[英 [ˈbetə(r)] 美 [ˈbɛtɚ] ]


过去式:welled;   现在分词:welling;   复数形式:wells;

better 基本解释

形容词较好的; 更合适的; 能力更强的; 好转的

副词更好地; 更; 更妥

动词胜过; 上进

名词更好者; 更有才智者


better 相关词组

1. had better : 最好, 应该;

better 相关例句


1. She'll be much better soon.


2. better

2. Are you feeling any better?



1. better是什么意思

1. Try to do better next time.


better 情景对话


A:Has our material been all right ?



B:I‘m afraid not .


A:Maybe you should order a little better quality


B:Yes, we might have to do that .




A:It looks like it’’s going to be sunny.



B:Yes, it’’s much better than yesterday.


A:They say we’’re going to get some rain later.


B:Oh, let’’s just hope it stays warm.


A going concern-(赢利企业)

A:Whats your overseas branch factory going?


B:Not very good at first. It has been two years before it becomes a going concern.


A:Once you break the ice, it will be better and better.


B:I hope so.


better 网络解释

1. 更好的:[巧 记]兔子(to)被人(r)的拷打真的(ture)使它受尽折磨. [巧 记]离开(leave)的时候,我把l编织成w. [巧 记]更好的(better)电池组是把e型变成a型,再加个尾巴(y). 前缀(Prefixes)一般不造成词类的转变,而只是引起意思上的变化

better 双语例句

1. For better development in the future, Mr.*** decided to go to Britainfor further study. Our company needs high-qualified manager, so we totallyagree with his study plan and sincerely hope that Mr.*** can come backto our company for further work after finishing his study.


2. Although the term potluck suggests a random assortment of dishes, it s likely to turn out better when the host does some kind organization by discussing with and assigning your guests a specific course or beverage to bring along.

尽管 potluck 一词含有随意携带食物之意,倘若主人与客人商议并分配下各自应带食品或饮料,效果可能会好得多,不然就有可能出现客人都只带餐后甜点的情况

3. better

3. In the first decade of the 21st century, the GNP will double that of the year 2000, the people will enjoy an even Better-to-do life and a more or less ideal socialist market economy will have come into Being


4. better

4. You`d better know well the listed contents:the uppermost active site is peptidyl transferase enzyme catalytic site in ribosome; rRNA has important function in ribosome; there are a series of binding site and catalytic site which relate with synthesize of protein


5. So is all change for the better, like birth and death which convulse the body.


6. He seems to play better when he is in the starting lineup, and his numbers reflect that.


7. better是什么意思

7. In the days to come, is willing to work with new and old customers create a better future.


8. better的解释

8. I am sure that I will do better in the days to come.


9. Eg: To avoid traffic jam, we`d better stagger the office shift hours.


10. better的解释

10. I like biography better than comic books.


11. A society that avoids senseless suffering of decent human beings is a better society.


12. Even something as boring and unfulfilling as my job is better than dating you.



13. Moreover, it will re-examine the traditional three monopoly behaviors, stress their regulatory system standards, and discuss whether they are conducive to economic and social development, whether they can co-ordinate better balance between kinds of interests, in particular the human rights and consumer care. At the same time, it will make analysis regulations and countermeasures.


14. better什么意思

14. The study showed that the hungry of AIDS patients risk of death is a better nutritional status of the six times.


15. better

15. Endeavor in the Qian Heng people look forward to working with your co-operation to create a better future.


16. We need a better system for monitoring what is going on.


17. But I have got better things on my mind.


18. The public do not hesitate to give feedback while journalists continue to strive to do better and remain open to criticisms.


19. If you want to catch up with them, you'd better make a beeline for them.


20. If you want to catch up with the team, you'd better make a beeline for them.


better 词典解释



3. 更;更大程度上

If you like one thing better than another, you like it more.

e.g. I like your interpretation better than the one I was taught...


e.g. I'd like nothing better than to join you girls...


4. (病情、伤势)好转的,减轻的

If you are better after an illness or injury, you have recovered from it. If you feel better, you no longer feel so ill.


e.g. He is much better now, he's fine...


e.g. The doctors were saying there wasn't much hope of me getting better.


5. (用于建议、警告、威胁、发表意见等)最好

You use had better or 'd better when you are advising, warning, or threatening someone, or expressing an opinion about what should happen.


e.g. It's half past two. I think we had better go home...


e.g. You'd better run if you're going to get your ticket...


6. 更大成就;更好行为;更好待遇

If you say that you expect or deserve better, you mean that you expect or deserve a higher standard of achievement, behaviour, or treatment from people than they have shown you.


e.g. We expect better of you in the future...


e.g. Our long-suffering mining communities deserve better than this.


7. 上司;上级

Your betters are people who have a higher status or rank than you do.

e.g. Sit down and be quiet in front of your elders and betters.


8. 超越;胜过;超出

If someone betters a high achievement or standard, they achieve something higher.

e.g. He recorded a time of 4 minutes 23, bettering the old record of 4-24...


e.g. As an account of adolescence it could hardly be bettered.


9. 提高;改善

If you better your situation, you improve your social status or the quality of your life. If you better yourself, you improve your social status.

e.g. He had dedicated his life to bettering the lot of the oppressed people of South Africa...


e.g. Our parents chose to come here with the hope of bettering themselves.


10. (用于构成以 good 和 well 开头的复合形容词的比较级,如 well-off 的比较级为 better-off)

Better is used to form the comparative of compound adjectives beginning with 'good' and 'well.' For example, the comparative of 'well-off' is 'better-off.'

