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in advance

[英 [in ədˈvɑ:ns] 美 [ɪn ædˈvæns] ]

in advance的意思、解释

in advance 基本解释

in advance的意思

提前; 先期; 在前头; 预先,事先


in advance 情景对话

Placing an order-(下定单)

A:How are you this afternoon?


B:Just fine. I looked over the catalog you gave me this morning, and Id like to discuss prices on your computer speakers.


A:Very good. Here is our price list.


B:Let me see . . . I see that your listed price for the K-two-one model is ten U.S. dollars. Do you offer quantity discounts?

我看看……。你们K-2-1 型的标价是美金十块钱。你们有提供大量订购的折扣吗?

A:We sure do. We give a five percent discount for orders of a hundred or more.

当然有。100 或以上的订单我们有百分之五的折扣。

B:What kind of discount could you give me if I were to place an order for six hundred units?


A:On an order of six hundred, we can give you a discount of ten percent.


B:What about lead time?


A:We could ship your order within ten days of receiving your payment.


in advance的反义词

B:So, you require payment in advance of shipment?


A:Yes. You could wire transfer the payment into our bank account or open a letter of credit in our favor.


B:Id like to go ahead and place an order for six hundred units.


A:Great! Ill just fill out the purchase order and have you sign it.


in advance 网络解释

1. 预先:第二,小组约会可能也在周末,但不一定是预先(in advance)约好的. 大家可能在周六下午才决定周六晚上一起过. 可能一起去看电影,也可能去别的地方. 好几个人在一起,谁也不成双成对,因此也就自己支付自己的费用.

2. 提前:9 C 前后照应逻辑推理 跑最后两个圈时,作者无法轻松(with delight)起来,也没有害怕恐惧(with fear),当然也无法叫其他人提前(in advance)到达,而是在脚疼(in pain)的状态中跑着步.

3. 预先,事先:in addition to 除......之外(还) | in advance 预先,事先 | in all 总共,共计

4. in advance在线翻译

4. 在前面;预先:in advance of 在...的前面;超过 | in advance 在前面;预先 | in all directions 向四面八方

in advance 双语例句

1. If the blank certificate is not enough, they should make an application by filling in Subscription List for Blank Certificate 20 days in advance.


2. To control and cooperate with the warehouse people and prepare the daily delivering goods in advance according to delivery order.



3. New advance in treatment of lymphoedema has been made in recent years.


4. I'm sure you'll want to peruse these in advance.


5. The length of the tremie should be calculated in advance and the inner wall and the thread at the joint should be cleaned.


6. One of the following situations includes, the lessor can lift the housing lease contract in advance.


7. Take the case of Hong Kong, for the land of the overall situation of public auction, the relevant government departments will be open three months to one year in advance the specific number of land auctions and land related information.


8. 911查询·英语单词

8. Thus, he decided to plant grass all over inside the Disneyland theme park, and to open the park in advance.


9. In case of legal holidays off, no advance notice or make a phone notice in writing.


10. In case of statutory holidays off, did not notice or make a phone in advance written notice.


11. in advance什么意思

11. Are equally worthwhile in the sense that there can be no commensurable, rational criteria to discriminate among them, I also advance some positive arguments to the effect that certain universal justification may be found for a type of liberalism mainly based on negative freedom.


12. The decrease of E2 was closely correlated with DOA, gender difference and obvious advance of age. E2 could be a helpful monitoring indictator for those aged before 45 years old in the guidance of treatment and prevention.


13. If you wish to insure FPA, please let us know in advance.


14. The period of storage must be disclosed to, and agreed by, the Client in advance.


15. At one time, we emphasized the solar radiation transfer mechanics. To advance the estimation precision, in this paper, we classed land cover into four layer, canopy of Robinia pseudoacacia L, top of Melilotus albus Desr, bottome of Melilotus albus Desr and layer of soil, separately estimated their fluxes of moisture, heat and CO2, actualized the separated simulation for each composement in soil-vegetation-atmosphere contimuum.


16. In this study, we advance the literature by examining the effect of the diversity of FDI country origins on the productivity of domestic firms.


17. Afterwards, the company that vacate abundant was website construction and in advance conduct propaganda to do much work.


18. in advance的解释

18. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Advance Access publication 6 December 2005 OXE β-lactamases in Acinetobacter:the story so far Molecular Chemotherapy, Centre for Infectious Diseases, University of Edinburgh, The Chancellor's Buliding, 49 Little France Crecent, Edinburgh, EH164SB, UK The emergence of carbaoenem resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii has become a global concern since these β-lactams are often the only effectine treatment lsft against many multiresistant strains. A recent debelopmenth has the discovery of a novel group of narrow-spectrum OXA β-lactamases in carbapenem-resistant strains, some of whitch have acquired the ability to hydrolyse the carbapenems. The first of these was found in a strain isolated in Edinburgh before imipenem was in usr in the hospital. Whether these carbapenemases have been acquired or are part of the genetic make-up of this species has yet to be determined. More importantly, however, they represent an important stage in the evolution of antibiotic resistance in Acinetobacter. This paper discusses the emergence of these unusual enzymes over the past decade.

抗菌化学疗法》杂志上 2005年12月6日提前存取出版在不OXEβ-lactamases:到目前为止分子化疗,中心为传染性疾病,爱丁堡大学,议长,49岁的法国Crecent少、爱丁堡、EH16 4SB,英国 carbaoenem电阻的出现在鲍曼不动杆菌已成为全球关注这些β-lactams通常是唯一effectine对抗许多multiresistant菌株治疗lsft…最近的一debelopmenth已发现的一种β-lactamases仅OXA集团在carbapenem-resistant株,其中一些已经取得了hydrolyse能力的carbapenems第一个被发现在一株孤立在爱丁堡的药物有亚胺培南在使用之前在医院这些carbapenemases是否已经或正在部分的基因构成该物种还有待确定然而更重要的是,他们代表着一种重要阶段的抗生素耐药性的演化出不本文探讨了产生这些不寻常的酶在过去的十年。

19. We contrasted the four common de-esterificate methods and mainly discussed the application, advance in Alkaline de-esterification process at home and abroad and how to reduce β-elimination reaction.


20. Nozdormu, aspect of the Bronze, picked an heir to his'throne'since he knows well in advance that he will die one day.


in advance 单语例句

1. The business veteran predicted economic relations between China and France should advance at a rapid pace in the years to come.

2. The visiting businessman said Dell is willing to further advance investment in China and is also committed to push forward bilateral economic and trade relations.

3. Their busy season usually runs from June to October, as big toy companies generally place their Christmas orders months in advance.

4. Customers who are interested cannot buy off the shelf and will need to book in advance.

5. Near the advent of the Spring Festival, every family has collected calamus leaves in advance.

6. An anonymous caller to an Athens newspaper warned of the bombings about 10 minutes in advance.

7. Jebsen recently helped advance power generation solutions for natural resources in China's coastal markets and is becoming an active player in the renewable energy sector.

8. Some petrochemical plants in the capital have already suspended operation in advance.

9. The literature prize is traditionally awarded on a Thursday, although the actual date is only announced 48 hours in advance.

10. He urged to continue the selection and ordination work in order to fill the vacancies of bishops and advance the development of Catholicism in China.

in advance 英英释义

in advance的近义词


1. ahead of time

in anticipation

e.g. when you pay ahead (or in advance) you receive a discount

We like to plan ahead

should have made reservations beforehand

Synonym: aheadbeforehand