[英 [əˈbju:s] 美 [əˈbjuz] ]


过去式:abused;   过去分词:abused;   现在分词:abusing;   复数形式:abuses;

abuse 基本解释

名词滥用; 恶习; 侮辱; 恶言

及物动词滥用; 虐待; 辱骂

abuse 相关例句



1. Those captives were physically abused.


2. He abused his power while in office.



1. abuse在线翻译

1. The force of public opinion can help check abuses in modern politics.


2. A stream of abuse came from his lips.


3. abuse

3. Child abuse is widespread in this country.


abuse 网络解释

1. 辱骂:作者对待科学也呈严谨、客观的态度,即便有褒扬和批评之分,也不太可能无节制(immoderately)地褒扬、无限度(unrestrainedly)地批评,更不可能进行恶意的攻击(attack)、嘲讽(derision)、辱骂(abuse)等.

2. 误用:诚如该研究所言, 区网处理的绝大多数网路误用 (Abuse) 案例, 也都是等到他们被通知时,才了解到: 未安诚如该研究所言, 区网处理的绝大多数网路误用 (Abuse) 案例, 也都是等到他们被通知时,才了解到: 未安

abuse 双语例句

1. Wu He soon abandoned at birth by his parents, 2 years old is an Australian domestic adoption, adoptive father due to abuse, 10-year-old away from home.


2. I will not take this abuse.


3. I won`t take this abuse.


4. abuse什么意思

4. There are lots of basic truths in life, and one of them is this: Floors take abuse.


5. Joey: I will not take this abuse.


6. During that time, his marriage fell apart as he spiraled into substance abuse and depression.


7. Transactions, is my career, in order to do transactions, to maintain optimal physical fitness and the best state of mind; I lived a different life with ordinary people, I would like for the transaction of Health, a very regular life, apart from eating every day and the rest, that is active in training and focus on land transactions, I will not indulge, not all tobacco and alcohol, do not abuse sexuality, not seeking Wen-da, not by fame and fortune...... transactions, 13, 128, 971, 889 in brokering a deal!


8. There are two reasons for it: competition and abuse.


9. To fully enhance welfare of the inhabitants of the Territory for the sacred obligation of trust and for this purpose:, in full respect for the cultural relations between the people, guarantee their political, economic, social and educational advancement, to be fair treatment and protection from abuse of its.


10. But my life of turd abuse didn't stop there, oh no



11. I doubt if I should abuse the permiss.


12. Who benevolently endures abuse, beating and binding, whose power is forbearance, with strong force - him do I call a Brahmin.


13. abuse

13. He who without resentment endures abuse, beating and punishment; whose power, real might, is patient — him do I call a holy man.


14. Dollars, accounting for the first 66 acres, plant area of 20, 000 square meters and currently employs more than 600 advanced Israeli Scitex 342L plane scanner, DOLEV 4PRESS Laser Imagesetter, 8500, 9500 Apple Computer; Heidelberg, Germany, four-color machine, five-color machine, two-color machine, cutting machine tombola, Staffan abuse leaf folding machine; Swiss Bobst Auto Die-cutting machine, on the cover of machine, horse nail machine; Japan electric extension, photography, copy, and even drying, proofer and automatic folder gluer and other equipment, specialized in the printing high-grade picture album, sample description, exquisite color box packaging.

设备投资1000万美元,占第66亩,厂房面积20000平方米,现有员工600多人,拥有先进的以色列赛天使342L平面扫描仪,DOLEV 4PRESS激光照排机,8500,9500苹果电脑;德国海德堡四色机,五色机,双色机,波拿切割机,斯塔儿折叶机;瑞士产博斯特自动模切机,上封面机,骑马钉机;日本产电分机,照相,拷贝,连晒,打样机和自动糊盒机等设备,专门从事印刷高档画册,样本说明书,精美彩盒包装等。

15. Laishui play the instruments used are mainly stone balls, followed by Chi child abuse.


16. abuse

16. Not to quarrel, not to abuse me, because I will not bite you.


17. Because she was always the case, I am very annoyed, they will abuse her, I know her well.


18. Diseases mentioned include Wilson`s disease (a disease of copper metabolism, but his copper enzymes are fine), cancer, primary sclerosing cholangitis (an inflammatory disease of the bile ducts), alcohol abuse and Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency– a genetic condition where the person has trouble eliminating excessnitrogen from the body.



