[英 [ˈdɪstənt] 美 [ˈdɪstənt] ]


distant 基本解释

形容词遥远的; 冷漠的,冷淡的; 远离的,远隔的; 不太清晰的

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1. Those two weak boys are distant relations.



2. The sun is distant from the earth.


3. He is my distant relative.


4. Instead of stopping to speak, she passed by with only a distant nod.


5. distant的近义词

5. She's always very distant with Ann.


distant 网络解释

1. distant是什么意思

1. 遥远的:②形似记忆:杨利伟和嫦娥一起在太空(space)漫步(pace)②形似记忆:宇航员(astronaut)杨利伟在餐馆(restaurant)吃了饭就升天了①形似记忆:到海边抢夺(grab)螃蟹(crab)①形似记忆:遥远的(distant)地方,不变的(constant)传说,

2. 遠:一天早上,父亲要作者驾车把他送到一个名叫Mijas的村庄,这个村庄也许小(small)而偏僻(lonely),也许他们熟悉(familiar),可要驾车去就肯定很远(distant).

3. distant的翻译

3. 遥远:但所有作品都几乎能在国际的电影展中获奖,以新作为例,就获得了2008年康城影展的最佳导演奖,先前的作品如(Climate)和(Distant),分别曾获康城影展2008年的费比西奖及2003年的最佳男主角和评委会大奖,

distant 双语例句

1. The study shows that students are very fond of the distant education, because they are allowed to work on other business when they are acceptting the education without any discounting in education quality.


2. In distant parts of the building I heard the muffled slamming of doors.


3. I thought, at first, it was the crowing of cocks or the barking of dogs at some very distant farm; but steadily and gradually it took articulate shape in my ears, until I became aware that a passenger was going by upon the high-road in the valley, and singing loudly as he went.


4. And not many days after, the younger son, having gathered everything together, went abroad to a distant country and there squandered his estate by living dissolutely.

15:13 过了不多几日,小儿子就收拾一切,起身往远方去了,在那里生活放荡,挥霍家产。

5. Lk. 15:13 And not many days after, the younger son, having gathered everything together, went abroad to a distant country and there squandered his estate by living dissolutely.

路十五13 过了不多几日,小儿子就收拾一切,起身往远方去了,在那里生活放荡,挥霍家产。

6. distant的反义词

6. Pneumatic relays Pneumatic relay is a PA, it will pressure the signal sent to distant places, eliminate the signal delay caused by longer pipelines, the main transmitter and the central control room for live instrumentation regulation between or the regulator valve and the scene between, there is a zoom function is to signal.


7. distant的反义词

7. Every New Englander might easily raise all his own breadstuffs in this land of rye and Indian corn, and not depend on distant and fluctuating markets for them.


8. The above image captures not only a high and distant Mars inside Gusev crater, but also more of the refrigerator-sized Spirit rover than other similar vistas.

上面的影像不僅捕捉到又高又遠的火星Gusev 隕石坑,而且比其他類似的畫面拍到了更多冰箱大小的精神號本體。

9. Finally the man revealed that he was a convict returning from a distant prison.


10. The importance and complexity of distant hybridization were discussed and a method investigating the molecular mechanism of distant cros-incompatibility was presented.


11. With a rectangular space, for example, in the distant wall, if the painted darker colors, you can reduce the length of space, more space finishing Founder, while a small room decorated cloth Do not use too much, too much color wallpaper, tables towel, tired decorated and money.


12. The product widely uses in the metallurgy, the coal, the chemical industry, the buildingmaterials, the mine, profession and so on harbor, the best-selling nation, and sells in distant markets to Southeast Asia, Russia, NorthKorea, Australia, country and the area and so on Peru.



13. Year survival rates and complications intwo groups were compared.[Results] The recurrent rates and the distant metastasis rates in CHPP group was significant lower than that in control group. One? 鄄year and three?


14. distant在线翻译

14. In 1992, Russia unilaterally ended flights by its strategic aircraft to distant military patrol areas.


15. E-tailing will, in the not-too-distant future, be a part of our everyday lives, where we will logon and surf to buy anything from a concert ticket to a sweeping brush to a car.


16. Settlers, too, came from distant countries, some with an alarming novelty of skill, others with an offensive advantage in cunning


17. I'm not as distant with my kids as my mother and generations before that.


18. After a short time, she escaped, unseen, to a distant convent.


19. The unique layout of Central River on both sides, together with the shade trees over the courtyard architecture and the high Mediterranean style, makes you enjoy the particular Mediterranean scenery, customs and the mythology of the atmosphere and the environment in the clear water flow between the Yi instead of flying to the distant Europe.


20. But since then their relationship has grown distant once again.


distant 词典解释

1. 遥远的;远距离的

Distant means very far away.

e.g. The mountains rolled away to a distant horizon.


e.g. ...the war in that distant land.


2. (时间或事件)久远的

You use distant to describe a time or event that is very far away in the future or in the past.

e.g. There is little doubt, however, that things will improve in the not too distant future...


e.g. Last summer's drought is a distant memory.


3. 远房的;远亲的

A distant relative is one who you are not closely related to.

e.g. He's a distant relative of the mayor...


e.g. They were distant cousins.



His father's distantly related to the Royal family.


4. 冷淡的;疏远的;不友好的

If you describe someone as distant, you mean that you find them cold and unfriendly.

e.g. He found her cold, ice-like and distant...


e.g. He is direct and courteous but distant.


5. 恍惚的;心不在焉的;注意力不集中的

If you describe someone as distant, you mean that they are not concentrating on what they are doing because they are thinking about other things.

e.g. There was a distant look in her eyes from time to time, her thoughts elsewhere.


distant 单语例句

1. The former North Carolina senator won the state's primary in 2004, but polls showed him running a distant third to Obama and Clinton.

2. In the early morning mist before dawn, the distant buildings at the end of the causeway to the island loom before us.

3. As the Liu family gathers each year to celebrate the festival, so they also weigh up the benefits of finding new wealth in China's distant cities.

4. Separate servings were a distant memory when the news of this year's first SARS case sent chopsticks clattering in fear.

5. His party finished a distant third in seats but formed a coalition government with the Conservatives after no party gained a parliamentary majority.

6. Operating fleets in distant seas costs China several times or even dozens of times more than that needed to patrol its coastal waters.

7. The Herschel telescope will collect data on the coldest and most distant objects ever observed to explore the history of how stars and galaxies formed.

8. He's also run for Bangkok governor twice, coming in a distant third both times.

9. After spotting a distress signal in a distant mountain range, the team decides to commence a search and rescue mission into the hills.

10. The State postal sector has suffered some losses as it has shouldered the national task of providing unprofitable common mail services in distant regions.

distant 英英释义


1. located far away spatially

e.g. distant lands

remote stars

Synonym: remote

2. separate or apart in time

e.g. distant events

the remote past or future

Synonym: remoteremoved

3. separated in space or coming from or going to a distance

e.g. distant villages

the sound of distant traffic

a distant sound

a distant telephone call

4. far apart in relevance or relationship or kinship

e.g. a distant cousin

a remote relative

a distant likeness

considerations entirely removed (or remote) from politics

Synonym: remote

5. remote in manner

e.g. stood apart with aloof dignity

a distant smile

he was upstage with strangers

Synonym: aloofupstage