[英 [ˈfɪkʃn] 美 [ˈfɪkʃən] ]



fiction 基本解释

名词小说,虚构的文学作品; 虚构的或想像出的事,并非完全真实的事; 编造,虚构


fiction 同义词


名词fairy talemythlegendfableuntruthinventionfantasy

fiction 反义词


fiction 相关例句


1. It is a legal fiction that a corporation is a person.


2. fiction

2. That is no fact but fiction.



3. Hemingway and Steinbeck were masters of fiction.


fiction 网络解释

1. 假定:我自己原有的Linux机器(Linux box)为例标注了一些参数的估计值.当你从左向右观察该不可能的,但是在生成代码的时候这个假定(fiction)却能够带来很大方便,这是由于进程技术.与此类似,

fiction 双语例句

1. fiction

1. A provocative science fiction drama, District 9 boasts an original story that gets a little lost in blow-'em-up mayhem.


2. As a well-known novelist, Feng Jicai chapter in a short length of micro-fiction, one of which is to seize a dominant personality system in the core elements to focus on character portrait, and the other is brilliant, lively expressive Art performance impressed the readers.


3. Roald Dahl was an extremely successful writter of children`s fiction.

Roald Dahl是一个十分成功的儿童小说作家。

4. fiction

4. Instead of arranging my books into traditional categories -- fiction and nonfiction, novels and short stories, self-improvement and pleasure -- I divide my bedside reading into books that put you to sleep and those that keep you up.


5. The conditions here as the uncertainty attached must be caused by natural or non-occurrence. In real life, because of the conditions of success or non-achievement by the interests or the interests of the parties is not very likely to lead to irregular conditions or impede achievement or non-achievement, that constitute the conditions of fiction and non-achievement.


6. In chapter five, the fiction is classified to be the presumption one and the assumption one.


7. fiction什么意思

7. As one of the most famous postmodernists, Thomas Pynchon has his typical characteristics in fiction composition.


8. The principle bad character in a work of fiction.


9. The knight-errant is anecdotical, it is put down in writing of unofficial history, fiction more.


10. fiction的近义词

10. I would place these magazines, still damp with the ink of presses, in a handsome canvas bag, sling it over my shoulder, and set forth through the streets to bring best in rnalism, fiction, and cartoons to the American public.


11. He showed me how to drape the sling over my left shoulder and across the chest so that the pouch lay easily accessible to my right hand, allowing the best in journalism, fiction, and cartoons to be swiftly extracted and sold to a citizenry whose happiness and security depended up on us soldiers of the free press.



12. His short fiction has caught the attention of many critics and scholars over the past century.


13. On Huniu and other representatives of the 1930s fiction writers in the image of the differences between women Abstract: In the 1930s the Chinese Modern Literature is prosperous period novels surge, emerged a large number of outstanding writers, Ba Jin, Mao Dun and Lao She, and Shen Congwen is one of the most representative writer, in the shape of their novels in a series of classic Female images, and in one of the unique image of women - Huniu.


14. fiction的意思

14. It also can take place of the embosser with a fiction of embossing roller.


15. A similar but more complicated legal fiction involed pleading in the common law action of ejectment by wich title to real property was tired.


16. Many institutions that publicly report precise market values for their holdings of CDOs and CMOs are in truth reporting fiction.


17. That's science fiction but there is this technology that's a little bit like that.


18. While Chinese American fiction is widely studied in relation to ideology, its formal aesthetic value is understudied.


19. This is hard science-fiction with a reasonably viable method of space travel.


20. This is hard science-fiction with a reasonablyviable method of space travel.


fiction 词典解释

1. 小说

Fiction refers to books and stories about imaginary people and events, rather than books about real people or events.

e.g. Immigrant tales have always been popular themes in fiction...


e.g. Diana is a writer of historical fiction.


2. 虚构;杜撰;编造

A statement or account that is fiction is not true.


e.g. The truth or fiction of this story has never been truly determined.


3. 虚构之事;幻想

If something is a fiction, it is not true, although people sometimes pretend that it is true.

e.g. The idea that the United States could harmoniously accommodate all was a fiction.


fiction 单语例句fiction

1. It's a bit like historical fiction, in which certain historical facts are woven into the work of imagination.

2. It certainly ought to stand a better chance of reaching into the hearts of Anglophone readers than many other works of modern Chinese fiction.

3. The New Yorker is a prized magazine because of the high quality reportage and fiction it carries and its rigorous copyediting and fact checking.

4. The winner was a society called Clan of Royalism, who performed a Chinese cartoon fiction about four famous ancient catchers.

5. The forthcoming code is a sign of reality finally catching up with science fiction.

6. One notes that online fiction resorts to a language so vivacious and colorful that it leaves professional writing behind.

7. He said his decision to write the book as fiction was in part because he had still not yet come to terms with his childhood.

8. He said the military attempted to give the killing " a patriotic glow ", concocting a story that was complete fiction.

9. Professor Maloof says advances in computer technology will make what now seems like science fiction a part of our everyday lives.

10. The survey further confirmed that the motto " The consumer is god " is a fiction mouthed by businesspeople illegally profiting at the customer's expense.

fiction 英英释义


1. a literary work based on the imagination and not necessarily on fact

2. a deliberately false or improbable account

Synonym: fabricationfable