international caliber as it becomes more open, " he says.

produce什么意思produce 英英释义


1. fresh fruits and vegetable grown for the market

Synonym: green goodsgreen groceriesgarden truck


1. come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes)

e.g. He grew a beard

The patient developed abdominal pains

I got funny spots all over my body

Well-developed breasts

Synonym: growdevelopgetacquire

2. create or manufacture a man-made product

e.g. We produce more cars than we can sell

The company has been making toys for two centuries

Synonym: makecreate

3. cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques

e.g. The Bordeaux region produces great red wines

They produce good ham in Parma

We grow wheat here

We raise hogs here

Synonym: growraisefarm

4. bring forth or yield

e.g. The tree would not produce fruit

Synonym: bring forth

5. cause to happen, occur or exist

e.g. This procedure produces a curious effect

The new law gave rise to many complaints

These chemicals produce a noxious vapor

the new President must bring about a change in the health care system

Synonym: bring aboutgive rise

6. bring out for display

e.g. The proud father produced many pictures of his baby

The accused brought forth a letter in court that he claims exonerates him

Synonym: bring forth

7. bring onto the market or release

e.g. produce a movie

bring out a book

produce a new play

Synonym: bring onbring out