[英 [ɔ:lˈtɜ:nətɪv] 美 [ɔ:lˈtɜ:rnətɪv] ]



alternative 基本解释


形容词替代的; 另类的; 备选的; 其他的


alternative 相关例句


1. There was no alternative route open to her.


2. The way was blocked, so we went by an alternative road.



1. If you don't like the school lunch, you have the alternative of bringing your own.


2. What alternatives are there?


3. They had no alternative in the matter.


alternative 网络解释

1. 选择:到1995年底,乐队又发行了一张双CD碟(Alternative),这张专辑纵跨了他们从艺十年的经典作品,充分展现了流行舞曲在这十年里的发展. 在不断创作不同风格的舞曲的同时,宠物店男孩还尝试着在1997年3月发行了单曲---一首由古典音乐改编的电子舞曲.

2. alternative

2. 非主流的:既是流行与可爱的,又是实验的;既是微限(minimal)与mondo的,又是迷幻的(psychedelic),既是电子化与前卫摇滚的,又是ROCKROLL的,既是幽默的与狡猾的,又是坦率的;既是new wave与非主流的(alternative)的,以又是funk的,

alternative 双语例句

1. An alternative view is that the Americans have engineered an elaborate hoax and the man in captivity is not Saddam Hussein himself at all.


2. alternative的反义词

2. Thank you. Guild arena used for ritual combat, coming-of-age sacrifices, and as mosh pit for local alternative rock bands.


3. That's very kind of you, but I think that I will have to look for another alternative elsewhere.


4. Next year will continue to have alternative dilate, but speed will be compared 2008 slow down.


5. In validity theory, application-specific validity constraints are axiomatized as validity fluents, the heuristic alternative responses are axiomatized as decisive complex actions, and they are composed into validity-ensured autonomous service units, which can be comprised into, and executed autonomously by, situation calculus implementation systems.


6. It is believed that the quantitative tests that focus solely on past years could generally be eliminated and be replaced or be supplemented by a new alternative test.


7. The alternative to humanity looking inward for well-being is more of what currently exists for a while.


8. Alternative content will flow around such enclaves; there are many communities on the internet.


9. alternative的翻译

9. Most of their alternative refrigerants are finalized products of foreign corporations, which still have high GWP.



10. Alternative Title Interest Struggle among Plunderer, Culture Agent and Professional Touter in Tourism Author


11. alternative的反义词

11. Sometimes, however, after a long day that hasn't been very productive, my tired arms and an ungratified addiction for big fish make trolling a very attractive alternative.

有时,但,一个长一天,没有很生产我累的枪械及一大鱼的 ungratified 的成瘾使控制一种非常吸引人的替代方法。

12. In addition, the company plans to inject assets through private placement has been reported that once the completion of a series of injection, the company will gradually transition to alcohol fuels alternative energy companies.


13. The influence of duty ratio of longitudinal intermittent alternative magnetic field on microstructure and properties of plasma arc surfacing layer was researched.


14. alternative

14. Among other things, it has led to lowered sights and low dreams: Even among many people who once would have known better and would have striven higher, it has led, in the short run, to acceptance of the idea that—in reality and at least for the foreseeable future—there can be no alternative to the world as it is, under the domination of imperialism and other exploiters.


15. Thereinto Chapter 4 tells of the analyzing of IKEA logistics data, the analyzing of pallet loads of IKEA, and select two alternative feasible storage systems from the eight basic pallet rack systems.


16. This latter alternative, which was first propound ed by Pallas, seems by far the most probable


17. If you experience any difficulty breathing, wheeziness or breathlessness, or develop a rash on any part of your body, stop taking the medication and visit your GP who will advise you about alternative pain relief medication.


18. alternative的翻译

18. Menorrhalgia was the major symptom of adenomyosis, ultrasonography and serum CA125 are helpful for the auxiliary diagnosis of adenomyosis. Ultrasonography is easy to handle and noninvasive, it is an alternative assay for the diagnosis of adenomyosis. The diagnostic accuracy may be enhanced after combining two assays.


19. In an alternative embodiment the volatile liquid is free from water.


20. DNA microarrays with its high efficiency and accuracy could be used as an alternative to culture method.


alternative 词典解释The form alternate is sometimes used, especially in American English, instead of alternative in meanings 3, 4, and 5. 尤其在美国英语中,当alternative作义项3、4和5解时,有时可用alternate替代。

1. 可供选择的;可供替代的

If one thing is an alternative to another, the first can be found, used, or done instead of the second.

e.g. New ways to treat arthritis may provide an alternative to painkillers.


2. 备选的;备用的;其他的

An alternative plan or offer is different from the one that you already have, and can be done or used instead.


e.g. There were alternative methods of travel available...


e.g. They had a right to seek alternative employment.


3. 非传统的;另类的

Alternative is used to describe something that is different from the usual things of its kind, or the usual ways of doing something, in modern Western society. For example, an alternative lifestyle does not follow conventional ways of living and working.


e.g. ...unconventional parents who embraced the alternative lifestyle of the Sixties...


e.g. If you like alternative comedy you'll love this book.


4. (医疗)传统的,替代的(如提取植物成分制成药物、按摩和针灸)

Alternative medicine uses traditional ways of curing people, such as medicines made from plants, massage, and acupuncture.

e.g. ...alternative health care.


5. (能源)替代的,代用的

Alternative energy uses natural sources of energy such as the sun, wind, or water for power and fuel, rather than oil, coal, or nuclear power.

alternative 单语例句

1. Kong and fellow alternative energy producers have been enjoying booming business since the end of June.

2. If you are tired of the perpetual work in the urban hustle and bustle, a date with the sky is a perfect alternative.

3. It would mean public housing tenants who had been buying up private properties suddenly had found an attractive alternative.

4. School district spokesman Norm Uhl said that the kindergartner could face disciplinary action including being sent to an alternative school for up to 180 days.

5. China can afford to invest massively in alternative energy and public transportation.

6. Even the importation of cheap ethanol made from Brazilian sugar cane would not enable this alternative to oil to achieve a breakthrough.

7. Moreover, encouraging capital outflows is also an alternative to counter currency appreciation.

8. The Foundations singer revealed the alternative career plan during an interview with Time Out.

9. So developing CCS or an alternative that allows coal to become clean energy is essential for meeting the 2050 goal.

10. The central government began to adopt special financial and taxation policies in 2006 to encourage development of alternative energy projects with subsidies and tax breaks.

alternative 英英释义


1. one of a number of things from which only one can be chosen

e.g. what option did I have?

there no other alternative

my only choice is to refuse

Synonym: optionchoice


1. necessitating a choice between mutually exclusive possibilities

e.g. alternative possibilities were neutrality or war

2. pertaining to unconventional choices

e.g. an alternative life style

3. serving or used in place of another

e.g. an alternative plan

Synonym: alternatesubstitute