[英 [fɪʃ] 美 [fɪʃ] ]


过去式:fished;   过去分词:fished;   现在分词:fishing;   复数形式:fishes; fish;

fish 基本解释

名词鱼,鱼肉,鱼类; 〈口〉(特殊的)人物,家伙,东西; [建]接合板,夹片,鱼尾板; [航]钓锚器,撑夹桅杆的加固夹箍

及物/不及物动词钓鱼; 捕鱼; 摸出; 掏出

及物动词钓鱼,捕鱼; 搜寻; [航]加夹箍夹牢; [工]用接合板连接[加固]

不及物动词捕鱼,钓鱼; 用钩捞取


fish 相关词组


1. drink like a fish : 大喝;

2. fish out : 捞出, 摸索出, 捕尽鱼;


fish 相关例句



1. He fished the stream for trout.


1. fish的反义词

1. The great fish eat up the small.



1. Let's go fishing.



1. fish的意思

1. We had fish for dinner.


2. fish

2. We'll have fish for dinner.


fish 网络解释

1. 鱼肉:游戏中的食品共有9种:野味肉(game meat),鱼肉(fish),粟(millet),麦(wheat),稻(rice),卷心菜(cabbage),香料(spice),豆腐(bean curd),盐(salt). 根据mill储存了几种食物,食品店进货时得到不同档次的食品;要调节集市提供的食物档次,

2. fish在线翻译

2. fish:flurescence in situ hybridization; 荧光原位杂交

3. fish:fluorescent in situ hybridization; 荧光原位杂交技术

fish 双语例句

1. Those who in youth have not led the holy life, or have failed to acquire wealth, languish like old cranes in the pond without fish.


2. Will you bone this piece of fish for me?


3. YuBei distrit have a synthetically treatment engineering on the lake:Establishe the sewage system along the shore to collecte the waste water; Arrange plant decontamination bed to make the rainwater clean; Whole cure the lake gulf and plant the shore to protect the waterbody; pure the lake`s bottom, implement dredging engineering; Arrange deep water aerate and circulation equipments which can make the water flow; Put the fish fry into the lake to protecte waterbody.



4. A school of tiny fish swims past a brain coral formation in the waters around the Seychelles.


5. Currently, he is working in the Department of Fish and Game, Office of Spill Prevention and Response, Scientific Branch.


6. fish在线翻译

6. The equivalent standard pollution loadings were compared among different rigions, the results indicated that the water pollution threaten caused by agricultural non-point source pollution was more serious in the south of Jiangsu province and in Nantong than in the other rigions; The equivalentStandard pollution loading rates of different agricultural non-point source pollution in different regions were analysised by clustering analysis method, and the results indicated that Nanjing、Wuxi、Zhenjiang and Changzhou were polluted mainly by domestic living pollution; Xuzhou、Suqian、Taizhou、Yancheng、Lianyungang、Huaian and Nantong were polluted mainly by chemical fertilizer pollution; Suzhou and Yangzhou were polluted corresponsively by animals feces pollution、domestic living pollution、chemical fertilizer pollution and fish breeding pond pollution.


7. More than 400 types of seafood, including prawns such as these, are sold at Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market.


8. As these fish chew on the coral, digest it, and release it back onto the ocean floor, it form the sandy bases of the reef.


9. I'll grill you some fish.



10. The only way I know of dealing with this general human concert is to remund ourselves that man is a brief episode in the life of a small planet in a little corner of the universe, and that for aught we know, other parts of the cosmos may contain beings as superior to ourselves as we are to jelly-fish.


11. fish是什么意思

11. An organism, such as a fish or reptile, having a body temperature that varies with the temperature of its surroundings; an ectotherm.


12. I love rice pudding, and water, the fish in it, hedgehogs!



13. Prawn, fish cake, egg, bean sprouts and morning glory served


14. Signature dishes include: Golden fried prawn cake, Spicy chicken salad, Wok fried crab with onion in yellow curry sauce, Steamed fish with fresh lime juice and chilli.


15. Very high degree of transparency of the sea of green, this afternoon I travel from the coast more than one kilometer away, the sea is really shallow, not a few heads and found that an empty fishing boats, climbed to the rest of the people on board into the sea摸鱼, they took潜水镜, with home-made guns of fish, as well as children 7-8 years old then, playing up the fish is not too great.