11. (用于建议)最好,更好

You can say that someone is better doing one thing than another, or it is better doing one thing than another, to advise someone about what they should do.

e.g. You are better eating just a small snack than hurrying a main meal...


e.g. Wouldn't it be better putting a time-limit on the task?...


12. 好转;变好

If something changes for the better, it improves.


e.g. Dreams of changing the world for the better.


13. (嫉妒、好奇心、愤怒等感情)使不能自制

If a feeling such as jealousy, curiosity, or anger gets the better of you, it becomes too strong for you to hide or control.

e.g. She didn't allow her emotions to get the better of her.


14. (在比赛、打斗或争论中)战胜,打败

If you get the better of someone, you defeat them in a contest, fight, or argument.


e.g. He is used to tough defenders, and he usually gets the better of them.


15. (因阅历丰富)不至于…

If someone knows better than to do something, they are old enough or experienced enough to know it is the wrong thing to do.

e.g. She knew better than to argue with Adeline...


e.g. It's bad enough to have anyone joke about such a serious matter but a member of the police force should know better.


16. 比…更了解(或更渊博、更有经验)

If you know better than someone, you have more information, knowledge, or experience than them.

e.g. He thought he knew better than I did, though he was much less experienced...


e.g. My sister still claims she cheated on us at cards, but I know better.


17. (用于建议)不如,最好

If you say that someone would be better off doing something, you are advising them to do it or expressing the opinion that it would benefit them to do it.

e.g. If you've got bags you're better off taking a taxi...


e.g. Their stance seems to be that a baby or child is better off in its country of birth.


18. 胜过;超过

If you go one better, you do something better than it has been done before or obtain something better than someone else has.

e.g. Now General Electric have gone one better than nature and made a diamond purer than the best quality natural diamonds.


19. (表示赞成、表扬或鼓励)很好,这就对了

You say 'That's better' in order to express your approval of what someone has said or done, or to praise or encourage them.

e.g. 'I came to ask your advice — no, to ask for your help.' — 'That's better. And how can I help you?'


20. 这样更好;那更好

You can say 'so much the better' or 'all the better' to indicate that it is desirable that a particular thing is used, done, or available.

e.g. Use strong white flour, and if you can get hold of durum wheat flour, then so much the better...


e.g. If there's good skiing, breathtaking scenery and you don't need to catch a plane, all the better!


21. 越…越好

You can use expressions like 'The bigger the better' or 'The sooner the better' to say that you would prefer it if something is big or happens soon.

e.g. The Irish love a party, the bigger the better...


e.g. The fewer things in the room the better.


22. 为了更好地…;以便更有效地…

If you do something the better to do something else, you do the first thing in order to be able to do the second thing more effectively.

e.g. She came on every ride herself, the better to instruct her eager pupils.


23. 重新考虑后决定不做

If you intend to do something and then think better of it, you decide not to do it because you realize it would not be sensible.


e.g. Alberg opened his mouth, as if to protest. But he thought better of it.


24. 不论好坏;不管结果怎样

If you say that something has happened or been done for better or worse, you mean that you are not sure whether the consequences will be good or bad, but they will have to be accepted because the action cannot be changed.

e.g. I married you for better or worse, knowing all about these problems.


25. better the devil you know -> see devil

discretion is the better part of valour -> see discretion

your better half -> see half

against your better judgment -> see judgment

to be better than nothing -> see nothing

the better part -> see part

better 单语例句

1. The employment promotion fund should be used with better efficiency, says an article in China Business Times.

2. He also promised to foster better business ethics among the leaders of industry.

3. Though not yet back to their normal level, business is definitely getting better.

4. This is where Hong Kong's experience in modern business management and sport administration according to the law can make a difference for the better.

5. While taming Little Wild Man has proven a tricky business, we've had better luck in training him.

6. Soaring gold prices and better business management helped boost its profits, the company said in a statement filed with the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

7. Insiders are also calling for better services to capitalize on the huge business opportunity.

8. All sectors surveyed also expected business situations would be better in the third quarter with an increase of output.

9. The United Nations has begun busing refugees out of the reception camp to other sites so they can be better cared for.

10. I tried to convince myself that I was just too busy or that walking was better because it allowed me to soak up my surroundings.

betterbetter 英英释义



1. something superior in quality or condition or effect

e.g. a change for the better

2. the superior one of two alternatives

e.g. chose the better of the two

3. a superior person having claim to precedence

e.g. the common man has been kept in his place by his betters

4. someone who bets

Synonym: bettorwagererpunter


1. get better

e.g. The weather improved toward evening

Synonym: improveamelioratemeliorate

2. to make better

e.g. The editor improved the manuscript with his changes

Synonym: improveamendamelioratemeliorate

3. surpass in excellence

e.g. She bettered her own record

break a record

Synonym: break


1. (comparative of `good') superior to another (of the same class or set or kind) in excellence or quality or desirability or suitability

more highly skilled than another

e.g. You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din

a better coat

a better type of car

a suit with a better fit

a better chance of success

produced a better mousetrap

she's better in math than in history

2. (comparative of `good') changed for the better in health or fitness

e.g. her health is better now

I feel better

3. more than half

e.g. argued for the better part of an hour


1. comparative of `well'

in a better or more excellent manner or more advantageously or attractively or to a greater degree etc.

e.g. She had never sung better

a deed better left undone

better suited to the job

2. from a position of superiority or authority

e.g. father knows best

I know better.

Synonym: best