[英 [ˈkɒmədi] 美 [ˈkɑ:mədi] ]



comedy 基本解释

名词喜剧; 喜剧性; 喜剧体裁; 有趣的事情

comedy 相关例句


1. One of his new comedies is to be presented.


comedy 网络解释

1. 喜剧片:下面是笔者按照所收集到的资料中,一些吸纳并谐趣模仿卖座电影的片名,依其类型(genre)/母题(motif)来谈fad words:文艺片(art films)、剧情片(Drama)、melodrama (煽情剧)、喜剧片(comedy)、科幻(Sci-fi)、动作片(action)、惊栗(thri

2. 笑剧:涌进百老汇各剧场观赏消费. 纽约的剧院区介于百老汇( Broadway)到第8大道,以及42街到57街这一区块之间,其中聚集了40多家的戏院. 百老汇剧并非只有音乐剧( Musical),还包含有话剧(drama)和笑剧(Comedy)等近40个戏码经常性演出.

3. [名]喜劇:原名(Comedy),表明作品结局光明欢乐. 后人为表对诗人敬意,称为(Divine Comedy),中文称. 如昏暗的中世纪一道智慧的灵光,光辉可持续永恒. 灵感由此而来的还有黑色电影(Seven),

comedy 双语例句

1. Since they're going the comedy route, I STILL think they should have chosen Bobby Lee from MAD TV.

自从他们选择了喜剧路线之后,我一直都以为他们会选在来自MAD电视台的bobby lee。

2. comedy

2. He'll always be remembered as one of the top bananas in the world of comedy.


3. Stand up, this is comedy


4. It is a very humoristic comedy.


5. comedy

5. Historical, others`, selves; tragedy, comedy, absurd play complect together, hard to explain everything.


6. Expect much fun and laughter as they bring you a brilliant performance of comedy talk show and melodious Chinese New Year songs!


7. The Big Bang Theory is an American situation comedy created and executive produced by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady.

生活大爆炸》是一部美国的情景喜剧,由Chuck Lorre和Bill Prady创作。

8. Costume comedy, Wuling fisherman Laotao is the wife Chunhua cuckold, and the lover she suffered daily boss Yuan of bullying, an excuse to go out fishing one day actually wanted to commit suicide when Peach strayed into fairyland, and Chun-Hua Yuan boss and married after the original is not even worth Queshi Bi-off days.


9. It`s a new black comedy set in hell.


10. Sounds like it could be a cracking black comedy, if all the pieces fall into place.


11. She also changed genres, starring in Santa's Slay (2005), a black comedy.


12. Where can I watch Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy movie online free full stream?


13. A must see for lovers of the black comedy.


14. The Life of Brian was a black comedy about the life of Chrest.


15. comedy在线翻译

15. The world is comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.


16. comedy的解释

16. In 2004, she hit the big screen again as Tin-tin in the mildly successful sci-fi comedy/drama Thunderbirds



17. He do not like comedy film, but he like cowboy film.


18. comedy

18. This is a subversion of the traditional image of the comedy film Once Upon a Time.


19. Its nice to have a breath of fresh air in the comedy realm, and this film is just that.


20. comedy的意思

20. Janet, do you like comedy film?


comedy 词典解释

1. 喜剧表演;喜剧成分;喜剧效果

Comedy consists of types of entertainment, such as plays and films, or particular scenes in them, that are intended to make people laugh.


e.g. Actor Dom Deluise talks about his career in comedy.


e.g. ...a TV comedy series.


2. 喜剧(片)

A comedy is a play, film, or television programme that is intended to make people laugh.

3. 滑稽;诙谐;喜剧性

The comedy of a situation involves those aspects of it that make you laugh.


e.g. Jackie sees the comedy in her millionaire husband's thrifty habits.


4. see also: situation comedy

comedy 单语例句comedy的反义词

1. Another newcomer failing to generate much buzz was the comedy " Monte Carlo, " which stars Selena Gomez and was aimed mostly at young women.

2. The sweetly skewed take on life and relationships today earned a best comedy nod and an impressive six acting bids.

3. They taped them as they watched 10 minutes of comedy interspersed by five minutes of the country scenes for more than an hour.

4. In one segment of the " Bye Bye 2008 " comedy program, two hosts discussed Obama's election in November 2008.

5. The planned comedy cameo in " Hangover 2 " was widely seen as a way for Gibson to improve his battered public image.

6. An American director has a stroke and makes a local cameraman promise that he will produce a " comedy funeral " for him.

7. America Ferrera of the campy Ugly Betty was named best actress in a comedy series.

8. Perhaps only at Cannes could it have been possible that comedy clown actor Ge You be nominated and win the Best Actor Award.

9. Among her other films were the Eddie Cantor comedy " Roman Scandals, " John Ford's " The Prisoner of Shark Island " and a string of dramas.

10. Doing a comedy also scared the vivacious actress, who hasn't done much in the way of funny films for much of her career.

comedy 英英释义



1. a comic incident or series of incidents

Synonym: drolleryclowningfunniness

2. light and humorous drama with a happy ending