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call at

[英 [kɔ:l æt] 美 [kɔl æt] ]

call at的意思、解释

call at 基本解释

到…进行短暂访问; 停留

call at

call at 情景对话


A:May I speak to Miss Tan, please?


B:Sorry, but she is with someone right now.


call at在线翻译

A:I see. May I leave her a message then?




A:Please ask her to call me at 6225-9438.


B:Yes. I will.



A:May I speak to Miss Hu, please?


B:Sorry, but she is out for lunch right now.


A:I see. What time will she come back?


B:Shell be back around 3:30.


A:Please ask her to call me at 6225-9441.


call at

B:OK.Ill have her call you as soon as she comes back.

等她一回来, 我就请她马上回电。

call at的意思

A:Thats nice. Ill be waiting for her call. Thank you.


call at的翻译

B:You are welcome.


Leave a message-(留口信)



B:Hi, Mr. Smith. This is Mary. Is Jenny there?


A:No, I’m afraid not, Mary. May I take a message for her?


B:Yes, please tell her that band practice has been moved to Tuesday night at 8:30.


call at

A:O.K. No problem. Anything else?


B:No, but if she has any questions, she can call me at 555-2345.


A:All right, I’ll leave her the message, Mary. Thanks for calling.


call at的近义词

B:Thank you. Bye.




call at 网络解释

1. 访问:within the limit of 在...范围内 | call at 访问 | so blank (头脑)变成空白

2. 作短暂访问;停(泊):call after 追在...的后面叫喊 | call at 作短暂访问;停(泊) | call back 叫回来,收回(错话等)

3. call at

3. 停泊:18. the first available vessel 第一艘可订到的船 | 19. call at 停泊 | 20. duly 按期地,按时的

4. 访问,拜访:bring up教育,培养,使成长 | call at访问,拜访 | call for邀请;要求,需要

call at 双语例句

1. That guy is a fool of women, who's always at the back and call of girls.


2. call at什么意思

2. A. That guy is a fool for women, who's always at the beck and call of girls.


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4. Pagamento in contanti all'arrivo. REMEMBER TO CALL US when you will be in Venice at the terminals.


5. We are experiencing very high call volume at this time and apologize for the delay in answering your call.



6. When I was making chocolate tea, my younger cousin sister Li gave me a call, when we was calling, suddenly there was a thunder and the fire-flag was happened after the thunder, meet such situation, so I hang up the phone ASAP, one student can't control himself to laugh at me, maybe he was laugh at my funny action, after several seconds, my phone rang again, it was her again, the student told me please answer it in a short time, she told me out work earier for rainny on the phone, just several seconds, I hang up at once.


7. call at

7. The point in the call at which the call is abandoned will have varying impacts on a computer telephony system.


8. The sort of pure exert oneself abandoned the call with vivid opposite and experience at deliberate of language character consider, it is education of do exercises in composition


9. A 3100 highways that come more cleavage blue waves, arrive directly at the Gu island on, the tower shadow on the island and setting sun, the mirage by the side of Wan Retian, call is worn you are stepping a stride, along the highway, readily precipitant.


10. call at在线翻译

10. Rat, ever observant of all winged movement, saw that it was taking daily a southing tendency; and even as he lay in bed at night he thought he could make out, passing in the darkness overhead, the beat and quiver of impatient pinions, obedient to the peremptory call.


11. At that moment, I received a phone call


12. Behold He comes riding on the clouds, shining like the sun at the trumpet call.



13. The face is paralytic can happen at all ages, but 15~45 year old the commonnest, come on the peak is reached inside over number hour or 1~3 D, can incline the head unhealthily at the beginning of disease or ache after mandible horn, expression breaks down for flesh of a side countenance, frontal grain disappears, the eye is cracked greaten or close faint, when closing a key point, eyeball up foreign and rotational, show white sclerotic, call Bell the phenomenon, channel of ill side nose lip becomes shallow, quarrel prolapse, side of crooked Xiang Jian of the quarrel when grinningly, rouse cheek or whistle hourglass is enraged, the food when taking food often stops to age at ill side buccal between, at the same time companion has weep reach salivate.

面麻痹可发生于所有年龄,但15~45岁最常见,发病多于数小时或1~3 d内达到高峰,病初可有病侧耳或下颌角后疼痛,表现为一侧面部表情肌瘫痪、额纹消失、眼裂变大或闭合无力,闭眼时,眼球向上外方转动,露出白色巩膜,称Bell现象,病侧鼻唇沟变浅,口角下垂,露齿时口角歪向健侧,鼓腮或吹口哨时漏气,进食时食物常滞留于病侧齿颊之间,同时伴有流泪及流涎。

14. call at

14. At last, this dissertation construct a IDS based on variable length system call sequence using Linux Kernel Module on Linux environment.


15. You have reached the cock the overt action reversing. All call from Monster and may be recovered at any time. State nature of your emergency after the pump.


16. call at在线翻译

16. Call on sb 拜访某人: Could I call on you at your office?


17. call at的解释

17. This type of inter-business service call has traditionally been a task that is undertaken at development time.


18. Any sum that, by terms of issue of a share, becomes payable on allotment or at a fixed date, whether on account of the nominal value of the shares or by way of the shares or by way of premium, shall for the purpose of the regulations be deemed to be a call duly made and payable on the date on which by the terms of issue the sum become payable, and, in case of non-payment, all the relevant provisions of these regulation as to payment of interest and expenses, forfeiture or otherwise apply as if the sum had become payable by virtue of a call duly made and notified.


19. He told me I could call him at any moment.


20. Debt: deposit, loan from central bank, bond captial, loan from fellow bank, loan at call, account payable.


call at 单语例句

1. The plan will call for Wenzhou to contain at least 30 rural financial institutions by the end of 2013.

2. The supertanker is the first to call at Es Sider in at least two years, the data shows.

3. The pair started quarreling during the call and agreed to " address their problem " at an Internet caf.

4. A Los Angeles City Fire Department spokesman confirmed they received an emergency call requesting help at the Beverly Hills address where Charlie lives.

5. He made the call after he got home at midnight and his wife refused to let him inside.

6. For example, one day he received a call at 3 am.

7. China's guided missile destroyer Shenzhen made a port call at Tokyo late last year, the country's first military visit to Japan since WWII.

8. The Japan Coast Guard also sent an aircraft to the site after receiving a distress call at around 2 am.

9. He made the call at a grand ceremony to present the 2009 State Top Scientific and Technological Award.

10. Every day, about 50 people call at his club for information.

call at的近义词call at 英英释义


1. enter a harbor

e.g. the ship called in Athens

Synonym: out in