[英 [brɪŋ] 美 [brɪŋ] ]


过去式:brought;   过去分词:brought;   现在分词:bringing;

bring 基本解释

及物动词导致; 带来,引来; 促使,引起; 提供

bring 相关词组


1. bring forth : 使产生;

2. bring under : 制服;

3. bring on : 引起;

4. bring to pass : 使发生, 实行;

5. bring down : 降低;

6. bring in : 挣得, 引进, 引入;

7. bring down on oneself : 招致;

8. bring up : 培养, 教育, 提出;

9. bring to : 使恢复知觉;

10. bring round : 使觉醒, 说服;

11. bring off : 完成;

12. bring over : 使转变, 把...带来;

13. bring forward : 提出, 提前;

14. bring out : 出版;

bring 相关例句


1. bring什么意思

1. Fish is bringing a high price this week.


2. War brings death and famine.



3. The company brought a charge against him.


4. Bring them together.


1. Study should bring on your Maths.


bring 情景对话


B:What can you bring to our team?


A:Well, I’m a very (hard-working/ dedicated/ focused) employee.



A:If this coat doesnt fit, may I bring it back later?


B:Sorry, We dont take returns on sale items.



A:The next thing Id like to bring up for discussion is packing.

- 下面我想就包装问题讨论一下。

B:Please state your opinions about packing.


A:All right. We wish our opinions on packing will be passed on to your manufacturers.


bring 网络解释

1. 拿来:昨天画了一幅画,里面的植物(plant)有无数;拿来(bring)hat戴头上,带走(take)图画把街逛. 别往墙(wall)上踢足球(soccer ball),完美的(ideal)地板(floor)需要(need)修.

2. 带:一定要找到(find)他,并带(bring)他到这儿给(give)大伙展示(show)一下. ...

3. bring

3. 带来,拿来:88 over there 在那边 | 89 bring 带来;拿来 | 90 Here you are 给你

bring 双语例句

1. I know I bring much trouble to you, and sometimes, youmust be angry with me.


2. Although the term potluck suggests a random assortment of dishes, it s likely to turn out better when the host does some kind organization by discussing with and assigning your guests a specific course or beverage to bring along.

尽管 potluck 一词含有随意携带食物之意,倘若主人与客人商议并分配下各自应带食品或饮料,效果可能会好得多,不然就有可能出现客人都只带餐后甜点的情况

3. bring

3. Bring me the eggnog of good cheer.


4. bring的解释

4. When I was a little kid, my parents would always play Amy Grant's songs at Christmas, so her songs still bring back all my childhood Christmas memories.

当我还是孩子的时候,我的父母就经常在圣诞节演奏Amy Grant的歌,所以她的歌还能把我带回童年关于圣诞的回忆。

5. Liverpool are set to bring in Jakub Sokolik from Banik Ostrava, according to the defender's agent.



6. We always believe that good quality and satisfactory service will bring valuable customers.


7. When it reaches the extent that can bring a heartquake, it can come down for generations as a kind of style.


8. 4 If, however, the journey is too much for you and you are not able to bring your tithe, because the place which the LORD, your God, chooses for the abode of his name is too far for you, considering how the LORD has blessed you


9. Love, is one seat in the summer breeze, to bring you the cool body and mind


10. To provide timely, quality products, continuous research and development of new products, good after-sales service, in close cooperation with the users of products to solve the relevant technical problems, so that new products Refractories bring economic benefits to users, the enterprise has always been the operating principle of, Is also the purpose of business.


11. bring

11. Finally the paper gives suggestions on how to bring up and improve the company s independent innovation capacity.


12. I ask you to bring to light the importance of God`s desire of consecration.


13. God, the Omnipotent, ought not to bring under judgment so frail a creature as man.


14. Now what wisdom is, and what was her origin, I will declare: and I will not hide from you the mysteries of God, but will seek her out from the beginning of her birth, and bring the knowledge of her to light, and will not pass over the truth



15. I'll bring you the ticket.


16. bring的翻译

16. In the last part of this dissertation, we analyze the real estate bubble in China and bring forward any beneficial suggestion on for developing the real estate industry and financial industry.


17. Since the abolition of this policy last year after the closing of the preferential policies for foreign real estate does not bring them in line with related developments within the real estate market in the same platform.


18. Participated in by the Chinese Association of Productivity Science, the Chinese Real Estate Association sponsored the Second China`s regional real estate innovation and the development of an international forum of experts, through the trend of China`s real estate market analysis think, the Chinese macro-control policies to the real estate market will bring about changes in the main body of investment, foreign large-scale real estate market in China has become the inevitable.


19. bring的翻译

19. The injection of outside capital to Xi`an, the real estate market to provide fresh blood for the city`s economic development a good opportunity to bring real estate development in the form of new products, management models, architectural elements and real estate development follow-up service, but also to the local developer has posed a serious challenge, outside the capital, like an invisible hand, the effective birth of the standardization of the operation of the real estate market and thus the survival of the fittest.


20. The blossom of the real estate profession bring along huge development in other correlated professions, for examples, architecture material, architecture design, construction, the estate sale, and the layers and so on.


bring 词典解释

1. (随身)带来

If you bring someone or something with you when you come to a place, they come with you or you have them with you.


e.g. Remember to bring an apron or an old shirt to protect your clothes...


e.g. Come to my party and bring a girl with you...


2. 把…带到;移动

If you bring something somewhere, you move it there.

e.g. Reaching into her pocket, she brought out a cigarette...


e.g. Her mother brought her hands up to her face.


3. 带来;拿来

If you bring something that someone wants or needs, you get it for them or carry it to them.

e.g. He went and poured a brandy for Dena and brought it to her...


e.g. The stewardess kindly brought me a blanket.