19. It is performed concretely as follows: the literature and art category concerned about movie and music; the disease category concerned about SARS and AIDS; the sports category concerned about the world champion and coach; the peasant category concerned about the ruling power and anti-corruption; the education category concerned about poor students and poor areas; the construction category concerned about the major issue on exploring the outer space; the war category concerned about the Sino-Japanese War; the public welfare category concerned about the philanthropy; the law category concerned about the how to stand up your own rights; the public security concerned about forbidding drug abuse; the disaster category concerned about earthquake; the economy category concerned about the super rich; the moral category concerned about upholding the moral models and the army category concerned about some special assignment.



20. In addition, patients who had current abuse and past dependence on alcohol or drugs were excluded. Cognitive functions were measured with neuropsychologi-cal, including understanding, similarity, digit span, digit sign, picture, picture remembrance, vision renew, reorganization, touch memory, and WCST (total number, total error number and persistent error number).


abuse 词典解释The noun is pronounced /ə'bjuːs/. The verb is pronounced /ə'bjuːz/. 名词读作 /ə'bjuːs/。动词读作 /ə'bjuːz/。

1. 虐待;凌辱

Abuse of someone is cruel and violent treatment of them.

e.g. ...investigation of alleged child abuse.


e.g. ...victims of sexual and physical abuse.


2. 辱骂;恶语

Abuse is extremely rude and insulting things that people say when they are angry.

e.g. I was left shouting abuse as the car sped off...


e.g. Raft repeatedly hurled verbal abuse at his co-star.


3. 滥用;妄用

Abuse of something is the use of it in a wrong way or for a bad purpose.


e.g. What went on here was an abuse of power.


e.g. ...drug and alcohol abuse.


4. 虐待;凌辱;伤害

If someone is abused, they are treated cruelly and violently.

e.g. Janet had been abused by her father since she was eleven.


e.g. ...parents who feel they cannot cope or might abuse their children.



...a convicted child abuser.


5. 辱骂;侮辱

You can say that someone is abused if extremely rude and insulting things are said to them.

e.g. He alleged that he was verbally abused by other soldiers.


6. 滥用;妄用

If you abuse something, you use it in a wrong way or for a bad purpose.

e.g. He showed how the rich and powerful can abuse their position.



...the treatment of alcohol and drug abusers.

对酗酒和嗜毒者的治疗abuse 单语例句abuse的意思

1. The US government is regarded as " the synonym of deception and abuse of power " by some people.

2. So the office must take action to weed out abuse of the student system, it said.

3. BEIJING - Chinese health experts are calling for a strengthening of regulations in an attempt to curb the growing abuse of heart stent surgery.

4. " This was unacceptable abuse that will be punished but it's not capital murder, " Stickler said during his closing arguments.

5. Recessive violence means husbands do not care about their wives, and may verbally or sexually abuse them.

6. As the relationship develops, he faces abuse and mockery from his caustic friend Carter and former girlfriend Jeannie.

7. The animal abuse story has been a hot topic among China's Internet users, after shocking images showed a cat with its eye gouged out.

8. Her statement came as a sexual abuse scandal sweeps the Catholic Church worldwide, with Swiss police now investigating allegations that children were harmed by priests.

9. The move is viewed as a further effort by the central administration to improve government efficiency and prevent abuse of power.

10. " Outdated social management modes and centralized power offer officials the chance to abuse their power, " he said.

abuse 英英释义


1. cruel or inhumane treatment

e.g. the child showed signs of physical abuse

Synonym: maltreatmentill-treatmentill-usage

2. improper or excessive use

e.g. alcohol abuse

the abuse of public funds

Synonym: misuse

3. a rude expression intended to offend or hurt

e.g. when a student made a stupid mistake he spared them no abuse

they yelled insults at the visiting team

Synonym: insultrevilementcontumelyvilification


1. change the inherent purpose or function of something

e.g. Don't abuse the system

The director of the factory misused the funds intended for the health care of his workers

Synonym: pervertmisuse

2. use wrongly or improperly or excessively

e.g. Her husband often abuses alcohol

while she was pregnant, she abused drugs

3. use foul or abusive language towards

e.g. The actress abused the policeman who gave her a parking ticket

The angry mother shouted at the teacher

Synonym: clapperclawblackguardshout

4. treat badly

e.g. This boss abuses his workers

She is always stepping on others to get ahead

Synonym: mistreatmaltreatill-usestepill-treat