16. Description: This shallow sea is home to an abundance of fish and underwater plants that illuminate the brilliant waters, creating an eerily beautiful contrast to the storm clouds that often loom over the area.



17. A particular and simple dip is made from chillies, garlic, dried shrimps, lime juice, fish sauce, sugar and shrimp paste.


18. Veggie, grilled prawns in banana leaf, mutton balls, curry beef, squids, tandoori chicken and curry fish...


19. The higher commercial oceanic animals in mangrove regions are classified into five types: fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish and sipunculan.


20. Between July and September 2002, we made a survey on species diversity in 7 main mangrove areas of the Leizhou Peninsula. Totally 188 kinds of benthos were digged out, among them 110 kinds belong to Mollusk, 48 kinds to Arthropods, 18 kinds to Fish, 3 kinds to Sipunculan, 8 kinds to Polychaete, and 1 kind to Brachiopoda.


fish 词典解释The form fish is usually used for the plural, but fishes can also be used. 复数形式通常用 fish,也可用 fishes。


A fish is a creature that lives in water and has a tail and fins. There are many different kinds of fish.

e.g. I was chatting to an islander who had just caught a fish...


e.g. The fish were counted and an average weight recorded.


2. (吃的)鱼,鱼肉

Fish is the flesh of a fish eaten as food.

e.g. Does dry white wine go best with fish?


3. 垂钓;钓鱼;捕鱼

If you fish, you try to catch fish, either for food or as a form of sport or recreation.


e.g. Brian remembers learning to fish in the River Cam.


4. 在…垂钓(或钓鱼、捕鱼)

If you fish a particular area of water, you try to catch fish in it.


e.g. On Saturday we fished the River Arno.


5. 旁敲侧击地打听;拐弯抹角地谋取

If you say that someone is fishing for information or praise, you disapprove of the fact that they are trying to get it from someone in an indirect way.


e.g. He didn't want to create the impression that he was fishing for information...


e.g. She may be fishing for a compliment and welcome your reassurance...


6. 如离水之鱼(指因离开熟悉的环境而感到不适)

If you feel like a fish out of water, you do not feel comfortable or relaxed because you are in an unusual or unfamiliar situation.

e.g. I think he thought of himself as a country gentleman and was like a fish out of water in Birmingham.


7. 海里的鱼有的是;天涯何处无芳草

If you tell someone that there are plenty more fish in the sea, you are comforting them by saying that although their relationship with someone has failed, there are many other people they can have relationships with.

8. (从…中)取出,拿出,拖出

If you fish something out from somewhere, you take or pull it out, often after searching for it for some time.


e.g. Kelly fished out another beer from his cooler...


e.g. She fished out a pair of David's socks for her cold feet.


相关词组:fish out

fish 单语例句

1. The eyes should pop and a knife inserted into the fleshiest part of the fish should go in like butter.

2. A buttery sweet dish was the flaky baked cod fish with mushroom sauce.

3. A buzzard in the village heard of the story and wanted the fish for himself.

4. The translucent whiteness of the fish is set off by little piles of yellow and green zucchini spaghetti topped by a zucchini flower petal tempura.

5. The fish can be divided into three categories by weight, he says.

6. These messages call for Japan to immediately and unconditionally release Zhan, saying that Chinese fishermen have rights to fish in the waters around the islands.

7. Bans on certain fish or " hot spots " can help, but they often are impractical.

8. Chinese scientists have adopted the idea of the " coal mine canary " to monitor water quality by using fish to test for pollutants.

9. TOKYO - Biscuits and vegetable juice for breakfast, no lunch and a packet of rice with canned fish or meat for supper.

10. A fish is also a symbol of surplus in Chinese culture, another measure of a good year and a good life.

fish 英英释义


1. any of various mostly cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates usually having scales and breathing through gills

e.g. the shark is a large fish

in the living room there was a tank of colorful fish

2. the flesh of fish used as food

e.g. in Japan most fish is eaten raw

after the scare about foot-and-mouth disease a lot of people started eating fish instead of meat

they have a chef who specializes in fish


1. catch or try to catch fish or shellfish

e.g. I like to go fishing on weekends

2. seek indirectly

e.g. fish for compliments

Synonym: angle