[英 [ˌəʊvəˈbeərɪŋ] 美 [ˌoʊvərˈberɪŋ] ]


过去式:overbore;   过去分词:overborne;

overbearing 基本解释

形容词专横的,傲慢的; 难忍的

动词压服( overbear的现在分词 )

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overbearing 反义词




overbearing 网络解释

1. 傲慢的, 专横的:extrophia 外翻 | overbearing 傲慢的, 专横的 | star witness 主要的证人

2. overbearing的近义词

2. 傲慢的:overbear 压服 | overbearing 傲慢的 | overbid 出价高

3. 蛮横的:overbear 结实过多 | overbearing 蛮横的 | overbearing 骄傲自大的

4. 骄傲自大的:overbearing 蛮横的 | overbearing 骄傲自大的 | overbearinghigh-handedofliquor,medicine,etcstrongpotentfeudalrulebyforcearbitrariness 霸道

overbearing 双语例句

1. I am very greedy, I always think it is not enough that others for me. I am very overbearing, I always hope others do things according to my idea. I am very stingy, always angry because of very little thing. I am impervious to reason, I always give others an unwarranted charge.


2. E. they are consistent autocracism supporters beyond history. Their differences lie in the ways of autocracy: should it be a benevolent, open and kind one, or should it be overbearing, wild, and evil?


3. Seventeen years of living in an absurdly conservative and traditional household with his highly-strung and overbearing mother and quiet, mild mannered vicar father have taken its toll on young Ben.


4. It is important that everyone act civilly and professionally so that this environment doesn't become overbearing.


5. She was overbearing and tended to find fault with his work after he`d broken his back to meet deadlines.


6. overbearing什么意思

6. I thought to be in life is so overbearing, which may also be regarded as diseases of the hour.


7. TYPICAL USE:We found it hard to like the boy because of his overbearing maners.



8. In my last job, my boss was overbearing and wouldn't let me do my job.


9. I think you should stop being so overbearing.


10. Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing.


11. In the next trial, it's overbearing and powerful, to conquer every trial.


12. That is the proud to be proud of, the lessons learned to learn, neither overbearing nor servile.


13. Evidently the piano player backing this group was really amped up and overbearing on the sound.


14. overbearing的反义词

14. The new-comer is overbearing and sarcastic in his remarks, but I'm trying to give him his own.


15. Everything you need to know about them is on one page and it doesn't seem too long or overbearing on the user.


16. Some people say her:A bad girl's son, overbearing pride, outward appearance hardhead but substance simple-minded, not easy get along with!!!


17. He is said to have been magnanimous in his support of the poor; severe in persecuting the overbearing conduct of the aristocrats; and he even declined the sovereignty of the city when it was offered to him.


18. The third person asks you whether you are a pig or not, you don't make a sound, you still got bitted up so hard because you are a pig and you are so overbearing!!!


19. If you are pacifying the tantrums of someone you feel is overbearing in your dream you will have an unhappy love affair.


20. This is partly because of the individuals to whom you are attracted, and in part because you become so overbearing and dominating.


overbearing 词典解释

1. 傲慢的;专横的;盛气凌人的;飞扬跋扈的

An overbearing person tries to make other people do what he or she wants in an unpleasant and forceful way.

e.g. My husband can be quite overbearing with our son.


overbearing 单语例句overbearing是什么意思

1. Western men may find the request for " spoiling " a little too materialistic, while Western women can take the lavish attention as chauvinistic or overbearing.

2. Obama may not be offensive or overbearing, but he can be a bit too cocky for his own good.

3. It has a 72% cocoa content and the perfect amount of mint that just makes it refreshing instead of overbearing.

4. Chinese consumer associations have waged bitter battles against overbearing clauses that appear to disregard local regulations.

5. The glowing statement Tuesday by Sarkozy's office comes after France's cooperation minister grumbled about what he suggested was the United States'overbearing posture in Haiti.

6. China doesn't agree with the overbearing mindset, but stands for mutual acceptance and understanding between different civilizations.

7. A few are really overbearing, paying no attention to any regulation.

8. The calls are so overbearing that it would appear that all countries are the victims of Chinese selfishness.

9. However, his subordinates did not regard him as overbearing and said he was " very easy going ".

10. But everyone in Hong Kong knows its overbearing influence on almost every other sector of the economy.