[英 [ˈfɜ:taɪl] 美 [ˈfɜ:rtl] ]


fertile 基本解释


形容词肥沃的; 可繁殖的; 想象力丰富的


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1. fertile

1. Most chicken eggs are not fertile.


2. The land is so fertile that three crops a year can grow.


3. fertile

3. He is fertile of imagination.


4. fertile的反义词

4. A large area of desert was reformed to turn to fertile soil in the northwest region.


5. Some fish are very fertile; they lay 1000's of eggs.


fertile 网络解释

1. fertile

1. 肥沃的:在肥沃的(fertile)土地上有一片丛林(jungle),树下的小河被大风(gale)吹成了冰河(glacier)他的本能(instinct)有助于(avail)他达到(attain)无敌的(invincible)地步.

2. 增加生育:Brave勇敢 | Fertile增加生育 | InspiringSpeaker天生的演说家

3. 肥沃,多产的:ferry 渡船,以船渡(人,货),用飞机运送 | fertile 肥沃,多产的 | indifferent 不感兴趣,漠不关心的

fertile 双语例句


1. The chromosomes within these polar bodies have the same genetic and reproductive poten cials as those left in the oocytes and can be used for production of fertile off spring.



2. It demands a high level of organisation and it will take as long as six months to discover the fertile period.


3. fertile

3. The Barley And Wheat Grass Are Harvested At The Peak Of Their Nutritional Value In The Fertile Nasu Highlands Of Japan.



4. There are humoristic who think that without Bush the fertile ground for satire will disappear.



5. The sterile and fertile plants of BC3 generation, derived from the hybridization between sterile line and restorer line and maintaining line, were detected by GISH-dcFISH. The observations showed that the fertile plants were all the Brassica napus-Xinjiang wild Sinapis arvensis monosomic alien addition lines, and the sterile plants had no Sinapis arvensis chromosome.


6. fertile的解释

6. He said: We live in Wei prestige from generation to generation is nurtured here in our land and water, but Snow abnormal lovely people, they coveted Wei prestige this piece of fertile land, launched a friendly challenge, attack our villages, Thus the rise of our compatriots competition - the Olympic, you can remember is that this matter, and your mother have taken part in the origin of the game, you have to remember Rhode Nina, Snow who is our benefactor.


7. Its climate was represented to him as more temperate, and its soil more fertile.



8. Notable geographic features include the Youkai Mountain with communities of kappa at its base, tengu at its peak, and the Moriya Shrine near a lake at the top; the Forest of Magic; the Bamboo Forest of the Lost where Eientei is located; the lake surrounding the Scarlet Devil Mansion; the Human Village, which is assumed to be in a fertile valley; and the Sanzu River separating Gensokyo from Higan.


9. In California, the fertile valleys and coastal plain produced great crops of fruit and vegetables.


10. In new campus, belief is new, goes to strike the sky because of new fertile soil will give us to a pair of especially stout wing, ; In new campus, the fond dream is new, our fond dream will previous tier altitude more in moisture because of fostering a dew in new one wheel education.



11. Where the land is fertile, there is usually a large population.


12. Is not the possession of fertile land, the fact is clear.


13. I know that my ancestors have made miracleson this fertile land and we're still making miracles.


14. fertile

14. I know that my ancestors have made miracles on this fertile land and we`re still making miracles.


15. This land is fertile; it is rich in material needed to sustain plant growth.


16. Qi Baishi life is a harmonious pursuit of a better life, he painted peony, lotus painting, painting Screen-ju, who painted landscapes painted peace doves, and both are seeking a harmonious peace. In 1956, the World Peace Council, the World Peace Prize awarded to him, he asked Ms. Yu Feng Dai his reply said: It is precisely because I love the home, love my motherland beautiful mountains and rivers and fertile land, love living on the land of all life, so I spent a lifetime energy, a Cape the feelings of the Chinese people on the painting, painting, in poetry, writing.


17. Wu Lei's success, the courage that results from her, hold to and very arduous effort, also the support that profit from Guangdong saves a such course to reform big province to save builds deep course by force to change atmosphere and class to change fertile soil.


18. The long time heard that the expensive unit is takes talented person's Important base, the designer unfolds the only then fertile soil, the heavy humanities, the heavy ability, high and low unites, has the solid competence level.


19. The women who were fertile walked with smaller hip movements and with their knees closer together. When men were shown the images of the women walking, they rated those in the LESS fertile part of their cycle (with larger hip movements and knees further apart) as having the sexiest walks.


20. fertile

20. Life is still alive, does not possess a certain wealth, is a pile of stinking dog feces, friends, loved ones will be at arm's length, and scoff; people heap of both rich gas increasingly rich, money worship and become enveloped in the people's soul get rid of the devil Phantom of the Opera; thief, prostitutes, beggars, bandits, as well as on the lips touch the lower lip vernacular vernacular mouth to eat something for nothing official of the Yuan Emperor Kublai Khan of rice and other so-called national civil servants, although their interpretation of the role of different life, but it is difficult to break away from the survival of malignant The hidden rules of the ugly cycle of subtle social chain; Where there are reasonable pronouncements, there are indeed fertile ground for it to thrive.


fertile 词典解释

1. (土地、土壤)肥沃的,丰腴的

Land or soil that is fertile is able to support the growth of a large number of strong healthy plants.

e.g. ...fertile soil.


e.g. ...the rolling fertile countryside of East Cork.



He was able to bring large sterile acreages back to fertility.


2. 主意多的;富有创意的

A fertile mind or imagination is able to produce a lot of good, original ideas.


e.g. ...a product of Flynn's fertile imagination...


e.g. A chess player must have a fertile imagination and rich sense of fantasy.


3. (环境或条件)易于…的,有助于…的,适于…的

A situation or environment that is fertile in relation to a particular activity or feeling encourages the activity or feeling.

e.g. ...a fertile breeding ground for this kind of violent racism.


4. 能生育的;可繁殖的

A person or animal that is fertile is able to reproduce and have babies or young.

e.g. The operation cannot be reversed to make her fertile again.



Doctors will tell you that pregnancy is the only sure test for fertility.

医生会告诉你怀孕是检测生育能力的唯一可靠方法。fertile 单语例句

1. Luoyang National New & High Tech Industry Development Zone is located in Central China, a fertile land where the ancient civilization and modern civilization coexist.

2. This fertile land allowed the people there to live and work in peace and contentment.

3. Other species advertise when they are at their most fertile by changing color, releasing powerful scents or - like chimpanzees - exhibiting swollen genitals.

4. Just as coalition troops are doing today, they fought their way up the fertile crescent toward Baghdad.

5. The fertile grasslands of Inner Mongolia also allow for plenty of cattle, adding many diary products to the daily Mongolian diet.

6. The flood submerged the fertile farmland and people became destitute and homeless.

7. The fertile and soft brown soil, plenty of rain and small lakes dot the plantation.

8. Since China is transforming farming into agribusiness, the sustainable practice of keeping the land fertile is being lost.

9. Erosion made the land less fertile or turned the soil into sand, and could affect agricultural production and lead to more frequent natural disasters such as drought.

10. Suzhou is known as a " heavenly city " in history because of it ethereal scenery, fertile lands and rich folk culture.

fertile 英英释义



1. capable of reproducing

2. marked by great fruitfulness

e.g. fertile farmland

a fat land

a productive vineyard

rich soil

Synonym: fatproductiverich

3. bearing in abundance especially offspring

e.g. flying foxes are extremely prolific

a prolific pear tree

Synonym: prolific

4. intellectually productive

e.g. a prolific writer

a fecund imagination

Synonym: fecundprolific