[英 ['eksəsaɪzɪŋ] 美 ['eksəsaɪzɪŋ] ]


过去式:exercised;   过去分词:exercised;   复数形式:exercises;

exercising 基本解释

锻炼,训练,练习( exercise的现在分词 );锻炼;使焦虑;发挥;


exercising 网络解释

1. 運動:studying math 學數學 | exercising 運動 | playing Scrabble 玩美國的一個拼字遊戲

2. 操演:Testing 测试 | Exercising 操演 | Verification 验证

3. 练习:Growing:成长 | Exercising: 练习 | Strength:加强

exercising 双语例句

1. Exercising early in the day jump- starts your metabolism.



2. Your body`s preference is to burn glycogen first than body fat when you expand energy such as exercising.


3. When I start exercising, I always start with lots of energy, enthusiasm and ambition.


4. exercising的反义词

4. But for many other actors it is inconceivable to find this sensitivity and lightness without practice and exercising.


5. Methods Sixteen SD male rats were divided randomly into two groups: control group(8) and exercising group(8). Exercising group took repeating exhausting run on the treadmill for one week.


6. exercising的解释

6. A ten percent reduction in auto accidents has been realized by exercising a tighter control on the highwayspeed limit.



7. A ten percent reduction in auto accidents has been realized by exercising a tighter control on the highway speed limit.


8. A ten percent reduction in auto accidents haeen realized by exercising a tighter control on the highway speed limit.


9. exercising的解释

9. In my free time, I enjoy physical fitness activities like cycling, walking and exercising.


10. When you finish exercising, the collected performance information will be stored on your mobile.


11. Nothing in this article prevents either party from exercising any right other than to claim damages under this Convention.


12. exercising什么意思

12. And if you can't talk while you're exercising, you're doing it too strenuously.


13. There's lots of stuff to do out there besides just exercising.


14. exercising

14. Third, we also calculate the threshold investment returns between Individual Account System and Commercial Pension Plan System under various investment environments. Finally, we also contrast the effects of exercising switch options between younger and older employees.


15. Newby said: While they are exercising, cyclists breathe two to three times as much air as car drivers.


16. In the process of exercise, it is normal physiological reaction if you feel lightly tired, acid and discomfort in the cervix, which would disappear after adequate rest, and then you can go on exercising.


17. You've put it through the paces, exercising every feature and checking every output.


18. The endorsee may exercise the rights on the bill when exercising his right of pledge according to law.


19. We apprehend the physical world by exercising th e faculties given us for the purpose, and we possess spiritual faculties by means of which we can know God and the spiritual world if we will obey the Spirit's urge and begin to use them.


20. Therefore, it is necessary to study exercising the recission right.


exercising 单语例句exercising

1. " Exercising with an Indian warship is a valuable opportunity for the Navy, " said Te Mana commanding officer Commander John Butcher.

2. Novartis is exercising a call option the Swiss companies agreed to in April 2008.

3. The remaining seven ties have been postponed until next month at the request of clubs exercising the option due to international call ups.

4. It said the economy is slowly picking up from March's disaster with businesses exercising caution because of the yen's appreciation and the European debt crisis.

5. A person who causes harm in exercising justifiable defence should not bear civil liability, according to the General Principles of Civil Law.

6. " We hear of shops exercising very coercive measures to stop people leaving for two hours, " he said.

7. These lucky men were actually offered a comfortable environment in exercising their economic rights, cultural rights and the rights of protecting their physical and mental health.

8. China has made substantial progress in water and soil conservation by exercising control over 370 thousand square kilometers of land.

9. But exercising too much control over animal slaughter will hinder economic development.

10. Women in the control group received newsletters in the mail four times per year on the importance of eating right and exercising.

exercising的反义词exercising 英英释义


1. the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit

e.g. the doctor recommended regular exercise

he did some exercising

the physical exertion required by his work kept him fit

Synonym: exercisephysical exercisephysical exertionworkout