[英 [əˈtend] 美 [əˈtɛnd] ]


过去式:attended;   过去分词:attended;   现在分词:attending;

attend 基本解释

不及物动词出席; 致力于,献身于; 侍候,照顾; 关注

及物动词出席,参加; [常用被动语态](作为结果、情况)伴随; 照顾; 陪伴


attend 相关例句


1. The school was attended almost entirely by local children.


2. 911查询·英语单词

2. There was no one to attend him but Tina.



3. Which doctor is attending you?


4. He did not attend the meeting yesterday.



1. attend

1. I'll attend to the matter.


attend 情景对话


A:I‘m sorry, but I have to cancel out luncheon appointment.


B:I‘m sorry to hear that.


A:I have pressing business to attend to .


B:No problem. we‘ll make it later in the month .


attend 网络解释

1. 参加:格林先生是一个好动(active)的人. 他喜欢(enjoy)各种活动:他常常和学生一同交谈,一起打篮球. 在周末,他常到海上钓鱼. 他现在能说一些汉语. 他有许多中国朋友. 这个星期六,他的朋友将邀请他去参加(attend)一场中国民族音乐会(concert).

2. 照顾:不过途中却晕倒了,我醒来的时候已经有人照顾(attend)他了,对方是一个医生(physician),他手中暴露出(expose药物上次说到遇到了空难,后来飞机落到了一个主题公园(theme park).

3. 注意:Herbart)(3)斯宾赛(Spencer)(4)福禄贝尔(Froebel)30.教师在示范教学时,有四个步骤要学生牢记,包括A告诉他们注意(attend)这项技巧的成分,D在学生面前表现出(do)每一个步骤,M要求学生记忆(memorize)步骤,S对学生陈述(say)每一个步骤,

4. 加:格林先生是一个好动(active)的人. 他喜欢(enjoy)各种活动:他常常和学生一同交谈,一起打篮球. 在周末,他常到海上钓鱼. 他现在能说一些汉语. 他有许多中国朋友. 这个星期六,他的朋友将邀请他去参加(attend)一场中国民族音乐会(concert).

5. attend:attendant; 空中服务员

attend 双语例句

1. attend什么意思

1. You have to attend the meeting, because only you can answer the questions that our clients would put forword.


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2. It is necessary to attend particularly to the character of the person called familiae emptor.


3. English level meeting in the 13th century the age of 60 the first meeting, in addition to big feudal lords, each county send two knights, two for each city to invite members of the public to attend.


4. As a committee chairperson, he always considers it a command performance to attend the meeting.


5. When I did attend out-of-town events, it was usually at the request of one of my supporters.


6. Objective Probe into the clinical first aid of eyes traumatism and attend to the result.


7. I promised to attend the show.


8. Now i attend the students'union, i hope that it can make contributions not only on my study but also my life!


9. It is with great pleasure that we extend this provisional invitation to your delegation to attend an agricultural technology briefing and undertake a vegetable farm site visit during October this year.


10. Either you orI am able to attend the meeting.



11. Finally in the dream, I also have a pair of angel wings, I fly through the clouds, flew to the temple desirable, to attend the Queen Mother of the peach will see fairies are dancing, listening to The Sound I get the!


12. How often do you attend the meeting of your religious group?


13. In 2000 was promoted to the original independence of successive long leave, I was a graduate of the temporary appointment of an independent again and again as the People's Liberation Army communications unit lengTh, led during his tenure was ordered to attend the Russian A-field task force to ensure the safety of their supreme commander, was wounded was awarded the merit of first time deputy battalion level


14. Full-dress attend, make you the most beautiful


15. We have to attend English cLASSes for eight hours a week.


16. attend什么意思

16. Students like me who are going to graduate and getting ready to find the first job always trying to make ourselves qualify the one we want to attend.


17. To create more opportunities for the girls in that remote village to go to colleges and universities and with a wish to protect the Yao culture, she finally decided to support some needy but excellent students to attend school in Zhuhai.


18. Mind, as a spiritual subject, should attend to the highest cumstance--corresponding of things, without opposing relationship--therefore becomes divine and perfect.


19. N I`ve got a meeting to attend, so I have to go now.

n 我要去开个会,我得走了。

20. attend的意思

20. I'm coming to attend a media seminar.


attend 词典解释

1. 出席;参加

If you attend a meeting or other event, you are present at it.

e.g. Thousands of people attended the funeral...


e.g. The meeting will be attended by finance ministers from many countries...


2. 去(学校、教堂等);上(学)

If you attend an institution such as a school, college, or church, you go there regularly.

e.g. They attended college together at the University of Pennsylvania.


3. 处理,料理(事情);照顾,护理(受伤的人)

If you attend to something, you deal with it. If you attend to someone who is hurt or injured, you care for them.

e.g. The staff will helpfully attend to your needs...


e.g. There are more pressing matters to be attended to today...


attend 单语例句

1. The man told the escorts he had to leave immediately because he had some urgent business to attend to.

2. Zhao Benshan is one of a growing number of celebrities who attend business management programs.

3. While distracting topics such as cybersecurity may continue to make the headlines, trade and economic relations remain the business to attend to.

4. Fang said his lawyer will act for him in court and he will not attend.

5. The girl's father said she was missing class at school to attend the meeting and Obama obliged by writing a note of absence.

6. Superdelegates are party leaders who attend the convention delegates by virtue of their positions, and are not selected in primaries and caucuses.

7. No further disciplinary action is expected following the FA's investigation of the alleged tunnel incident, although both clubs have been invited to attend a peace meeting.

8. The State Council Development and Research Centre and a group of cabinet ministers will attend the event.

9. An official crowd estimate was unavailable, but tens of thousands of people typically attend what organizers dub California's largest public event.

10. The Cambridge University professor was in Beijing to attend a recent conference on China's public finance organized by Peking University's School of Economics.

attend 英英释义



1. give heed (to)

e.g. The children in the audience attended the recital quietly

She hung on his every word

They attended to everything he said

Synonym: hangadvertpay heedgive ear

2. work for or be a servant to

e.g. May I serve you?

She attends the old lady in the wheelchair

Can you wait on our table, please?

Is a salesperson assisting you?

The minister served the King for many years

Synonym: serveattend towait onassist

3. take charge of or deal with

e.g. Could you see about lunch?

I must attend to this matter

She took care of this business

Synonym: take carelooksee

4. be present at (meetings, church services, university), etc.

e.g. She attends class regularly

I rarely attend services at my church

did you go to the meeting?

Synonym: go to

5. to accompany as a circumstance or follow as a result

e.g. Menuhin's playing was attended by a 15-minute standing ovation