[英 [ˈmedɪkl] 美 [ˈmɛdɪkəl] ]



medical 基本解释

形容词医学的; 医疗的; 医药的; 内科的


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medical 相关例句


1. The stethoscope is a medical instrument.


2. He is a medical student.



1. I have to have a medical before going abroad.


medical 情景对话

Holidays and Benefits-(假期和福利)

A:Anything else?


B:Yes, one last thing. How much holiday time do you give your employees every year?


A:Our employees receive fifteen days of paid vacation every year. If you don’t use the full fifteen days, they carry over to the following year.


B:How about sick days?


A:You get five paid sick days.


B:Any other benefits?


A:Yes, we have an excellent retirement plan and medical insurance as well.


B:Great. Thanks so much for your time.


A:We’ll contact you soon, Ted. Thanks for coming in.


medical 网络解释


1. 医疗:广泛应用于工业(Industry),汽车(Automobile),建筑(Construction),医疗(Medical)等行业长源电子以:速度(Velocity)、價值(Value)、洞悉力(Visibility)为经营理念,以科技为先导,以质量为生命,以品牌占市场,以信誉赢客户,以规模促发展,

medical 双语例句

1. Meanwhile, demands of high quality and service on medical care have also grown in customers'mind.


2. Apart from the inter consorts and imperial clansmen, the entourages were about 100, 000(some said 200, 000) people such as artisans, medical officers, musicians, prostitutes, the chamberlain and so on, which is the largest immigration in the history of Northern Song dynasty.


3. Of course, you'll also get stock options and complete medical and dental coverage.


4. Department of Radiology, Xijing Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University, Xi, an 710032, China


5. We reviewed the medical records and radiographs of 187 patients with 213 amputations who had adequate radiographic follow-up.


6. medical的反义词

6. We reiewed the medical records and radiographs of 187 patients with 213 amputations who had adequate radiographic follow-up.


7. This paper introduces the entire process of design and implementation of the medical record management System.



8. Electronic Medical Record management system is an important part of Hospital Information System.


9. But none of that is in my medical record. And it's not in yours either.


10. I didn`t show the doctor my medical record.


11. This paper introduces the entire process of design andimplementation of the medical record management System.


12. If you change your name, address or telephone number, your medical record will need to be updated.


13. medical

13. In this paper, based on B/S structure of the Electronic Medical Record Management System Design and Implementation of the process.


14. medical的意思

14. This webpage systematically introduced Tibet's macro fungi of 45 families, 175 genera and 588 species, including 415 species of edible fugi, 135 kinds of poisonous fungi, 238 species of medicinal fungi, 168 kinds of fungi which proved to boast anti-cancer medical effect, 188 species of ectotrophic mycorrhiza, and 123 species which make trees and wood decomposed and ill.


15. medical是什么意思

15. The trabecularism is important necrosis diagnosis. Medical specialists are interested in the improvement of minutia detection by image enhancement method of high-pass. The new fast high-pass filter can enhance the trabecularism in clinical applications. Its fast characteristic is helpful in clinic, and it performs better than Butterworth filter method does for image enhancement in clinical applications.


16. medical的意思

16. With the increasing of aging and chronic ulcer wound, medical dressings play a more important role.


17. Victor Mancini, a sex-addicted med-school dropout, who keeps his increasingly deranged mother, Ida, in an expensive private medical hospital by working days as a historical reenactor at a Colonial Williamsburg theme park.

