[英 [əˈkju:mjəleɪt] 美 [əˈkjumjəˌlet] ]


过去式:accumulated;   过去分词:accumulated;   现在分词:accumulating;

accumulate 基本解释




accumulate 相关例句


1. He accumulated a good library.


2. By buying ten books every month, he soon accumulated a good library.


3. They set to work accumulating a huge mass of data.



1. His debts accumulated.


2. accumulate的意思

2. Dust quickly accumulates if we don't sweep our room.


3. Dust had accumulated during her absence.


accumulate 网络解释

1. 累积:宽频接取原义是指一种个人用户进入高速骨干网路的设备,在意象上就像由交流道进入高速公路,但是更广义地说,AccFast这个名字是要把人类带进宽频生活,快速地加速(Accelerate) 并且累积(Accumulate)技术能量,创造更宽广的生活.

2. 积累:而且杜比还有助于多音轨(multitrack)录音,以往多音轨的各个音规的器材噪声(equitment noise)会积累(accumulate)成为很强的噪声,现在杜比★.第一个短文(好象是8-9左右).


3. 累加:早期的计算机上,寄存器的使用似乎不像现在这样随便,这从寄存器的名字就可以看出来,eax是累加(accumulate)寄存器,ecx是计数(counter)寄存器,不过后来这种限制就不多了,对内存的操作几乎所有的寄存器都可以.

4. accumulate的翻译

4. 积聚:触发指令列表(部分)--条件 积聚(ACCUMULATE) 当特定势力聚集足够的资源时. 总是(ALWAYS) 没有任何条件,游戏开始时就会自动执行. 带来(BRING) 当特定势力将特定单位带到特定地点时. 控制(COMMAND) 当特定势力控制一定数量的特定单位时.

accumulate 双语例句

1. The examination-oriented education system being beneficial disadvantage benefit: Urge a student to be diligent at one's lessons, accumulate knowledge.


2. accumulate是什么意思

2. Golden autumn wind delivered curls darkly fragrant comes in frost chrysanthemum to offer is fragrant one season to kiss setting sun afterglow to like overflowing gentle eye pupil to look at four wild serene the fervor to fly verse to listen to Yellow River to carry innumerable misery history view river sand heavy to accumulate how many recollection sores all over the eye is piece by piece your old times'appearance childhood difficult leaves behind brand mark which did not extinguish wind frost and snow rain the half century to assault deep pool far class long fiveMillennium civilization's trail historical perpetual flow tumbles former days heroic great waves time string to play an instrument and sing today magnificent melody the motherland, I for your proud worked as the palatial engraved pillar, let the tall and straight stature put on the dawn, worked as grand Tiananmen, lets the wind and cloud welcome Dongsheng sun.


3. It stresses with the book picturesquely, emphasizes the spirit written, maintain the center uses pens, accumulate in store making use of with the thread, the twists that circle round, it is condensed to take in, a kindly face masks a stony heart, beautiful and moist and dark green and muddy, one golden mean, honest, substantiate, great the Confucians aesthetic normal result that stipulate of philosophy.


4. IV. Personal Diathesis:- Good appetency to the students, like working with children, and great desire to dedicate oneself to English teaching; - To work efficiently and with strong responsibility; - Always be willing to self-improve and accumulate, in order to insure the accuracy and the authority of professional knowledge.


5. This plaque can accumulate until there are up to 40 pounds of it in the upper and lower intestines.


6. accumulate的意思

6. Objective: To explore the relationship between the physical characteristics in different nationalities, accumulate materials for ethnogeny research.


7. accumulate的解释

7. Cooking grease, excessive food waste, and trash in sink drains and disposals can accumulate in city sewer lines and cause blockages that create sewage overflows into the ocean.


8. The state-owned organization is beneficial to accumulate the capital to catch the timber resource in the short time at lower cost.


9. A mass of ammonifiers in water body and sediment can make ammonia accumulate in water body through ammonification.


10. accumulate在线翻译

10. The exuvaite from the paper fibers, paint particles and accumulate in the rubber blanket have blanket reactor ink.


11. accumulate的翻译

11. We accumulate our value and dignity as get up from the dirty mud of life again and'll come to discover that brilliant man in the beautiful we may seem so stupid by doing so simple work, but let it just try our best to finish the calling the great God, despite any laughters, attacks and those scums and swines die and destory themsleves and torture themselves in their own hearts hell!


12. Because a plenty of wastewater inpour into water directly, nitrogen and phosphorus accumulate incessantly in water, and a few of algal and hydrobios multiply excessively.


13. However, the Prefetch folder can accumulate too much information over time.


14. accumulate

14. If say normal website, the money that earn is 1, the pilfer edition of its then downstream amount slue person, accumulate rise to have 10 possibly, more even.


15. As peri-menopause begins, fat tends to accumulate around the waist and chest, increasing our risk of heart disease.


16. For the future governance of the tunnel of the disease accumulate experience, provide a reliable scientific basis.



17. For example, when I decide to make the instrument, I must calm down to accumulate my energy and prepare well before working on it.


18. As usual, a great proportion was trumpery which had begun to accumulate in his father's day.


19. accumulate的意思

19. It was demonstrated that these two Rac protein genes were both expressed in root, hypocotyls, stem, leaf and fibers, and the highest level of transcripts was to accumulate in the fibers at the stage of initiation and elongation, suggesting that the two Rac genes, GhRacA and GhRacB, might play an important role in the early stage of fiber development.


20. Older female cousin at the time and we disperse Earth accumulate, until 2004, that is last week three, I can see her in the Tongji University campus.


accumulate 词典解释

1. 堆积;积累;积聚

When you accumulate things or when they accumulate, they collect or are gathered over a period of time.

e.g. Households accumulate wealth across a broad spectrum of assets...


e.g. Lead can accumulate in the body until toxic levels are reached.


accumulate 单语例句

1. Despite continued net capital inflows, foreign exchange reserves would accumulate more slowly.

2. It was not China's intention to accumulate its current big surplus.

3. If China continues to accumulate more foreign exchange reserves, the international gold price may soar.

4. Brazil rate as dangerous floaters, while New Zealand will be looking to accumulate valuable experience.

5. They can accumulate in the fatty tissue of living organisms becoming toxic to humans and wildlife.

6. Bacteria never accumulate on the front part of the tongue, which is always in contact with the palate.

7. They accumulate the toxic chemical in their bodies from eating smaller fish that graze on the poisonous algae.

8. It takes a long time for pollutants to accumulate in soil to the point of causing real harm.

9. But that turns out to be our wishful thinking as new traces of melamine accumulate in the marketplace.

10. In this way, rural residents can accumulate their wealth from the added value of their land.

accumulate 英英释义



1. collect or gather

e.g. Journals are accumulating in my office

The work keeps piling up

Synonym: cumulateconglomeratepile upgatheramass

2. get or gather together

e.g. I am accumulating evidence for the man's unfaithfulness to his wife

She is amassing a lot of data for her thesis

She rolled up a small fortune

Synonym: roll upcollectpile upamasscompilehoard