4. 把…引到;把…带到

To bring something or someone to a place or position means to cause them to come to the place or move into that position.


e.g. I told you about what brought me here...


e.g. The shock of her husband's arrival brought her to her feet...


Bring and take are both used to talk about carrying something or accompanying someone somewhere, but bring is used to suggest movement towards the speaker and take is used to suggest movement away from the speaker. Bring your calculator to every lesson... Anna took the book to school with her. In the first sentence, bring suggests that the person and the calculator should come to the place where the speaker is. In the second sentence, took suggests that Anna left the speaker when she went to school. You could also say 'take your calculator to every lesson' to suggest that the speaker will not be present at the lesson, and 'Anna brought the book to school with her' to suggest that Anna and the speaker were both at school.

bring和take都可用来表示携带某物或陪伴某人到某地,但bring表示向说话者靠近的动作,而take表示远离说话者的动作:Bring your calculator to every lesson(每次上课都把计算器带来),Anna took the book to school with her(安娜随身带着这本书去上学)。在第一个例句中,bring暗示计算器的携带者应该把计算器带到说话者所在的地点。在第二个例句中,took暗示安娜离开说话者所在的地点去上学。也可以说take your calculator to every lesson,表示说话者不会在课堂上。而Anna brought the book to school with her表示安娜和说话者同在学校。

5. 带给;介绍;引进

If you bring something new to a place or group of people, you introduce it to that place or cause those people to hear or know about it.

e.g. ...a brave reporter who had risked death to bring the story to the world.


e.g. ...the drive to bring art to the public.


6. 使处于(…状态或环境)

To bring someone or something into a particular state or condition means to cause them to be in that state or condition.

e.g. He brought the car to a stop in front of the square...


e.g. His work as a historian brought him into conflict with the political establishment...


7. 导致;带来;产生

If something brings a particular feeling, situation, or quality, it makes people experience it or have it.

e.g. He called on the United States to play a more effective role in bringing peace to the region...


e.g. Kinkel said the attacks had brought disgrace on Germany...


8. (某段时间)发生

If a period of time brings a particular thing, it happens during that time.

e.g. For Sandro, the new year brought disaster...


e.g. We don't know what the future will bring.


9. (对某人)提起(诉讼);将(某人)送上(法庭)

If you bring a legal action against someone or bring them to trial, you officially accuse them of doing something illegal.

e.g. He campaigned relentlessly to bring charges of corruption against former members of the government...


e.g. The ship's captain and crew may be brought to trial and even sent to prison.


10. 提供,制作,播出(电视或广播节目)

If a television or radio programme is brought to you by an organization, they make it, broadcast it, or pay for it to be made or broadcast.


e.g. You're listening to Science in Action, brought to you by the BBC World Service...


e.g. We'll be bringing you all the details of the day's events.


in AM, usually use 美国英语通常用 sponsor

11. 把(某人)带到(或引到)(某话题)

When you are talking, you can say that something brings you to a particular point in order to indicate that you have now reached that point and are going to talk about a new subject.

e.g. Which brings me to a delicate matter I should like to raise...


e.g. And that brings us to the end of this special report from Germany.


12. 强迫(自己)做(令人伤心、窘迫或讨厌的事)

If you cannot bring yourself to do something, you cannot do it because you find it too upsetting, embarrassing, or disgusting.

e.g. It is all very tragic and I am afraid I just cannot bring myself to talk about it at the moment.


13. to bring something alive -> see alive

to bring something to bear -> see bear

to bring the house down -> see house

to bring up the rear -> see rear

Do not confuse the verbs bring up and grow up. Bring up is a transitive verb, and describes the process of looking after and socializing a child. ...we both felt the town was the perfect place to bring up a family. Grow up is an intransitive verb, and describes the process of becoming an adult. I grew up in rural southern England. Note then, that parents do not 'grow up' their children, they 'bring them up'. See also note at educate.

不要混淆bring up和grow up。bring up为及物动词,描述的是抚养孩子并使其适应社会的过程:we both felt the town was the perfect place to bring up a family(我们俩都认为这个小镇是养儿育女的理想之地)。grow up为不及物动词,指的是长大成人的过程:I grew up in rural southern England(我在英格兰南部乡村长大)。注意父母养育子女不能说 grow up, 应该用 bring them up。亦见educate词条下的说明。

14. 谈及;提出

If you bring up a particular subject, you introduce it into a discussion or conversation.

e.g. He brought up a subject rarely raised during the course of this campaign...


e.g. Why are you bringing it up now?


15. 呕吐;咳出

If someone brings up food or wind, food or air is forced up from their stomach through their mouth.

e.g. It's hard for the baby to bring up wind.


相关词组:bring aboutbring alongbring aroundbring backbring downbring forwardbring inbring offbring onbring outbring roundbring tobring up

bring 单语例句

1. Insiders also believe foreign investors bring new business methods to China, enhancing the entire industry.

2. Obama has promised voters to rebuild US manufacturing industries and create more jobs and is trying to bring overseas business operations back to the US.

3. The prince will bring about 400 people on a mission for business development and to celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

4. The prosperity of these sectors during and after the Games period will bring a wealth of business opportunities for logistics and transportation companies.

5. Although people today have a busy life, taking half an hour every week to make a flower arrangement can bring joy.

6. Famous Italian brands like Freddy will bring their latest designs and fans can also buy the Italian national team costume as worn by Olympic competitors.

7. Buyers don't have to bring their ID cards as there is no limit as how many can one person buy at one time.

8. Some major Chinese companies are seeing the advantage of buying stakes in hotel and leisure companies in order to bring their expertise back to China.

9. Eddie Jones hit two free throws to bring Miami within five before a critical mistake at the buzzer.

10. Foreign companies often bring a good deal of technical expertise and experience.