Rockwell饰演的Victor Mancini 是一个沉溺于性爱的医学院辍学学生,其母亲Ida精神错乱病情的日益严重,为供养其在昂贵的私家医院的医疗费,白天在威廉斯堡殖民主题公园演讲历史。

18. medical什么意思

18. Smith Frank Mascia Project Director: Beth Radovanovich Design Lead: Carl Hampson Project Manager: James Pricco Lead Medical Planner: Jill Bergman Senior Project Architect: JT Tsu Technical Coordinator: Phil Griffen Project Architect Thai Ta Project Architect: Dean Takasato Project Architect: Anselmo Alleva Interior Designer: Jack Poulin Mental Health Expert Adviser: Tim Rommel Project Design Team: Alex Victa, Eunike, Angena Chang, Jenna Wittenberg, Norena Florendo, Arlene Sanchez, Aileen Du, Joe Lafo, Dimitri Contoyannis, , Shannon Bartch, Jhiah Chang, Grant Getz, Glenn Jonas, John Waller, Ryan Repucci, Jean Luc Cuisinier 版权:翻译 www.

Smith Frank Mascia 项目总监:Beth Radovanovich 主设计人:Carl Hampson 项目经理:James Pricco 医疗主策划人:Jill Bergman 高级项目建筑师:JT Tsu 技术顾问:Phil Griffen 项目建筑师:Thai Ta 项目建筑师:Dean Takasato 项目建筑师:Anselmo Alleva 室内设计师:ack Poulin 项目设计组:Alex Victa,Eunike,Angena Chang,Jenna Wittenberg,Norena Florendo,Arlene Sanchez,Aileen Du,Joe Lafo,Dimitri Contoyannis,,Shannon Bartch,Jhiah Chang,Grant Getz,Glenn Jonas,John Waller,Ryan Repucci,Jean Luc Cuisinier

19. A surgeon filmed the operation at the Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.


20. In his litigation of claiming the hospital for compensation, the medical identification---the misdiagnosis and the wrong treatments didn`t constitute medical blunders---made by the Medical Association would not be adopted by the court because the staff constitution of the identification group was not compliable. This non-adoption upgraded the status of the other evidence helpful for xxx. But in this favorable situation, xxx`s lawyer took advantage of the ignorance of xxx, convincing him to remove the litigation. As medical institutions have a powerful force in society, and they can affect many aspects of the social life, lawing medical institutions not only consume time and energy, but also would brought adverse effects to his career.


medical 词典解释

1. 医学的;医疗的;医术的

Medical means relating to illness and injuries and to their treatment or prevention.

e.g. Several police officers received medical treatment for cuts and bruises.


e.g. ...the medical profession.



Therapists cannot prescribe drugs as they are not necessarily medically qualified.


2. 体格检查;体检

A medical is a thorough examination of your body by a doctor, for example before you start a new job.

medical 单语例句medical的解释

1. With a global corporate aircraft network, its principal business items include corporate aircraft flights and domestic and international emergency medical airplanes.

2. Some business segments like medical systems and car electronics have already started to yield considerable returns from both the markets.

3. Enterprises opening profitable medical service entities will be exempt from business tax, real estate tax and land use tax for three years.

4. The television icon and once a successful cosmetics businesswoman said she was deeply moved after hearing the great stories of humanity about the medical center.

5. As for Shanghai businesswoman Hu Xiaoyun, her Taiwan visit will include a medical examination.

6. He was stabbed in the buttocks and was sent to hospital for medical treatment, according to a post on the bureau's official Sina Weibo micro blog.

7. Chow also advised the school heads that travelers should buy medical insurance before heading out.

8. Chinese families save for buying apartments, their children's education and medical expenses.

9. The hot spring town is striving to create an international buzz with medical tourism projects that promote the hot spring culture of Ruzhou.

10. It said old people who want to travel by air should have a medical examination before boarding.

medical的意思medical 英英释义


1. a thorough physical examination

includes a variety of tests depending on the age and sex and health of the person

Synonym: checkupmedical checkupmedical examinationmedical examhealth check


1. requiring or amenable to treatment by medicine especially as opposed to surgery

e.g. medical treatment

pneumonia is a medical disease

2. of or belonging to Aesculapius or the healing art

Synonym: aesculapian

3. relating to the study or practice of medicine

e.g. the medical profession

a medical student

medical school